How to Get Dried Milk Out of a Mattress: The Quick and Easy Way

This blog post is about getting dried milk out of a mattress. It’s not easy to get the stains out, but this article will give you some helpful tips on how to do it. Hopefully, these steps will make your life easier!

Separate the bedding

Get any bedding that has been stained by the milk away from your mattress. This will make it easier to clean your mattress and prevent further stains from forming on your sheets, blankets, etc… If you cannot separate all of these items, then at least use towels or other disposable paper products to cover the surface of the mattress while you treat the stains.

  • Once these items are separated, remove all of the bedding from your mattress.
  • Put the bedding in the washing machine.
  • Be sure to use your washing machine’s highest temperature setting and add a few cups of bleach or another cleaning agent that is safe for fabrics and machines (use only products designed to be used in laundry). This will help neutralise any remaining stains from dried milk.
  • Add some OxyClean if you have it to help get any stains out.

Use baking soda on the mattress

If you do not have OxyClean, baking soda can be used as a substitute. Be sure to use an amount of baking soda equivalent to the scoop size associated with your laundry detergent.

Mix this into some warm water until it becomes paste-like consistency, and then apply it directly onto the stained area on your mattress using either a brush or a clean cloth. After the baking soda has been applied, leave it on for at least an hour to overnight depending on how badly your mattress is stained.

After you have waited, use either paper towels or rags (preferably ones that are designated for cleaning purposes) and wipe away all of the excess moisture from the surface of your mattress.

Repeat this process until the stained area is no longer visible or has been completely removed.

Finally, use either a dry towel or paper towels to absorb any remaining moisture on the surface of your mattress before placing back onto its bedding that was not affected by milk stains. This will prevent mould from forming under these items and help ensure that your mattress is completely dry and ready to be used.

Be sure to vacuum the area to clean up any loose baking soda that may have fallen onto the surface of your mattress or bedding.

After these steps, you should be able to sleep on an unspoiled mattress! Good luck with getting dried milk out of a mattress, and enjoy using it again!