Best Soft Mattress In The UK

Most of us usually prefer to snuggle into a soft bed to sleep, and the problem is finding one that’s just right for you. Today, we’ll look at our pick of the best soft mattress in the UK and some alternative options. We’ll also be helping answer a few questions you may have about using a soft mattress and how to choose the right one. Here’s what we’ll be discussing.

● Which mattress is the softest?

● Hard or Soft, which is good for the back?

● How to pick the right mattress?

● Are Soft Mattresses Suitable For Children?

● Things you can add to make a hard mattress soft.

● Best soft mattress

There’s nothing like waking up feeling revived and rejuvenated for a new day. These days, sound sleep is a luxury for most people, especially with all the interference around us. You can increase your odds of good sleep with the right tools at your disposal. Let us help you find that perfect one.

Our Top Pick

Tempur Cloud Mattress


Have you been searching for a soft mattress, and you don’t know where to start looking for one? Take a look at the one that’s our top pick of soft mattresses available in the market; we think you’ll love it.

It’s the Tempur Cloud Mattress; this memory foam mattress is any soft sleeper’s dream. Tempur has been a leading brand for mattresses in the UK and the world for quite some time, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to constructing a good mattress. The company has taken memory foam mattresses to the next level with their “Dynamic Support’ foam.

They’ve got a range of mattresses to choose from, but the cloud range mainly caters to those who prefer sleeping on softer surfaces. They have 4 layers of their Tempur material that will help you sink into your bed while managing not to make you feel constricted, and you can snuggle in for a good night’s sleep.

The best part is that, although soft, the mattress has two layers of durable foam that provide excellent support for the body and alleviate pain. Their high-quality foam material makes the mattress a dream for anyone who likes to sleep on soft surfaces. And, it’s not just soft; they’ve added their Durabase and layers to give you all the support you’ll need. The mattress advertises comfort, durability and support, and they have managed to deliver on all three aspects.

Specifications: The Cloud mattress range comes in three supreme, elite and luxe with 10 sizes. The mattress comprises three layers, their Tempur extra soft material at the top with the Tempur support material and their Durabase foam at the bottom. It comes with a removable and washable top cover. The mattress is available online to order, with a 100 night trial period, a ten-year guarantee, and they offer free delivery and returns. You are getting your money’s worth with this mattress.

Reviews: Being an all-foam mattress, the mattress is less likely to be motion-sensitive, making sleep more peaceful. It’s no surprise that the mattress is one of the best foam mattresses in the market, the superior quality materials and the excellent finish give it a premium feel.

It has an average firm feel which may soften with time and use. The mattress has been proven a good match for side sleepers because it conforms with the body’s curves well. However, this mattress may not suit someone looking for a firm mattress or a responsive one. It’s also on the higher side cost-wise.

Which mattress is the softest?

Are you one of those people that likes to sleep on a soft plush bed at the end of a busy day? Well, a majority of people also want the same thing. It may be challenging to find the right mattress, and the thought of picking the wrong one might make you hesitate to look for that perfect mattress. We can help you get started on the journey of making the ideal comfortable bed.

So which kind of mattresses are within the scope of being soft and comfortable?

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam is usually the go-to mattress when it comes to soft plush mattresses these days. After the creation in the 1960s, they’ve become increasingly popular and compete and excelled compared to traditional mattresses. So, is it a good choice for a soft mattress? Yes, they are. Since this type of mattress is still undergoing numerous revolutionary changes thanks to modern technology, the market keeps getting newer types of foam mattresses now and then.

So Why should you pick a memory foam? As the name suggests, it’s made of dense foam material, making it softer, cradles the body and is suitable for motion isolation. But one should keep in mind that the mattress may retain heat more, depending on the type of foam used for the mattress. Also, if the mattress is too soft, the body will not have support which may cause body aches.

While looking for a foam mattress, check the details in the mattress’s construct and the kind of foam they use to make their mattress. A high-quality foam will have cooling properties and won’t retain as much heat; you can check if they add a support layer with a higher density foam that doesn’t sink as much, it’s also a plus and will give your body the support it needs and requires.

All in all, Foam mattresses are a good choice for people who like sleeping on soft surfaces. These mattresses are also low maintenance and durable, and they last a lot longer than other traditional mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are named so because they’ve got both spring and foam. This makes them a good choice for a wide range of people. They are just as good as foam mattresses, and they give additional support thanks to the layer of coils that are included. If you’re not fully invested in the sinking feeling that a foam mattress may induce, this is a good option for a soft mattress.

