Tempur Mattress Review

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Tempur mattress

Tempur Company is a well-known mattress brand that has been in the business for over 30 years. They are not only reputable for making mattresses but also other bedding accessories, such as adjustable pillow bases. However, in this Tempur mattress review, we will talk about their mattresses. The famous Tempur material resembles memory foam but is a patented NASA technology; as such, you can expect some cool advancements and added features with these mattresses.



How We Review

At BestBoxedMattress, we present a comprehensive review of the Tempur mattress by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. We find many sources like customer feedback, and independent reviews to penetrate the mattress marketing jargon and get the features that matter. Continue reading and pick the one that meets your needs. (SUMMARY AT THE END)

Partner Disturbance
Value For Money
Trial Length
Customer Satisfaction


  • High-quality memory foam.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and depths.
  • Comfy feel.
  • Ten years guarantee.
  • 100-night trial.


  • Tempur is a premium mattress and has a premium price tag.
  • Delivery is relatively slow.
  • Has had problems with customer service.
Tempur Mattress Review
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Won’t get a better nights sleep worth every penny! Only problem is sometimes we go away on luxury breaks and have worse nights sleeps! as our Tempur at home is just the best!

Table of Contents

Overview of Tempur Mattress

Tempur mattress comes in four models. Essentially, there is the soft Temper cloud, medium Tempur original, medium Tempur hybrid, and firm Tempur sensation. Each of these models has three ranges with different depths, namely, supreme, elite, and luxe. One of the best things about these mattresses is that you get a wide range of sizes. Thanks to its ten sizes for each model. You can easily find the right mattress that meets your needs.

What's the Tempur mattress made from?

The material used in constructing these mattresses is high-quality memory foam, made initially for NASA astronauts. We do not know precisely how the company makes the Tempur memory foam as they have patented it. Nevertheless, the construction of foam mattresses usually follows a layering technique to ensure comfort and support. This technique further increases the airflow and provides firmness.

Each of the Tempur mattresses features multiple layers, which we have discussed in more detail below.

Soft Tempur Cloud Mattress – The Tempur cloud mattress features all-foam construction with three layers. The first two layers are the comfort system, and the material used for making both layers is Tempur memory foam. However, the difference between them is that the top layer comes with extra soft material, while the second layer is relatively firmer. As such, it ensures a balance of softness and support. Besides, both the first two layers have a depth of 5cm.

The third layer features an 11cm depth polyfoam that offers a robust base for the mattress. Moreover, it comes with a removable cover made of stretchy fabric.

tempur cloud

Medium Tempur Original Mattress – This model also comes with three layers with varying thicknesses. The first layer has a depth of 2cm, made of memory foam. As such, it feels comfortable and pleasant to lie on the mattress. Additionally, the last two layers provide sufficient stability, thereby offering adequate support to your body. The middle and base layers have a depth of 8cm and 11cm, respectively.

Tempur medium

Medium Tempur Hybrid Mattress – Unlike the previous models, the Tempur hybrid mattress comes with four layers. The top and base layers have a depth of 3cm each, while the interior two layers measure 5cm and 10cm in depth, respectively. These mattresses combine advanced Tempur memory foam with precision micro coils to ensure maximum elasticity and stability.

Firm Tempur Sensation Mattress – These Tempur mattresses are by far the firmest in comparison with the other three models. It features a top layer of comfy material, followed by two support layers and a base layer. The main difference between the four foam layers comes with the thickness. The top layer has a depth of 2cm, while the two interior layers have a depth of 4cm each. Additionally, the base measures 11cm in depth. 

Tempur firm

Cover – The cover is removable and is washable at 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Not many mattress covers are so easy to remove and washable so this is a pleasant change. The top section of the cover is 99% polyester and 1% elastane.

The lower portion is mainly polyester, elastane, modacrylic, and viscose and can be removed and washed at temperatures of up to 60 °C. 

We found out for the British market the covers are OEKO-TEX certified. Which means it is free from nasty chemicals and is safe for human use. I’m not 100 percent sure about other markets but it’s true for the UK. 

As you probably can tell from the images each Tempur mattress has a unique design on the cover which shows the attention to detail. 

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Tempur mattress thickness and weight

An essential attribute of the Tempur mattress is that each model is available in several sizes. It has ten different sizes, while each model has three ranges with different depths: 30cm (Luxe), 25cm (Elite), and 21cm (Supreme). It means finding the perfect mattress that meets your needs and requirements will not be challenging.

When it comes to weight, there is a slight difference for each of these models. The following table presents the approximate weight and the dimensions for each mattress:

Weight (Supreme)
Weight (Elite)
Weight (Luxe)
UK Single
190 x 90 cm
24.20 (kg)
28.39 (kg)
34.43 (kg)
UK Double
190 x 135 cm
37.72 (kg)
41.89 (kg)
50.78 (kg)
UK King
200 x 150 cm
41.43 (kg)
48.59 (kg)
58.94 (kg)
Super King
200 x 180 cm
49.52 (kg)
Small Single
200 x 75 cm
21.12 (kg)
25.15 (kg)
30.52 (kg)
Long Single
200 x 90 cm
25.37 (kg)
25.15 (kg)
30.52 (kg)
Special Size
190 x 120 cm
31.98 (kg)
37.49 (kg)
45.43 (kg)
Special Size
200 x 120 cm
33.51 (kg)
39.35 (kg)
47.73 (kg)
Special Size
200 x 135 cm
37.43 (kg)
43.97 (kg)
53.28 (kg)
Special Size
200 x 160 cm
44.37 (kg)
51.97 (kg)
62.81 (kg)

What's the Tempur mattress like to sleep on?

