Your Guide to Mattress Firmness

In search of a new mattress? And want to know what firmness to get? You’re in just the right place. 

Mattress firmness can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken it down into bite-sized information so you can easily understand it. In this guide, we’ll look into;

  • A guide to choosing the correct firmness level 
  • Indicators of firmness 
  • Is an ideal mattress medium-firm?

Picking the right firmness levels 

Choosing the right firmness level for your mattress involves quite a few factors. You need to take into account your weight, your sleeping habits, and even your personal preferences. You should consider the following factors. 

  1. Your weight 

For those around 15 stone, sleep best on a medium-firm or firm mattress. Adults or children who weigh less than 10 stone prefer a soft or medium-soft mattress. In contrast, if you are on the heavier side, a firm mattress may provide you with the best level of support. 

  1. Your sleeping habits

The next step is to examine your sleeping habits. When you sleep, how do you position yourself? For side and combination sleepers, soft beds are best. Since it provides sufficient sinkage, they won’t end up sleeping on their arm, causing soreness. 

Additionally, soft mattresses have good body contouring and moulding, essential for those who frequently change positions throughout the night. Alternatively, medium-soft mattresses are soft mattresses that lean to the medium side. 

They are ideal for children and combination sleepers who prefer something firmer than soft beds. The firmer the mattress, the more comfortable it is. This firmness suits most sleepers, including side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. This is because it provides enough support, pressure relief, and body contouring. 

On the other hand, firm beds can be less supportive and won’t help align your body if you’re on the lighter side. 

  1. Your sleeping preferences or conditions

Whether you are pregnant, nursing, recovering from an injury, or have other special needs, you need to select a mattress fitness that will provide relief. You should follow your healthcare providers’ recommendations for mattress firmness not to aggravate your condition while sleeping. 

In the past, did you have no problems sleeping on a firm mattress? The technique here is to find a bed that fits your needs, your sleeping habits, and your preferences so that you can sleep like a baby. In addition, if you have any sleep preferences, you should keep them in mind. 

The Firmness Scale 

In the UK, mattresses are categorised according to their firmness level. Here is a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about the firmness scale. Starting from the softest to firmness.

Firmness ratingRecommended bodyweightFeeling description 
SoftUp to 10 stonePerfect for those who prefer plush sleeping surfaces 
However, it may be too unsupportive and may lead to back problems
Medium-soft10-12 stoneRecommended if you’re just slender in build and prefer a softer feel 
Medium-firm13-18 stoneCharacterised as the golden mean in the firmness scale, it is considered to be the perfect in-between.
Not too soft but not too firm, either
Firm19-20 stone These are often designed to be orthopaedic mattresses and are suitable for those recovering from back injuries. 
Extra-firm21 stone and aboveThese are the firmest sleeping surfaces and are most like orthopaedic mattresses meant for back problems. They’re not recommended for people a slighter build as they will be uncomfortable.
One-size-fits-allVaries among brandsMost beds are marketed as one-size-fits-all fall under medium-firm in the firmness scale. 

These feeling descriptions are how ratings are marketed, and they can vary from person to person. Therefore, you must take advantage of the free trial period that comes with purchasing a mattress. 

Having said that, the table above will point you in the right direction if you need to choose a firmness. 

Medium-firm mattress 

Our medium-firm mattress guide will answer any questions you may have about this type of mattress. For beds, medium-firm mattresses are considered the golden mean because it is the firmness level that is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. 

Sleeping on your side, your back, or your stomach will most likely be comfortable on a medium-firm bed. 

It provides pressure relief, body contouring, and sinkage but still provides a significant amount of support from the base while not being ‘too firm’ or ‘too soft’.

The best medium to firm mattress

According to our extensive research, the Emma Original is the best medium-firm mattress available. This award-winning mattress is considered to be one of the best-selling beds in the United Kingdom. It has won over 30 awards and is sold in 17 counties. Tested and proven, it’s safe to say.  

Because of its construction, the top foam layer is open-celled and temperature-regulating, so it responds to your body heat. The middle layer has 7 zones of support and is excellent for pressure relief. Finally, the foundation is a durable, supportive HRX foam to help spinal alignment and pressure relief. 

To know more about mattress firmness, this video from Upright Health provides insightful information.