Can an Emma mattress be used on slats?

Emma is a well-known UK-based company that manufactures mattresses and pillows. The products usually go by Emma Mattress, which has been in store since 2015. 

Almost all new mattress owners go through the question of whether the mattress will fit a particular base or frame. The same goes for an Emma mattress

Emma mattresses are developed to complement any surface. This means it can be used on a slat or even box spring to ensure it can fit any lifestyle and preference. But it’s essential to make sure the surface remains dry and clean. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the compatibility of bed slats and the Emma mattress, we suggest you keep scrolling. We’ll talk about: 

  • What is the Emma Mattress composed of? 
  • Can Emma mattress be used on slats? 
  • Can a mattress be placed on slats? 
  • Is the Emma mattress an ideal choice for side sleepers? 

What is the Emma Mattress Composed of?

Before we shift to the bigger picture, let us first look into the composition of the Emma mattress. After all, a bed slat is nothing without the mattress. 

Despite the mattress size, each Emma mattress is known for its universal thickness, which is about 25cm or 10-inch thick. This thick mattress comprises 4 spectate layers, contributing to its overall strength and comfort. Here’s a more in-depth look at the layers: 

The base layer of the mattress is made of cold foam. It’s a durable base with the main purpose of delivering counter-pressure to any sleeping position. The base will usually contain holes, which allows efficient body heat dissipation to ensure a cooling effect. The holes also include slits that enable pressure-relieving support for the lower back. 

The top region comprises a traditional memory foam, allowing the body to maintain effective body contouring while relieving pressure points. 

The next layer is made up of 2000 pocket springs. This layer of springs is placed within a foam border, which explains why the springs are not visible from the side. However, you can notice it from the top. The spring system found here tends to offer much better motion isolation. 

Finally, the topmost layer, closest to the sleeper, contains a unique Airgocell foam layer. It is a breathable, open-pored foam that can help maintain cooling while also being an efficient motion isolator. 

Additionally, Emma mattresses (hybrid, and premium, included) also come with removable and washable zipped covers constructed from 2% elastane and 98% polyester. The cover also comes with an anti-slip bottom. 

Can Emma Mattress be used on Slats?

There’s a good reason why Emma mattress has become a popular name in the mattress industry. It comes with durable memory foam with a great support system. But another great thing about these mattresses is their versatility and easy compatibility with different bed frames and bases, such as bed slats. 

The Emma mattress is produced as a comfortable and low-maintenance mattress. This particular factor allows the mattress to suit any surface or foundation, which can be placed on the ground or in a slatted frame. 

However, there are specific requirements for the Emma mattress to suitably fit a slat frame/base. The slats should, of course, match the mattress size and must be constructed using durable material. The slats should also maintain a gap of 7.5cm. 

The choice of slat material is entirely up to you. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, metal slats will offer a great deal. It’s highly durable and can hold more weight than wooden slats. 

Although slats can be used with the Emma mattress, it’s essential to ask the proper requirements of the mattress from the seller. Make sure you’re also getting the proper size requirements, if you’re planning to use it on a pre-owned slatted bed. 


Can a mattress be placed directly on slats?

The majority of mattresses can rest quite well on slats without any additional coverage, meaning you can place them directly. Mattresses always come with a cover that binds together the internal layers, which makes it relatively safe for direct placement. However, mattresses these days come with additional covers. Thus, allowing it to be used on the ground as well. 

Which mattress type is suitable for slats?

Bed slats are great because they are versatile. This type of base can accommodate and support any mattress type. However, since slats are usually found in platform beds, slats work best with taller mattresses, as platform beds tend to be lower than traditional beds. 

Can mattresses be placed on slats without box springs?

Yes, you can place your mattress on slats without needing box springs. In fact, using slats without the traditional box spring will serve as a better option, as it can prevent your mattress from sagging. So, if you’re planning on using it this way, go for it. It’ll likely benefit you in the future as well. 

Is the Emma mattress an ideal choice for side sleepers?

The Emma mattress is an excellent choice for any side sleeper. This is mainly due to its soft layering, which delivers great pressure relief. The mattress also contains zoned construction, which helps ensure equal support across the mattress. It is also recommended for people who sleep on their stomachs or back.

Why does my mattress sink?

If your mattress is sinking or sagging, it is usually the result of wear and tear. This isn’t a bad thing and is pretty common in old mattresses. It usually occurs when inner foam materials soften over time due to prolonged exposure to pressure and use. This softening eventually makes the mattress saggy, leaving it with a sinking feeling. 

Wrapping Up

Overall, Emma mattresses are a safe bet on slats. The mattress itself is quite comfortable and versatile, which helps facilitate its compatibility with a slatted bed.

Emma is a great company that manufactures excellent modern mattresses. So, it’s equally important to find a bed and utilize slats constructed from durable and quality materials. This can help create the perfect fit for the mattress. 

That said, we hope this article has provided valuable insights on using the Emma mattress on slats.