With newer types of material and the different ways of layering this mattress, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. With the added layer of support, this mattress will not only contour the body but will also help you align your spine, and you’ll be able to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling well-rested.

While looking for a good Hybrid mattress, you’ll need to check the types of material that have been included in constructing the mattress. These days, newer foam materials can be denser and cooling, so you’ve got to see which foam is added for the comfort layer.

Then check which types of coils are used for the base layers that give support. The standard hybrid usually has pocket springs, which are better for motion displacement, and with the added foam layers, there are fewer chances of feeling any vibrations of movement.

Latex Foam Mattresses

This type of foam reacts quicker to pressure, giving it a more bouncy feel. The foam is made up of all-natural material, so if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, this is a good choice for you. The mattresses are also naturally cooling, making them great for people who tend to feel hot while sleeping. The mattress can be heavier than its other foam counterparts and probably costs more, but it is highly durable and will last a very long time.

There are many benefits to having a latex mattress. For starters, it’s pretty durable and low maintenance. They are made from breathable natural material and are hypoallergenic, and since it’s a natural foam material, it’s slightly denser foam making it an excellent mattress for supporting your body. It’s an ideal choice for those who have back pain or joint pain but prefer to sleep on soft mattresses; the natural fibres help cushion your body and properly align the spine.

Spring mattresses

Although people will usually prefer foam over spring when finding a soft mattress, many spring mattresses are made soft. Most of these mattresses will likely have softer tension coils that reduce the firmness of the mattress and soft fibres for the comfort layers. They’ll also have soft materials used for the mattress’s cover, and these can be materials like natural wool, cotton, silk etc.

Pocket springs are a good choice if you’d like a soft spring mattress; the springs are added individually, unlike other spring mattresses and are a good choice for people who move and shift positions while sleeping. The individual coils, along with the comfort layers, decrease motion sensitivity, and there’s proper ventilation keeping dust or mould at bay.

If you’re just about ready to get a mattress and looking for a soft one, you can consider these types of mattresses. They’re all softer options than traditional firmer mattresses and can be an excellent possibility for your new bed.

Hard or Soft, which is good for the back?

This is something we keep asking ourselves while trying to decide what kind of mattress suits us best. The majority of people prefer a mattress within the mid-firm range, and it serves most of their requirements. A hard mattress or soft mattress will not do your back any good.

Hard mattresses do not conform to the body’s curvature, thus making it less pliable, and if the mattress is too soft, it won’t be able to provide support to the body and cause the spine to fall out of alignment. This may aggravate your back issues instead and cause you to have more problems.

Sleeping on a Hard surface may not relieve pressure points and can restrict blood flow. In contrast, highly soft surfaces can’t give enough support and increase the chances of developing orthopaedic issues.

To choose the right one, you should check the support layers of a mattress. The comfort layer is usually at the top, and that’s the layer you’ll make contact with first, but it’s what lies beneath that you have to pay attention to if you want a good mattress that suits your preferences and also gives you the support your body requires. These layers can be made of foam or spring or a combination of both.

What is the best soft mattress for back pain?

Again, if you’re looking for a mattress to help with your back, you’ll have to get one that’s built for support. This means you’ll have to pay attention to the secondary layers added as the mattress support. These layers will be critical in aligning your spine and help relieve pressure points.

These days there are Mattresses designed explicitly for orthopaedic requirements. These mattresses come in foam or hybrid form. Foam mattresses may have a denser foam layer at the bottom to give that extra support, and hybrid mattresses have coils embedded in them for providing support.

So, it’s straightforward there is no “one mattress” that’s the best, but there are several options that can be the best for you. You’ll have to make sure that you know what you’re getting; check and see if the foam mattress comes with support layers that are firm and durable. What kind of springs or coils are used for the hybrid mattress?

You should also check and see which position you regularly sleep in and your weight. With these details in mind, you’ll likely find a mattress that closely suits your needs. If you want to check which mattresses are suitable for your back, you can check out our guide for the best mattresses for back pain.

Are Soft Mattresses Suitable For Children?

While discussing which mattresses are good for you and how to choose them, we realize that you may be in the market not for yourself but your kids. Not to worry, we’ll be taking a look at which mattresses are best for kids too.

