How To Fix Body Impressions In a Mattress

It is normal for body impressions to appear on your mattress. An impression of your body on a mattress can be a source of comfort, it fits your body precisely, so why would you try to make it flat again?

Well, a flat mattress always offers the best support when sleeping, while an impression forces you to assume the last sleeping position.

Below are a couple of ways to fix the issue. 

Rotating the mattress and sleeping in different positions if possible will help fix body impressions in a mattress. Using a vacuum cleaner to tease the structure of the mattress to reform to its intended shape is another helpful tip. If the mattress is old, it may be time for a new mattress.

Whenever an impression in your mattress gets deeper, the inner structure of the mattress compresses, effectively destroying the comfort of the mattress if the impression cannot be removed.

Bodyweight is a cause of mattress impressions, and if you are a larger person, you will need to address the problem of the impression more often than a lightweight person.

Rotate the Mattress

Rotating the mattress is the easiest way to prevent impressions from forming in the mattress. You don’t need to rotate daily or even weekly but for good housekeeping and the protection of the mattress, rotate it once a month.

Your mattress will take on a new lease of life if you adopt this practice when changing bed linen.

If you have the kind of mattress that can be flipped, try this also, you will keep the inner structure of the mattress free from compression extending the life and comfort of the mattress.

Mattress Toppers

The mattress topper is the perfect way to breathe new life into any mattress and prevent mattress impressions from forming. The mattress topper will help to distribute your weight across the supporting mattress.

Mattress toppers can be very comfortable and supportive to your body contours at a fraction of the cost of the base mattress.

If you are looking for something unique, going the extra mile with a mattress topper will provide you with all the benefits of a new mattress.

Give Spring Mattresses More Support

Your mattress is compressing and leaving a body impression because the mattress does not have enough support. When I say support, I am referring to the bed frame support.

It’s likely your bed frame has slats for supporting your mattress. In most cases, this is fine. However, if you were to place a thin sheet of plywood under the area of your spring mattress that is compressing, the problem would be resolved.

There is a negative side to placing the plywood board for support. Your mattress may sleep hotter, and the airflow given from the slatted base is no longer available.

This is a helpful tip for spring mattresses and produces excellent results. If you have a memory foam mattress, this may not be the fix you are looking for, and the memory foam will almost certainly feel hotter.

Is Your Box Spring The Problem?

Mattress impressions and sagging are not always the fault of the mattress, and there is another contributing factor.

If your box spring is old and worn, it will not support the mattress as it was intended to by the manufacturer.

Box springs and mattresses work in unison together, offering support and comfort. Taking one element of the structure away due to wear and tear will cause the mattress to sag.

How Long Does A Mattress Last?

I ask this question because many of you consider your mattress a lifetime product. Once you have it, then forget about the mattress.

It’s a great concept and would be perfect if it was true. Unfortunately, mattresses wear out and need replacing.

The life of your mattress will depend mainly on the quality of the mattress and your body weight. If you are heavy, you can expect to replace your mattress more often than a lighter person.

Buying a low-quality mattress can be a false economy when you take into consideration the mattress may only last for two years if it’s your leading mattress that you sleep on every night.

Impressions In Memory Foam

The term impression in memory foam may sound contradictory, but it happens, and if you have a slight impression, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Slight impressions in memory foam can be caused by several factors, the age of the mattress and bodyweight being the main issue.

However, if your mattress is relatively new and your foam is not returning to its original shape, it could be the bedroom temperature.

If you find this small impression troublesome, it is possible to release the fibres of the foam structure by using a vacuum. 

It may sound excessive, but the truth is vacuuming a mattress should be part of the quarterly maintenance routine for removing dead skin cells that have worked through the bedding.

Use the vacuum to tease the memory foam mattress into shape, it may take a little time, but it will resolve the problem.

Prevent Impressions 

It is reasonable to assume that the mattress is a forgotten piece of bedroom furniture. It’s always covered and primarily problem-free.

We only really look at our mattress if there is a problem, so how do we prevent impressions and sagging?

It is called preventative maintenance, and it could not be more straightforward in the case of a mattress.

Rotating your mattress will essentially resolve the issues of sagging mattresses and impressions of your body.

Regular cleaning will help to keep your mattress in good condition for years.

Maintenance is not weekly, but the more often you rotate and vacuum your mattress, the better the mattress performance.

Alternating your sleeping position and not sleeping in the same spot will also help to prevent impressions. Sleeping with your partner in the centre of the bed increases the weight and compression of the mattress, eventually causing sagging.

Purchase quality mattresses with a warranty ensuring you of performance and the best sleep possible.