What are the Benefits of a Bonnell Spring Mattress?

Would you like to know the benefits of a Bonnell Spring Mattress? If you’re looking to get a new mattress and thinking of getting this one, you’ll want to see why it’s a good option for you. No need to worry; we’re here to offer our assistance and give you all the details you require to help you make your choice.

We’ll dive a little deeper into the benefits and also compare a few alternatives below:

●   Is Bonnell a good mattress for back pain?

●   How long will it last?

●   Affordability and Quality

●   Bonnell vs Pocket Spring

●   Bonnell vs offset coils

Mattresses need to be comfortable, easy to maintain and last. A Bonnell spring mattress is reliable, will last, and you’ll get your money’s worth if you’re planning to get this type of mattress. They give a friendly pushback, and the coils are designed to produce less noise.

Is Bonnell a good mattress for back pain?

Consistency is vital when it comes to this mattress. For those of you looking for support daily, this mattress will have your back. The interconnected spring coils even out the support provided throughout the surface and gave you uniform full-body support, and it elevates the body so you can sleep comfortably. 

However, you will have to determine the configurations that suit your requirements within the comfort levels of the mattress. The coils will assist with back pain, but the added layers of comfort will determine the firmness of the mattress. You can choose the type of comfort layers for your mattress from many kinds of natural fibres, synthetic materials like foams, or even gel. These layers, along with a solid core, will ensure you get maximum comfort while you sleep.

How long will it last?

The average lifespan of inner-spring mattresses is usually seven to ten years, but with the right purchase of quality products and a little effort put into its care, it can last you well over ten years. The Bonnell spring mattress’s intricate coil systems are built to prevent sagging and deterioration. So, the internal integrity of the layers in the mattress will last longer. You’ll be able to tell when the mattress is near the end of its life span because they tend to squeak due to the continuous interaction of the metal springs, and chances are it will start to sag.

Although, without proper care, you’ll shorten the lifespan of the mattress. You can avoid this by adding a mattress protector or getting yourself a mattress topper, ensuring the foundation can support the mattress, and seeing that the base is even. Occasionally flipping and rotating the mattress will provide ventilation so you can avoid moisture build-up.

Affordability and Quality

Since the springs are easier to make for this mattress, they are cheaper. However, you’ll have added foam layers, layers of fibre, modern alternatives, etc., for the comfort layers, which will hike the price. The standard mattress will be affordable, but if you have any customisations that you’d like to include, it will increase the cost of the final product. 

Don’t forget the add ons like mattress toppers and mattress protectors. Still, you can get a decent Bonnell spring mattress at a very reasonable rate. Many consider spring mattresses superior in quality because of their core and great support. In addition to this, they have better air circulation because the space between the coils provides good ventilation and makes them more resilient to different kinds of climate conditions.

Bonnell vs pocket spring

The Bonnell mattress is durable and provides even support throughout the surface, but it will be sensitive to movement due to the spring system. The springs will distribute the vibrations throughout the surface so you can feel when the other person moves while asleep or gets out of bed. The mattress may also be susceptible to noise as the coils are interconnected. It’s one of the oldest spring mattresses, so there’s a wide variety in the market, which makes it affordable.


  • Cost-Effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Support


  • Motion transfer
  • Less flexibility
  • Noise

The pocket spring mattress has individual coils, so the vibrations from movement cannot be felt when the other person moves. The separate coils cater to the different curves of the body, making it more flexible and softer. There is a lower chance of noise since the coils are all separate. The flexibility of the mattress is also why mattress in a box products have pocket springs as an option. It’s on the expensive side but will seamlessly adjust to body weight and provide good support.


  • Less motion transfer
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Less noise


  • Price

Bonnell vs offset coils

They have a similar design to Bonnell coils but offset coils are squared at the sides while Bonnell coils are rounded top to bottom. This slight modification gives a more substantial pushback if there is an increase in pressure. The design makes offset coils more flexible, and they produce less noise. However, they are slightly more expensive.


  • Less noise
  • High resistance.
  • Flexible


  • Price
  • Mild motion transfer


The Bonnell spring mattress has been around for a long time; it’s still one widely available mattress type. Its comfort and durability are good examples of why it’s still the go-to mattress for many people, and its affordable prices mean you won’t be breaking the bank to sleep well.

Nowadays, choosing a mattress can be quite an ordeal with all the different varieties available in the market. You’ll have to consider the cost and the health benefits, which will suit your bedframe best and last longer, maintenance, and even the climate. Then you have to decide if you’ll make your purchase in-store or online. You’ll then have to consider your customisations or if you’d prefer a more straightforward route and opt for boxed mattresses that are made “ready to sleep.” Whatever your choice, remember to make it a comfortable one. Sleep is necessary to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.