How to Clean a Tempur Mattress

Now you are the proud owner of your new Tempur mattress. You will want to keep it in tip-top condition, which if you adhere to a maintenance regime, you will get many years of comfort and restful nights.

Taking care of your Tempur mattress is an easy process that you should find quickly and easily once you have completed the task a couple of times.

So, let’s jump in and discuss the best ways of caring for your Tempur mattress.

The first thing you should always check is the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance. Doing your own thing from experience may cause damage to your Tempur mattress. So always, the best approach is to be safe rather than sorry. If you need advice, contact your local dealer.

You’ll find the Tempur is worth it because it’s easy to maintain because of the time taken choosing the materials and the construction. 

The mattress comes with an easy to unzip mattress cover. You may find that removing and fitting the cover can be a two-person job to avoid injury and strains.

Once the cover is removed, check the washing care instructions sewn into the seam. They are standard care instructions and should not be deviated from. Your mattress cover is purposely designed to add comfort to your sleeping experience so take care of the cover.

Never use harsh chemicals when spot cleaning or general washing of the cover. Over time chlorine-based chemicals like bleach will weaken the fabric structure.

If you have stubborn stains, spot clean as much as possible. You may wish to try a weak hydrogen peroxide solution with a regular enzyme detergent to break down the stains for bloodstains. Gentle agitation may be required with a soft brush to help lift the stains.

It is recommended to use a cool wash. This may seem alien to you for the removal of stains but, the cover will not tolerate extreme hot washes and any manufactured fibre.

After a cool wash using a gentle detergent, it is recommended not to over-dry the mattress cover. Over-drying weakens the fabric over time. Air drying is recommended or a low heat setting on the tumble dryer if needed.

Replacing the mattress cover is the opposite process to removal. There should not be any need to pull and stretch the mattress cover. The mattress cover is tailored to your mattress and fits perfectly. If you feel the need to pull hard and stretch the cover, you may find the cover is snagged on a corner of the mattress.

Cleaning the mattress is simple. Use a damp cloth with a mild detergent and wipe clean. Never over-wet the mattress. This may cause problems and extend the time the mattress is out of use.

It is worth noting that when you undertake general cleaning, always leave your mattress in a flat position. Storing the mattress on its side may cause damage. If in doubt, contact your local stockist for expert advice.

General maintenance will extend the life of your mattress and provide you with the extended life of your Tempur mattress.

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