What Happens if you Flip a Tempur Mattress?

The Tempur mattress is allegedly in a league of its own; its patented design is unique with an even more impressive back story that reaches NASA and the astronauts.

Tempur was the king or Emperor of the mattress world, and nothing could touch it until the arrival of the mattress in a box! But, when it comes to quality, Tempur still holds a very high ranking.

 The whole ethos behind the Tempur mattress is one of outstanding quality and durability. The Tempur mattress is manufactured to exact standards using unique material processes. The Tempur mattress never needs to be flippant, rotated, and it returns to its original shape time after time, year after year.

However, the question is, what happens if you flip a Tempur mattress. Tempur has a one-sided design that does not require flipping to even out the wear and tear.

Even if you rotate the Tempur mattress 180 degrees, the unique design of the mattress and construction means the mattress always returns to its original shape.

The only time the Tempur mattress could be flipped is for routine maintenance such as light cleaning.

Does the Tempurpedic mattress need to be flipped?

Nope, it’s essentially the same product and designed in the same way to the same standards. Of course, some subtle changes make the mattress suitable for orthopaedic applications, offering extra user support for joints and muscles.

If a manufacturer recommends not to flip the mattress, it’s a good idea to follow the instructions. Flipping may cause excessive pressure on areas of the mattress that could deform the substrate affecting the overall performance and comfort of the mattress.

Buying a Tempur Mattress

Buying a Tempur mattress is almost like buying a top of the line car. You have expectations about performance and comfort and benefits and some shortcomings of the Tempur mattress.

With Tempur, the public now has access to a masterpiece of engineering and applied technology. During your sleep, the mattress follows every curve of your body, no matter how many times you turn and rollover.

The Tempur mattress will also keep your body temperature cool by wicking away your body heat, ensuring a peaceful night’s rest.

Is the Tempur Mattress for People With Orthopaedic Issues?

No, the Tempur is the ideal choice for any type of sleeper. If you toss and turn all night, the Tempur mattress is whisper quiet.

The Tempur mattress is suitable for just about anybody, and it offers support by forming the contours of your body using the Tempur patented design.

Does the Tempur Mattress Have Any Limitations?

This is a great question to ask your stockist, and his answer should be yes. Despite all of the technical advancements and patents on the Tempur mattress, it has one big flaw.

The Tempur mattress is sensitive to heat. Now, let me qualify when I say sensitive to heat.

The Tempur mattress works just fine in the home, with a reasonably stable temperature gradient. The Tempur falls out of specifications if the mattress gets very cold, and when I say cold, I mean like cold, which in fairness, is not going to happen in your home.

However, even with most of us living with central heating, some still enjoy an excellent bedroom and prefer an electric blanket to remove the chill from the sheets before we retire for the night. I must admit I am one of these folks.

However, Tempur mattresses are never used with electric blankets, be it under sheet or duvet style. It will cause damage to the mattress and, in all likelihood, invalidate any warranty on the mattress.

Having said this, I think it’s best to use common sense with any foam mattress, and I wouldn’t suggest using an electric blanket with a foam mattress..

Never try to fold a Tempur mattress; it will damage the mattress and invalidate the warranty. Should your Tempur mattress become excessively cold, never force it into shape, and the mattress will regain its form while laying flat.

Storing a Tempur mattress must always be on a flat surface lying down. Never store the mattress on its side. Storing the Tempur on its side propped against a wall will damage and deform the mattress structure.

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What Life Can I Expect From a Tempur Mattress?

The good news is the Tempur mattress has a 10-year guarantee, and in all probability, the mattress has a useful life span of 15 years.

So, if you extrapolate the purchase cost of the Tempur mattress over 180 months, this will give you the actual cost of the mattress every month. If you use this method to calculate the actual cost of the mattress over another mattress, you will be pleasantly surprised by how cheap the mattress is.

You need to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions to reap the full benefit of the mattress and extend its life beyond the warranty period.

General Maintenance

The Tempur mattress comes with a soft but durable zipped cover. This cover is easy to remove and replace. Following the washing instructions, It’s recommended a cool wash with a mild detergent will produce the best results.

As part of a twice-yearly maintenance schedule, clean the mattress in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, a gentle vacuum and wipe down with a clean damp cloth will suffice.

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The mattress feels free if you wish to rotate, although there is no tangible benefit to rotating.

Flipping the mattress is a no. The mattress has been specifically designed for one side use, and if you decide to flip the Tempur, you may be running the risk of damaging the mattress.