Snooze mattress review 

Our Snooze mattress review looked at Snooze’s pioneering technology to produce four unique and comfortable beds. Snooze beds are hybrid but come in an affordable price and a smooth delivery process. With the price, the benefits, and the additional perks, it’s a great bed to consider. 

What are they made from? 

Snooze mattresses come in three different styles: Skye, Neon, Zest, and Echo. For a more digestible presentation of information, I’ll be discussing all the layers/systems that Snooze utilises for all of their mattresses. This is the same way they are presented on the Snooze website to make things consistent. 

Pocketech springs. This is a unique pocket spring technology that Snooze utilises. Each spring is encased one by one, making the feedback of each spring individualised to the body. This makes it possible so that the springs correspond according to your body weight and distribution, providing the right amount of support. 

Micro comfort springs. This layer is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the pocket each springs layer. This has smaller springs that provide 360-degrees of comfort and support. This and the pocket each springs layer give the Snooze mattresses a bouncy feel. 

Edge to edge support system. An advantage to edge support is extra significant as it affects the overall sleeping experience. It will provide more support and stability, even if you’re sitting on the bed. This will also help keep your wine glasses upright, only in the case that’s important to you. But more importantly, an edge support system prevents the mattress from sagging quickly. 

Soft Quilted top surface. The sleeping surface is made to be elegant and comfortable to the touch. It is quilted, allowing for the surface to flex and follow your every movement while you sleep. The fabric is also made to be soft and textured, making it extra friendly to the skin. 

Reactive latex layer. Here’s another unique and superior technology that is exclusive to Snooze mattresses. It has a reactive latex layer that serves two purposes: provide a cooling effect, while at the same time, give pressure-relief to specific pressure points. 

Superflex memory foam. This isn’t just memory foam; it’s Superflex memory foam. It’s a dynamic layer that does one hell of a job in conforming to the body and providing the right amount of comfort and support. It also offers a good sinking feeling. 

Ortho foam support layer. This is the base layer that further reinforces the whole mattress and provides even more support. It’s responsible for the medium-firmness level of the entire bed. 

Different mattresses

Their 5 mattress styles combine 2-3 of these elements to produce a unique effect. The combinations of these elements for each mattress was carefully chosen, considering how one piece affects the other, and how these elements can be grouped for the full experience. Here, I’ll be giving an overview of what each mattress style is made up of, and how each mix produces a distinctively spectacular sleep.

Skye. Skye is compact and firm, with a base of ortho foam that provides ample support and a top layer with Superflex memory foam. The design is meant to be optimal and straightforward, providing a well-supported sleeping experience. The Skye mattress is 16.5 cm in depth. 

Neon. The Neon mattress is medium to firm in terms of the firmness scale. It’s a more complex mattress than the previous one, with 3 elements being employed. The reason why it’s firmer is because of the additional edge-to-edge support feature. It’s also bouncy, all thanks to the individually-packed pocket springs layer. It is 22.5 cm in depth. 

Zest. Zest is similar to Neon in terms of firmness and support. It has the same edge-to-edge support feature and the pocket springs layer. However, Zest is objectively more springy as it has more pocket springs (1475, Neon only had 1110). The top layer is the reactive latex feature that makes for its flexible surface that responds to any movement. It is 23.5 cm deep. 

Echo. The Echo mattress has the same elements as the Zest mattress. It has the same reflexive surface. However, the Echo is different as it provides a cool and fresh sleep, with ample pressure-relieving effect. Keep in mind that it has 1110 individually enclosed pocket springs, with an additional 846 micro springs, making it the bounciest out of the whole line. This mattress is the thickest, with a depth of 25.5 cm. 

What are the Snooze mattresses like to sleep on? 

Snooze mattresses are pretty firm, with Skye being the firmest out of the four. Neon and Zest fall more on the medium to firm part of the scale. Echo is the softest, with medium firmness. This is because all Snooze mattresses have the base ortho foam layer that provides a comfortable firmness level and support. 

Echo and Zest are incredibly unique as they have a reactive latex layer that has a cooling technology. They’re handy to keep fresh on the humid UK summer nights. I sure wish I had an Echo or Zest mattress with me on the hot nights that I was suffering from a fever; it certainly would have made things a lot better. 

Additionally, Snooze mattresses are also bouncier compared to other bed-in-a-box options. This is because of pocketech technology. If you want extra bounce, the Echo mattress is your best bet as it has an extra layer of micro springs. 

The top surface of all of these mattresses is sleek and comfortable. It is the same quilted top that adds additional flexibility to your movements, without compromising your comfort level or hindering the other layers’ effect. 

Lastly, Snooze mattresses are great for pressure relief. These mattresses contain a Superflex memory foam layer that follows your every movement and removes any pressure from any pressure points. This will prove to be extra helpful if you’re one of those sleepers who move around a lot at night and wake up with sore spots. 

In conclusion, Snooze mattresses are incredibly comfortable to sleep on. They provide firm sleeping surfaces that are bouncy and reflexive. Moreover, two of the mattress styles have unique cooling technology that makes this line even more attractive. 

Weight and thickness

The depths for each mattress style is already indicated in the layers subsection. Here, I’ll be presenting the width that corresponds to each size. These are pretty standard sizes when it comes to mattresses in a box in the UK. You can get any mattress style in any of these sizes (e.g. Neon – Single).

Mattress sizeWidth
Single90 cm
Small double120 cm
Double135 cm
King150 cm
Super king180 cm

How much do they cost?

Two factors will determine the amount you will pay for: the mattress style and the bed’s size. Here, I presented two charts. The first one is for the prices that correspond to the style of the mattress. On the other hand, the second one is for the costs that match the mattress’s size. 

Mattress stylePrice
Skye £239.99

Snooze alternatives

We have found a few alternatives that you’ll love and listed them below.  Our top alternative is the Nectar mattress; we also did a full review that you can find here, Nectar review.

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Snooze bonuses

  • 40-night comfort guarantee
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Free delivery on any purchase £100
  • British Standards Institutions Approved 

Are Snooze mattresses right for you?

After an extensive review of this mattress, as well as an in-depth look at the reviews that this mattress has received, we have concluded that this mattress is fantastic for people who prefer a firmer bed and a comfortable, refreshed sleep. 

All Snooze mattresses are on the firmer side, but they’re still comfortable and relaxing. The beds aren’t stiff, but they are flexible instead, with the quilted top surfaces and reactive latex layers. Additionally, two mattresses have cooling technology, for a less stuffy, and more refreshed sleep. 

Now, let’s look at the benefits that come with this bed. What makes Snooze unique is that it makes mattress buying and sleep less complicated. As Snooze puts it on their website, you have to wait for your bed to come to your doorstep, take it out of the box, and then sleep. It’s that simple. 

You don’t need to wait for it to inflate. You don’t have to assemble it either. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a bed to sleep on ASAP.  

Another benefit that comes with buying this mattress is that you get free delivery anywhere in the UK. The free delivery feature accompanied by affordable prices makes this one of the most competitively-priced hybrid bed-in-a-box in the UK market. 

It has a 40-night trial period that you can use to decide whether or not you would want to keep the bed. However, the bed’s unwashable is recommended to use your bed with a mattress protector to keep it in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase the mattress protector separately. 

Final verdict

The Snooze mattresses are perfect for those who prefer a firmer bed with extra support, those who suffer from aches after sleeping, and those who want a quick and easy process of obtaining a bed (from buying one to using it).