The answer to this question will significantly vary depending on the model you choose. Some sleep types will find the Tempur cloud mattress more comfortable, while this model might be worse for others. As such, it is a matter of personal preference and sleep types.

When it comes to firmness, the company has classified their mattress as follow:

Tempur Cloud Mattress Range
Tempur Original Mattress Range
Tempur Hybrid Mattress Range
Tempur Sensation Mattress Range
Tempur mattress rating

The Tempur cloud is best suitable for light and medium weight users. The reason is that it comes with a softer top layer, which can let your body sink deeply, especially for overweight users. So if you prefer a softer mattress, then the Tempur cloud mattress will be an ideal pick.

You should opt for the original and hybrid models if you want medium firmness. However, if you are looking for a firm mattress, then you should consider the sensation mattress.

How much does the mattress cost?

When it comes to cost, Tempur mattresses are relatively expensive. Nevertheless, they feature high-quality mattresses, thereby making them worth the price. You should also note that the price for all the models (cloud, original, hybrid, and sensation) is the same; thus, the price will not be a concern when deciding which model to choose. The following table presents the different price tags based on the size:

SizeSupreme (21cm Deep)Elite (25cm Deep)Luxe (30cm Deep)
Single1575 Pound1729 Pound2149 Pound
Double2149 Pound2399 Pound3099 Pound
King Size2499 Pound2799 Pound3449 Pound
Super King2829 Pound3149 Pound3899 Pound
Small Single1379 Pound1545 Pound1899 Pound
Long Single1575 Pound1729 Pound2149 Pound
Special Size2049 Pound2259 Pound2649 Pound
Special Size2049 Pound2259 Pound2649 Pound
Special Size2149 Pound2399 Pound3099 Pound
Special Size2599 Pound2959 Pound3719 Pound

* Although the above listed are the price tags for different Tempur mattress models, you can also expect an offer from time to time.

Tempur Mattress Review
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I have purchased from Tempur years ago and were received the same high level of service this time ... very impressed.

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Mattress bonus

Apart from the essential features discussed above, the Tempur mattress comes with other bonuses. One of them is that it offers free of delivery for all beds. Unlike its competitors, Tempur will deliver your ordered mattress in flat shape instead of rolled up. Additionally, they will bring it to your home and do the setting for you. If you have bought a memory foam mattress before, you understand how difficult it is to take upstairs.

Another Tempur mattress bonus comes with the trial length, which is for a 100-night trial. However, there are some limitations to this particular trial. Before you can return it, you should keep the mattress for at least 60 nights. It will allow you to test the different sleeping experience. Secondly, you should ensure that the mattress remains in good condition between the trail periods. But if you find it unsuitable for you after 60 days, you can return it. The company will come to pick the mattress without charging any fee. However, you should note that this free trial is available only if you purchase directly from Tempur.

Each Tempur mattress has a removable cover, which makes the maintenance and washing significantly easy. Besides, it comes with a ten-year guarantee.

Is it right for you?

Firstly, you should note that we cannot make a straightforward decision on which Tempur mattress will be the right for you. The only thing we can do is to provide some guidelines to help you pick the right one. However, it is worth noting that these mattresses will be an ideal choice if you have already tested other popular mattresses but didn’t find the one that meets your needs.

If you are a person who is suffering from back or neck pain, then you should consider these mattresses. The reason is that Tempur high-quality material can quickly adapt to your body’s contours, thereby reducing pressure on the neck, shoulders, and hips. It further promotes favourable spinal alignment. Hence, your back stays in a natural position, which is essential for preventing back or neck pain. This was the consensus we found on Trustpilot.

Another attribute of the Tempur mattress is that it has a very low motion transfer. It means that you are less likely to experience the movements your partner makes at night. So if you are looking for a mattress with less partner disturbance, consider one of Tempur mattresses.

These mattresses are also suitable for people who tend to get cold quickly at night. It is because Tempur mattresses can absorb your body heat, thereby keeping you warm at night.


Tempur is a reputable mattress manufacturer that features excellent-quality memory foam for their mattresses. The brand offers a wide range of models, and they have constructed each of these models uniquely to serve a specific purpose.

The manufacturers have used the same NASA design for making their hi-tech memory foam. You should note that Tempur is the only bedding accessories brand that has an official NASA certification. For this reason, Tempur mattress has high breathability, excellent body adaptability, and tremendous pressure relief. Additionally, these mattresses are significantly durable. Hence, there is no reason why you should consider buying one of these Tempur mattresses.

Final Verdict:

When it comes to mattresses, the Tempur brand significantly stands out among its competitors. So choosing one of these mattresses is not a waste of money, though they are expensive. Since there are four models in our list and each is more suitable for a particular user type, we will give our final verdict individually.

When it comes to Tempur cloud mattress, it is perfect for users with lighter weight and side sleepers. The reason is that this model has an extra soft top layer, which can lead the heavyweight sleepers to sink deep. Nevertheless, if you like the feel of soft memory foam, then you should choose this model.

The next model is the Tempur original mattress, which has a medium firmness. These mattresses will be an excellent pick for back sleepers and average weight users. It features comfort material with a layer of support foam; thus, you will not feel trapped when sleeping on these mattresses. Overall, most users feel comfortable with this model.

The hybrid model is another suitable option for restless sleepers and slightly heavier users. It offers medium to firm support. Additionally, it comes with a large layer of micro coils just below the dynamic support layer. Hence, it allows users to turn or move around at night quickly.

Finally, the Tempur sensation mattress is the firmest of all the models. As such, it is an ideal choice for stomach sleepers and heavyweight users. Besides, if you are looking for a mattress that provides more freedom of movement, consider this model.

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