How To Make a Firm Mattress Softer

Do you have a new mattress that feels too firm and are wondering how to make a firm mattress softer? This is the right place for you. 

How to make a firm mattress more comfortable 

If your mattress feels too firm to the point of being uncomfortable, you can make it softer by using a mattress topper, replacing your divan base or bed slats, or increasing your room temperature. If you’re still thinking, “My mattress is too hard, what can I do?” there a list below to help. 

Mattress Topper

A mattress topper with softening properties can soften a hard mattress, which is less expensive than buying a new bed. On top of that, you can also choose a multi-functional topper that combines a softer sleeping surface with other features that you need, such as cooling or anti-allergy. 

During the trial, switch the bed

Most ‘bed in a box’ companies provide a free trial period so that you have enough time to test out a bed and determine whether it’s suitable. First, check if your bed is still within the free trial period. If yes, you can easily swap it out with a softer version. Simply inquire with the brand or retailer about exchanging your mattress with a new one with a lower firmness rating. 

The other purpose of a trial period is to ‘break in’ the bed and decide if it’s too firm for you. Also, remember that most mattresses come firmer at first, and over time, they will become softer and more comfortable. 

This is especially the case for memory foam mattresses, as they contour with your body heat and weight to become softer.

Bed Frame

If a solid bed frame or rigid slats currently supports your mattress, consider replacing it with a sprung base. A solid bed frame is known to make mattresses feel firm due to its solid nature. In comparison, sprung slats provides a more cushioned sleeping surface that can work with the mattress. This is because they are typically constructed from flexible beech wood and are designed to be slightly curved.

The same is true for divan bases. Solid divan bases tend to make beds feel firmer than they should. Get a sprung divan bed that responds to your body weight and has a more flexible support system. Similarly, springs are more “forgiving” and less rigid than different mattress frames, slats, or divans. 


Believe it or not, the temperature of your room may also affect the firmness of your bed. Certain types of mattresses, especially memory foam, respond to different room temperatures. The internal structure of the materials in the mattress will become stiffer at a cooler temperature. Therefore, the technique is to regulate the temperature of your bed so that it is on the warm side—this way, the mattress becomes softer.

How to make an uncomfortable mattress comfortable 

Your mattress feels comfortable because there is a mismatch between your desired firmness level to your mattress’ actual firmness. The goal is to bridge the gap between your firmness preference and the actual firmness of your bed. 

This is popularly done using mattress toppers. However, if you are wary of investing in mattress toppers, you can try various methods such as flipping your bed or fiddling with your room’s temperature. Here are a couple of ways that you can try to make your mattress feel more comfortable. 

If your mattress is too firm

Try a softer mattress topper with a quilted plush surface. If your partner prefers the current firmness of the bed, you can try using protectors that stop the covers from sliding on the bed. If a topper is out of your budget, the easiest way is to bring out the duvets and comforters and pile them up on the surface to create a softer cushion. 

If your mattress is too soft

Or it no longer provides the support you need. The best way is to invest with a firmer mattress topper. If a mattress topper is out of the question, try flipping it over to a less worn side. The chances are high that the underside is firmer and less soft, especially if you’ve neglected to keep up with the suggested frequency of flipping. 

What is a good mattress topper?

A good mattress topper is a pad that ensures your needs are met. On top of this, it must be comfortable, provide a substantial amount of support, and be convenient in usage and maintenance for you. 

In short, our Panda mattress topper review covers the organic bamboo pad that has an anti-slip silicone layer and elastic straps, is breathable and is hypoallergenic. It’s excellent for the vast majority of people.

If you want to learn more about mattress toppers, this video from John Ryan by Design is an excellent source of information.