It can be an arduous task deciding which mattress to get for your child. They’re in the process of growing, plus they may have allergies and occasionally wet the bed and be very adamant about what they want. The best mattress to help give your child the support they require while conforming to their sleeping habits and their body weight are either foam mattresses or ones with pocket springs. These mattresses range from soft to mid-firm, and you can pick one in between for your child’s bed.

Another thing that you can do is check and see if the top layer is removable; this will help ease the cleaning process. You can also add a mattress topper or mattress pad for added protection, and it gives an extra layer of comfort. Make sure the mattress is antibacterial and hypoallergenic to be on the safer side. This will keep any allergies at bay.

They should also have enough room for your child to grow. Keeping long-term use in mind, you can opt for the bigger mattress to ensure that your child has enough space and can use the mattress for a more extended time.

Things you can add to make a hard mattress soft.

If you don’t want to go ahead with purchasing a whole new mattress, you can opt for these alternatives that can make your bed softer.

● Pick a good and durable mattress topper or mattress pad that’s soft. Since they sit on the top of the mattress, you’ll be making contact with them first when you lay down to sleep. Choosing a soft mattress topper or Pad can be an easy and cheaper solution to softening up your hard mattress. If you’d instead opt for a mattress topper, you can check our picks for the best mattress toppers.

● You can use a body pillow; it has been proven to assist with body pain and are a great addition to the bed if you are a side sleeper.

● Changing your pillow can also help with uncomfortable mattresses. A good pillow will support your neck and head and could make a significant difference while you sleep.

● You can invest in a high-quality mattress cover and good sheets to slightly increase the comfort level.

● You can try making the room warmer if the mattress has foam layers since it usually responds to heat and helps it adjust to your body shape and natural curves. Also, try rotating and flipping your mattress over to see if that works.

If you want to get more information on how to soften a hard mattress, you can take a look at our page on how to make a firm mattress softer.

Benefits of soft Mattress

You’ve probably heard that soft mattresses are not suitable for the body. That’s not entirely true because many soft mattresses can give good support to the body and help relieve joint and muscle pain by reducing pressure points in the body.

● They can align your hips and can be a good choice for those with hip pain.

● They are the comfortable choice for side sleepers because they assist with keeping the spine aligned.

● A soft mattress might be the answer to your troubles for those who seem to suffer more pain on hard surfaces.

● They are a good option for light sleepers; they give the feeling of being cradled and offer more comfort than a hard mattress.

Best soft mattress

Now that we’ve discussed soft mattresses, how to choose them, what to look for, their benefits and alternatives to make a softer bed. Let’s look at some of the soft mattresses available in the market, which we believe are some of the best options that you’ll find out there. Also, don’t forget to check out our top pick for the best soft mattress as well, the Tempur cloud mattress.

The Lux Mattress by Brook + Wilde

brook + wilde

The Lux mattress by Brook + Wilde does exceedingly well to deliver on the promises they’ve made with this mattress. The mattress is made with high-quality materials that give it a luxurious feel, and it promises deep comfort layers and support as well. With a breathable mattress cover, cooling memory foam and an intricate coil system added, the mattress has been constructed with the sole purpose of providing comfort to its owners.

Their soft mattress cradles you into sweet blissful slumber while the added support layers make sure you have all the support you need. This mattress is well worth the cost for anyone wanting to be enveloped in pleasure.

Specifications: Brook+Wilde is the only company currently offering choices for firmness levels; this gives them an added advantage in the market. They come in Soft, Medium and Firm with four sizes to choose from, single, double, king and super king.

The mattress comprises six layers of foam and spring that give you all the support you need and make the mattress feel soft and plush to the touch. They’re available online to order with a mattress guide page where you can get details on how to choose the right firmness for yourself. You also get a 100-night free trial and a 10-year guarantee.

Review: The mattress is very responsive and has three support and comfort layers, making it unique. Choosing the firmness level makes it a feasible option for many people if the price does not bother you. It is on the higher side but worth it with all the layers added to the mattress. Their soft mattress has proven to be quite popular among people who prefer soft mattresses. Overall this is a quality mattress made with the best care and thought for their customers.

