Can A Pregnant Woman Use A Weighted Blanket?

If you are pregnant, is using a weighted blanket harmful to the growing foetus? We answer this and other FAQs. Learn the truth about weighted blankets and pregnancy.

  • How heavy are weighted blankets?
  • Is it ok to use a weighted blanket when pregnant?
  • Did your great-grandmother use weighted blankets or something similar?
  • Can you overheat when pregnant?

Let’s get into it.

What is a weighted blanket?

It’s a blanket that has been designed to add extra weight when you are sleeping. It can help with certain health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Sleeping under a weighted blanket for some adults is likened to having a hug or being swaddled!

The weighted blanket should not be so heavy that you can’t move and even run the risk of being trapped, leading to dire consequences such as suffocation or an extreme pain attack.

Weighted blankets play an important role with people who have autism, attention deficit disorder and other issues that are similar in nature.

How heavy are weighted blankets?

They have a maximum weight of around 30 pounds or 15 kilos. Weighted blankets start at around 7 lbs in weight and increase in increments.

Weighted blankets can be used by children but not toddlers as they may become trapped beneath the blanket.

As a rule of thumb, choosing a weighted blanket should be only 10% of your body weight. So if you are pregnant, you should start with your pre-pregnancy weight and not increase the weight through your pregnancy.

So if you weigh 70 kilos as a normal weight, your weighted blanket will be 7 kilos or approximately 14.4 pounds, which when spread across the body is fairly insignificant in terms of weight.

There is a table below that indicates the weights you should consider as a single sleeper or if you sleep with your partner:

BlanketIndividual weightSleeping partners with combined weight
Twin 15 lbs100-170 lbs
Twin 20 lbs170 lbs +
Queen 20 lbs100-170 lbs220 -250 lbs
Queen 25 lbs170-125 lbs250-300 lbs
Queen 30 lbs225 lbs +300lbs +
King 30 lbs100-180 lbs<300 lbs
King 35lbs180 lbs +300 lbs +

Are weighted blankets acceptable to use if you are pregnant?

In most cases, yes. If we go back some decades and think about how grandparents used to live and how they coped with being pregnant in the winter months, it should give a good idea of the suitability of weighted blankets.

Houses in the UK for the average person were supplied by the local council. Hence they were called council houses. Council houses were not fitted with central heating. They did not have UPVC window frames with double glazing.

Council houses were draughty cold places that relied on a single coal fire in the living room as the primary heating source.

During the winter months, it was normal to wake with ice on the inside of the windows from frozen condensation, meaning bedrooms were close to 0℃ or 32 ℉ as celsius was not used in those days.

The only way to keep warm was to pile the blankets on the bed and cuddle up. Blankets would weigh at least 7 kilos, and women delivered babies perfectly despite the time they lived in.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket when you are pregnant?

There are many benefits to using a weighted blanket when pregnant. Pregnancy can be an uncertain time, and for some females, pregnancy is unplanned and many worries and fears set in.

Here are some of the benefits you will get from using a weighted blanket while pregnant:

  • Manage stress. So many of you may feel alone and stressed during early pregnancy, and a weighted blanket is like having a big extended hug from someone you love. Weighted blankets are used in medicine to help deal with stress and anxiety.
  • It is not just for sleeping. If you feel stressed during the day, you can chill out under the comfort of your weighted blanket.
  • Get more sleep. One of the problems you may experience through pregnancy is a lack of sleep. A weighted blanket can help you sleep because you feel secure.
  • Sleep faster. It’s a fact the weighted blankets help you to sleep faster and stay sleeping for longer. This is a benefit pre and post-pregnancy when rest is paramount for your recovery.
  • Feel grounded. In some circumstances, after giving birth, a mother can feel lost. A weighted blanket will make you feel grounded. The weight is reassuring for most people, including pregnant mums.
  • You can buy cooling weighted blankets made from bamboo viscous. If becoming too hot is a concern, weighted blankets have you covered every aspect of your concerns.

Can you overheat your baby in the womb using a weighted blanket?

Yes, and it can be dangerous. Regulating your body temperature during pregnancy is vital for the baby’s health and well-being.

Medical research defines that overheating when pregnant can put your baby at risk. If your core body temperature exceeds 39℃ or 102℉, you risk miscarriage or a stillbirth.

When selecting a weighted blanket at any point through your pregnancy, it is important to check if the blanket is breathable and will regulate your body temperature.

How do I know if I’m overheating during pregnancy?

You will experience warm to hot skin and sweat. This normally starts as your core temperature rises dangerously high. Symptoms of overheating include warm skin, headache, dizziness, muscle cramps and nausea.

Subtle signs of overheating are frequent urination. Your body will try to dispel some of the heat through your urine.

If you feel hot and have any symptoms, open a window and cool down as fast as possible, you may need to take a long cool shower to help expedite the process.

Should you use a weighted blanket while pregnant?

It’s a personal choice. It can be a good thing if you like being comforted and the reassuring weight on your shoulders. After all, they are designed to reduce anxiety.