Dreamzie Foam Mattress Topper Review

In our Dreamzie mattress topper review, we take a closer look into this 5cm thick pure foam topper from Dreamzie. Memory foam is the primary material used for this topper, giving it excellent pressure relief, back support, and sinkage. Mesh fabric has also been used to line the overlay’s perimeter, which works in unison with the breathable bamboo and polyester cover. It is a bit on the expensive side, considering the lack of features and perks. We suggest considering these things when deliberating on your purchase.

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What’s the Dreamzie topper made from?

Viscose bamboo and polyester fibre cover. The cover is a combination of viscose bamboo and polyester. This makes it breathable, comfortable to the skin, and durable. First and foremost, bamboo and polyester fibres are incredibly breathable. Bamboo naturally has abilities to take away moisture and regulate temperature. This will help keep you sweat-free and fresh throughout the night. 

Polyester is a synthetic fibre that performs similarly to cotton. It is also a reliable fabric in terms of moisture-wicking and breathability. But more so than that, one of the great selling points of polyester is that it is incredibly durable and resistant to friction. 

Dreamzie Topper Review UK

This makes it an ideal fabric to use for a topper cover. It ensures that the bed toppers extended lifespan, on top of the bonus of protecting your actual mattress. Lastly, a zipper is conveniently added to remove the cover and throw it in the wash for extra freshness. 

5cm thick memory foam. Memory foam is ideal for sleep products, particularly for back sleepers, as it provides a sufficient amount of support, superior pressure-relief, and a body contouring effect. This is why placing it on top of your current bed will lend a new life to it. 

The topper revitalises your bed with a thick, generous layer of memory foam that adds new and renewed effects. You will get to enjoy a better sleep surface for an improved quality of sleep. This is also a great way to change or upgrade how your mattress feels temporarily. 

Dreamzie Topper Review

All around mesh fabric. The perimeter is lined with mesh fabric. This will ensure the facilitation of air circulation throughout the whole shape of the topper. More importantly, this will also contribute to heat dissipation, working in coordination with the breathable cover for a new sleeping surface. 

Non-slip side for security. A non-slip side on the cover has been built into the product. Flip it so that the non-slip side is in contact with your mattress. It acts as a “grip” to prevent any annoying and unnecessary wiggling. Additionally, four security straps have been sewn onto each corner. 

Dreamzie Foam Mattress Topper straps

How does the Dreamzie topper feel to sleep on?

As it’s a pure foam topper that uses memory foam as the primary material, the Dreamzie bed topper has a firm and comfortable support level. It feels a little more on the firmer side and can provide reflexive support to the back and the head. This makes it perfect for proper head-to-spine alignment. 

Memory foam is also known to provide body-contouring effects. This will allow the foam to listen and respond to your every movement, hugging your limbs throughout the night. A valuable benefit of this is pressure relief, which helps you don’t wake up with sore knees or shoulders in the morning. 

Moreover, there is a substantial amount of sinkage, albeit not as much due to the product’s density. Another plus side to memory foam is motion isolation, which prevents movement from transferring to the other side of the bed. 

This will prove highly useful for sleepers who sleep with their partners or those who have their furry friends with them in the bed. However, one of the downsides to a pure foam mattress is that it can get stuffy. The foam used in this product is quite dense and does not facilitate proper air circulation. However, this disadvantage is diluted by the breathable cover. 

Weight and thickness

The Dreamzie bed topper is available in a wide range of sizes. There are no names or identifiers for these sizes from the website, just their dimensions. Below is a list of all the available sizes. This is a pretty wide and inclusive range which is suitable for a lot of mattresses. The thickness is also constant at 5 cm for all sizes. 

90 x 190 cm 
140 x 190 cm
140 x 200 cm 
160 x 200 cm 
180 x 200 cm 
90 x 200 cm 
100 x 200 cm 
200 x 200 cm 
80 x 190 cm 
160 x 190 cm 
150 x 200 cm 
135 x 190 cm

What’s the cost?

At the time of writing, the only available sizes in Amazon are the ones tabulated below. We highly encourage going into Amazon for actual real-time availabilities and prices. Also, be watchful for sales and markdowns. 

Looking at the table and matching the prices with the corresponding sizes, these are pretty competitive prices in the market. Although it is admittable that there are fewer features for this particular topper than others in the market. 

135 x 190 cm (Double Bed) £119.99
150 x 200 cm (King)£129.99
180 x 200 cm (Super King)£149.99
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  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • OEKO-TEX standard
  • Certi-PUR certified

Is the Dreamzie topper right for you?

After scouring the internet and taking a closer look at the Dreamzie memory foam mattress topper, we’ve concluded that it is best for back sleepers who want a firmer sleeping surface. As memory foam is the primary material for this product, it provides firm and efficient support. 

The topper will align your head and neck to prevent backaches in the morning. Moreover, it also gives a sufficient amount of body-contouring, which is a significant memory foam effect. It’s able to hug and conform to the body while at the same time redistribute weight to prevent any pressure from building up in your joints. 

These are also the same reasons why it is perfect for those suffering from back pains and aches. Additionally, it has a sufficient amount of motion isolation, making it suitable for those who sleep with partners. 

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