Is it OK to Hoover a Mattress?

There are many myths about cleaning a mattress. One of the biggest is whether or not it’s ok to use a vacuum cleaner on your mattress. Many say that this can harm your mattress and other mattresses in the house due to allergies, but no evidence suggests this is true. In fact, if you have pets in the house, vacuuming will help eliminate allergens and pet hair from time to time!

Hoovering a mattress is fine: just use low suction, or you could damage the fabric. Once every three months should be enough, but it might need to be more often if your kids have allergies. If there are stains on your mattress that can’t be removed with baking soda and water, hoovering will help get rid of them.

If you have a mattress without any stains, then remember that the heat from vacuuming will kill dust mites – which can cause allergies in some people. So don’t be too worried about hoovering your mattresses! Instead, focus on making sure it’s clean and comfortable to sleep on.

Hoovering a mattress can be done, and there’s no need to worry about damaging the fabric or harming your family members with allergies. If you want extra peace of mind, though, make sure to clean it once every three months and take measures if something spills on the bed. Overall this practice is excellent as long as you use low suction not to damage the fabric.

How often should you vacuum your mattress?

According to some sources, you should vacuum your mattress every three to six months, while others recommend you vacuum every month. When someone in your home has allergies, you may need to vacuum more frequently to remove dust and other allergens.