Simba Weighted Blanket Review

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If you spend all night worrying about trivial issues or often feel stressed, a weighted blanket might be the need of the hour!

It can relax your brain and alleviate stress, thus allowing you to fall asleep. While there is no dearth of weighted blankets on the market, most fail to produce the desired results or are highly uncomfortable.

However, Simba Orbit is one of the finest brands out there for a range of products – from blankets to mattresses. In this guide, we will present a comprehensive review of the Simba Orbit weighted blanket and what makes it unique.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket Review


If you have trouble falling asleep, this Simba weighted blanket may just be the solution you need. In our detailed review, we will talk about the various features of this duvet. But before jumping into that, here’s a brief overview of why this is the best brand for weighted blankets in the UK:

  • It has a fully breathable cotton cover for additional comfort
  • Machine washable cover for easy cleaning
  • It contains glass nano-beads
  • Ideal for people suffering from sleep apnoea, stress, and anxiety
  • It comes in two weights

We are sure you still have many questions about the Simba weighted blanket, and we are happy to help! So, with no further delay, let’s delve into the product’s working mechanism.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

As the name suggests, weighted blankets are designed to reduce stress, anxiety and promote a good night’s sleep by placing their weight on your body. The blanket’s weight can be soothing for the body and can lower stress levels.

What makes Simba Orbit stand out among other weighted blankets is its focus on extensive research, which helps it understand the science behind the product. Therefore, the company can provide the perfect resolution to your sleep problems and anxiety issues. Here’s how it helps:

1. Deep Pressure Therapy

The stress of everyday life is exhausting and often interferes with your sleep cycle. As per science, the human body is comforted by pressure and reacts positively to it.

Think of a hug or a baby being swaddled – a weighted blanket works similarly. It provides deep pressure therapy and gently squeezes your body to help the nervous system switch from a restless to a relaxed stage. As such, this comforting weight of the blanket aids in better sleep.

2. Less Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the chief causes of sleeping disorders. A weighted blanket helps you relax and feel safer. Besides, the nano-bead technology of Simba Orbit adds to the weight of the blanket, thereby easing worries and promoting deeper sleep at night.

That being said, it is always better to get in touch with a leading medical professional if you suffer from sleep disorders or high anxiety levels.

What’s Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket Made From?

By now, we are sure you have a comprehensive idea about the working mechanism of weighted blankets. With its attractive dark grey colour and high-quality design, this weighted blanket will be a fantastic addition to your bed.

But, you must be curious to know what this blanket is made of. Essentially, it has multiple layers to add to the overall weight and comfort. Here are all the details:

1. Outer Cover

The Simba weighted blanket has a removable cotton cover that is machine washable. The use of pure cotton fabric makes this cover highly breathable and allows air to flow through the material, making it more comfortable.

2. Inner Layer

The removable cover has another layer inside, which is made of cotton. This isn’t a washable cover but can be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth.

It has quilted pockets that are filled with glass nano-beads which add to the weight of the blanket. These glass beads are evenly distributed throughout the blanket to ensure it applies the same amount of pressure across your body.

3. Comfort Layer

Perhaps the only disadvantage of the glass beads is that they can get quite uncomfortable. So, to do away with this discomfort, Simba surrounds these beads with a cushioned foam that makes your duvet more soft and cosy.

Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket: Weight And Thickness

The weighted blankets from Simba have a standard dimension of 135 cm x 200 cm but come in two sizes. As a rule of thumb, you should pick a blanket that has 10 to 12% of your body weight. 

The Simba Orbit blankets come in two weights – 6.8 kg and 9 kg. So, choose a blanket of the right weight to relax and get maximum benefits out of it.

Is This Simba Duvet Right For You?

If your mind races with all the worries of the world throughout the night, this Simba weighted blanket is perfect for you.

The nano-bead technology applies pressure on your body, alleviating stress and inducing sleep. Besides, you can either use it over your existing duvet or as a standalone product. So, carry this blanket to your bed every night for uninterrupted deep sleep.

That being said, the brand firmly states that if you suffer from circulatory issues, respiratory disorders, or other medical concerns, this product isn’t recommended for you.

Final Verdict

That’s a wrap on our Simba Orbit weighted blanket review.

We hope you have made up your mind about this excellent product and will soon make a purchase. With it, sleep will never feel like a far-fetched dream, and you will wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Besides, although it might be slightly expensive compared to some of its competitors, the high-quality cotton cover and glass beads enhance the product’s longevity and ensure that the Simba weighted blanket remains your most loyal companion for years to come.

With that, we will sign off. Until next time, sweet dreams!

Simba orbit weighted blanket
Simba Weighted Blanket Review
Simba is a popular mattress brand in the UK. They set themselves apart with UK made products that are sustainable focused and the Orbit blanket is no different. This product is built to last for a long period of time because the materials are good, although it does cost more. However, we think it’s worth every penny.
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