Mammoth Rise Ultimate

mammoth rise ultimate

The mammoth Rise Ultimate Mattress has been built for comfort and rest. The medical-grade foam that’s added to the mattress will soothe the body of any aches and keep you well-rested. If you’ve wanted a mattress that’s soft and plush, you’ll be pleased with this mattress without compromising on support.

The foam for the mattress gives excellent postural support and is made from breathable materials with a natural cooling effect. This mattress should be included on the list if you’re trying to find a soft mattress for yourself.

Specifications: The mattress is available online to purchase and comes in five sizes single, small double, double, king size and super king. The firmness level is between soft to medium, so it’s perfect for those who want a softer feeling mattress. The medical-grade foam is made to provide pressure relief and is also great for support. They’ve got free delivery services and a ten-year warranty.

Review: This mattress is high on the recommendation’s list of physicians and doctors, so we know it’s worth the effort to have it reviewed. The mammoth rise ultimate mattress will be a good purchase for anyone who wants to sleep on a soft bed, and the best part is, even though it’s a foam mattress, there’s not much heat retention. The mattress gives ample support while gently coaxing you into sweet blissful sleep.

Silentnight Mirapocket 2000


A hybrid mattress that’s made for those who want to feel like they are being hugged while sleeping. The Silentnight Deluxe Box Top Mirapocket 2000 Limited Edition Mattress is made of super-soft foam that will satisfy any person’s want of a soft mattress. If you’re worried about the support, the 2000 mirapocket coils will provide all the gentle support that your body needs.

It’s a one-sided mattress that does not need to be turned, so all you need to do is rotate it once every three months. It’s made with the most comfortable materials and has a knitted cover which gives it a nice cosy finish. It is a comfy mattress made for a tranquil sleep.

Specifications: The mattress is between soft to medium and suitable for those who want something that’s less firm. The soft foam used for the mattress gives gentle support and makes the mattress feel plush. They’ve also included 2000 mirapocket springs, which provide an added boost of support and the knitted top cover gives it an excellent finish.

It’s fireproof, hypoallergenic and vegan friendly and comes with a 5-year guarantee. The mattress is handcrafted in the UK and has been approved by the National Bed Federation for its quality and safety.

Reviews: The company has been known for its affordable range of mattresses, so this one may seem a bit on the higher end when comparing prices, but it’s worth it. The quality is one of the best for a budget-friendly mattress and is soft and very comfortable while providing an ample amount of support, thanks to the added coils. This mattress would please anyone with a liking for soft, comfy mattresses.

Millbrook Wool Luxury 5000 Pocket Mattress

millbrook wool

This mattress is made in the UK with layers of English cotton and 100% handcrafted Hampshire fleece wool. The Millbrook Wool Luxury 5000 Pocket Mattress is as soft as they come, and it also boasts a 5000 pocket spring layer that supports you while you lay in this soft mattress to rest.

The wool is hand-tufted, and side stitched along the border, which helps lock in those soft layers that give you all the comfort you’ll ever need.

The mattress also includes support at the edges, which provides you with extra space while you sleep. They’ve constructed this mattress with the comfort of their customers in mind, and they’ve achieved to make a high-quality product at an affordable rate.

Specifications: The mattress has a soft to medium feel with natural wool and cotton as the comfort layers and pocket springs that act as the support layer. It’s a double-sided mattress and comes with handles for ease of turning.

They have made it fireproof, and the National Bed Federation approves it for its high quality and safety. It’s available to purchase online and comes in several sizes. The mattress has a 10-year warranty, and you can get a 60 day night trial.

Reviews: The design and materials used to make the mattress make it suitable for all sleeping positions, and it’s well balanced. This mattress will make you feel like you’re being cradled while you sleep; it’s an excellent option for those wanting a softer bed.

If you would like to see more options, you can also visit our best-boxed mattress site for more.


Soft mattresses can prove to be a great comfort, and with the proper materials used to make these mattresses, they can also provide the support you require. A total of eight hours of sound sleep can make a world of difference for anyone, and it’s one of the best remedies to revive the body and mind. Investing in the right tools to achieve that can prove to be very beneficial in the long run.

Finding the right mattress can be quite an uphill task, especially if you’ve got particular needs that ought to be catered to. This could be in health requirements, comfort level, sleeping positions and perhaps even the area’s climate. If you’re looking for a soft mattress that will also provide the proper support for your body and keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep, then you should check our recommendations of the best soft mattresses in the UK.