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Tweak Slumber is a popular mattress brand in the UK that offers two different mattresses the DUO and N-rem. However recently SleepHubs purchased Tweak Slumber and consolidated the brand to Tweak mattress. In this Tweak mattress review, we look at the changes and why this was a good move for the customisable hybrid mattress.

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“I have been using Tweak mattress for more than eight months now, and I have never slept this better. It essentially shapes your body. I never feel my wife moving in bed now, so no partner disturbance anyway! I am truly loving it!” Tweak Mattress Review


What’s the Tweak mattress made from?

The Tweak mattress (formerly known as the Nrem mattress) is branded the worlds first customisable mattress. I’m not sure about that. However, it’s unique, and none of the other mattress in a box brands are as customisable as Tweak. The mattress is a hybrid mattress with 3 layers in total. The top comfort level of foam, the customisable middle layer of foam, and then a pocket spring base.

Comfort Layer – This top layer is 4cm deep. It contours and cushions your body, while keeping you cool by wicking away moisture during sleep. This top layer is made for pressure relief and works in tandem with the other layers in the mattress.

tweak mattress layers_

Highly-resilient Polyurethane foam layer – This layer has 5 sections and is where the mattress gets its name. The parts are interchangeable to fit your sleeping preference. You’ll get to change between super-soft, medium and firm densities of polyurethane foam.

Pocket Spring Base – The 1,000 pocket springs provide support and durability to the mattress. The individually wrapped springs isolate motion transfer as you sleep, have a 10cm height and are 1.5mm thick.

Tweak mattress layers

Highly Resilient Base Edge Support – The high-density foam encapsulates the springs to make sure you never come into contact with the springs in the base of the mattress. Also, there’s a medium-density reflex foam on top of the springs for the same reason.

Tweak mattress layers
Tweak cover

Plush Fabric Cover – Encasing the Tweak is a hypoallergenic and fire-resistant cover. The visco-elastic polyester is breathable and great for people that have dust or skin allergies. It’s easily removable because of the convenient zip and can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Plus if you need to move the mattress in the future, it has handles around the edge.

Size and weight

Weighing in at 39 kgs (for a king-size mattress), the Tweak is lightweight for a hybrid mattress and is slightly heavier than an all-foam mattress. 

UK Single190 x 90 x 25cm20 (kg)
UK Double190 x 135 x 25cm36 (kg)
UK King198 x 150 x 25cm39 (kg)
Super King198 x 180 x 25cm47 (kg)

Delivery, Trial, Warranty, & Unboxing.

Delivery – The Tweak mattress offers free delivery. Even offering to take the mattress directly to your bedroom and remove the packaging for free. (Don’t if this is possible after Corvid)

Trail – The Tweak mattress comes with a 100-night risk-free trial. Much better than a 5 min test at the showroom. 

Warranty – Rest assured you get a 10-year warranty with the mattress.

Unboxing – In the wake of unpackaging the Tweak mattress, it takes a couple of seconds to expand ultimately. When it’s finished, it will sit at 25 centimetres high. 

It’s best to leave it for 24 hours to settle fully, but it should be fine after a few hours if you need a great nights sleep. 

What’s the Tweak mattress like to sleep on?

Sleeping on the Tweak (formerly known as the Nrem mattress) is a dream to sleep on because of its customisable nature. Both sides can have different firmness levels, so if you like a firmer mattress while your partner likes sleeping on a cloud that can be solved in minutes.

Overall, it’s a great mattress to sleep on. However, it will be notably standout for people with lower back pain, hip pain, and upper back pain. Because of the interchangeable sections making sure you feel comfortable in the problem areas.

Edge Support – Tweak has excellent edge support due to the thinker foam encapsulating the springs around the edges.

Partner disturbance – Usually, good edge support implies additional partner disturbance. Although, Tweak checks this issue by utilising two thick foam layers and individually wrapped springs.

Tweak for back pain

Firmness – Not every sleeping mattress is right for everyone, and they tend to adhere to the middle ground since it’s what many individuals are used to and love. But with the Tweak there is a wide range of foams to get the firmness how you want it.

How much is the Tweak mattress?

Relative with the top of the line hybrid mattress models, the Tweak mattress well priced. The single-sized mattress costs £595 the primary reason you can get a premium mattress like this is because mattress in a box companies cutout the costly middle man and showrooms.

Tweak Mattress Prices 
UK Single£595
UK Double£895
UK King£995
Super King£1095

*prices and availability may be subject to change  

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“I couldn’t be more joyful with my Tweak mattress. Now, I’m sleeping more comfortably and every morning awakening in a better way. At the age of 80 years and with Osteoarthritis, that is a major bonus.” Tweak Mattress Review


  • Risk-Free 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Full 10 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery
  • Removable Washable Cover
  • UK Made

Is the Tweak mattress right for you?

The Tweak mattress is incredible for many sleepers because of the 5 sections you can customise to get the mattress just right. The foam and individually wrapped pocket springs allow airflow through the bed, making it great for hot summer nights. Also, the Tweak is the UK made, which doesn’t often happen in today’s age, and the quality does show.

Is the Tweak mattresses ideal for back pain? See a specialist if you have back or hip pains. However, in terms of mattress help alleviate the problems I would say the Tweak is one of the best mattresses to help. The ability to customise the firmness on your pressure points, including hips, shoulders, and chest, is a great help.

Final Verdict

On the whole, in the Tweak mattress review, we discovered that it’s the great UK made mattress with the 100-night trial, a 10-year warranty and has 5 customisable sections. It’s best for people looking for an Orthopedic style Mattress for back pain or would like to get the mattress perfect for them.

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Tweak mattress review
Tweak Mattress Review
Sleep comfortably and support fully each night with the Tweak mattress. You can choose between super soft, medium, or firm foam inserts for each body zone on the mattress. A plush fabric cover coats the mattress. It’s hypoallergenic and machine washable. 1,000 individually wrapped pocket springs provide superior support. A base foam envelopes each spring, allowing for edge to edge support. Overall, a great customisable mattress to get it just right for a better nights sleep.
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