Can you put a mattress topper in the dryer?

For all the mattress topper owners out there, have you ever wondered if it’s safe to put your brand new and expensive purchase in a dryer? If so many people are wondering this same question, then we’ve got just what answers for them! We’ll answer several common questions such as: 

  • Is it possible to dry a mattress topper in the dryer?
  • What is the best way to wash a mattress topper?
  • How should you care for your topper?

Mattress toppers are made from a variety of materials and require extra care depending on that. Washing a mattress topper depends on the manufacturer’s instructions, such as machine washing or hand washing. Therefore, not all mattress toppers can be dried in the dryer. To protect a mattress topper from spills or stains, use a mattress protector.

Can you put a mattress topper in the dryer?

As already mentioned, mattress toppers are created from various materials like a down feather, memory foam, fibre, latex and wool. All these materials have specific nature and require particular care, which is generally mentioned in the care label. So it is not advisable to put all the mattress toppers in the dryer. 

Here’s a list of mattress toppers you can add to the dryer and you can’t:

  • You can put fibre and feather toppers as they dry faster, don’t shrink, and the feather gets fluffy quickly.  
  • Avoid memory foam and latex as they mostly contain foam, which has flammable chemicals. You can naturally dry them.
  • Wool also requires air dry as they may shrink when tumble dried.

How to wash a mattress topper?

Always read the care instructions before washing and use the washing method as per the guidelines. Also, it depends on why you are washing a mattress topper. Here are some steps on how to clean a mattress topper:

  • For general cleaning, vacuum the topper and apply baking soda to soak up the stains. Followed by spraying detergent solution. Do not rub but dab it with a sponge and leave it to dry.
  • You can use either baking soda or vinegar solution to immerse the stains and use a sponge to dab it for spot cleaning.
  • To remove odour, use baking soda and apply it everywhere. Leave it for 8 hours or more and vacuum to get rid of the baking soda. Make sure to flip the topper and repeat the same steps.

How to take care of a mattress topper?

To take care of your topper, get a water-proof mattress topper cover to protect it from spills, stains, dust or body fluids. Also, try a mattress protector and place the topper below the protector. Furthermore, getting a bed tray and avoiding jumping on the bed are a few hacks to prevent the mattress topper from damage.


Everyone looks for comfort and quality in mattresses. The same should imply on mattress toppers. So invest only in the best mattress topper and make sure to follow the care instructions. That way, you both can look out for each other.