How Long Does It Take To Adjust To A New Mattress?

Getting used to a new mattress may take a few days or even a week. But it doesn’t always mean it’s going to be perfect out of the box. Luckily, most mattresses purchased online come with a free return policy.

But before returning, read below. 

The process of adjusting to your new mattress may take longer than you first anticipated, but many sleep perfectly the first night. The time could take a few days to a couple of weeks for your body to adjust.

What type of mattress did you buy? Memory foam, hybrid, traditional spring? All of these things will factor into how long it takes you to adapt.

So many of us replace mattresses when they are at the end of their useful life. Often you have not been getting a good mattress experience, and if your old mattress was sagging, you might have adapted to the position.

If your posture has become used to laying on a sagging mattress, then you can expect there will be a transition period between you loving your new mattress and your old mattress.

Mattress Delivered in a Box

Mattress in a box are mattresses rolled tight and vacuum packed for ease of shipping, and many other benefits. 

If your mattress is delivered in this way, you can expect a short delay before using the mattress.

Your new mattress will need to unfold and decompress from being folded tightly and vacuum packed.

The foam structure of the memory foam needs to expand and regain its original structure. This usually takes 24 hours, sometimes less, and sometimes more time is needed.

You will find the range of time needed from the manufacturer to vary significantly. Some say two hours the mattress will be ready and anything in between up to seventy-two hours.

The critical thing to know with memory foam is it needs to be laid flat, either on the floor or your bed frame. Never store on its side. This may cause problems with the foam mattress.

Other factors into how long your memory foam mattress will take before being ready were when the mattress was made and when it was boxed ready for shipping.

If the mattress has been sitting in stock waiting to be shipped, it may take longer to recover than one that was boxed a few days ago.

Also, the thickness of the mattress will factor into how quickly it comes back to full specification to give you a good night’s sleep.

Adjusting to Sleeping on Your New Mattress

Assuming your memory foam mattress has regained its shape, it is now ok to use. Make the bed up as you would typically make your bed, sheets, pillows, duvet and so on.

It may take some time for you to adjust to your new mattress, as previously mentioned. The problem is rarely the mattress and more to do with the posture position your body has become used to when sleeping.

The new mattress supporting your joints and spine may be a wholly alien experience at first, and you could feel uncomfortable.

You need to persevere as your body adjusts to its new intended sleeping position. If you are experiencing sore joints, try to move around to find the position best suited for your purpose.

This may not seem the right thing to be doing after spending your cash on a new mattress to be comfortable, but give it a chance. If you are not comfortable after a few weeks, it could be time for a mattress exchange.

Hopefully, your mattress supplier has offered at least a 30-day sleep trial for your comfort and product assurance. Many manufacturers offer a 120-day sleep trial, and Nectar offers a 365-day trial which is incredible and shows their ultimate confidence in their products.

Types Of Mattresses

If you have not chosen a memory foam mattress, the mattress will be delivered to your home, and the same principle does not apply to traditional mattresses.

You can start sleeping on your spring mattress immediately.

However, you may find some similarities to the problems described above. Your new mattress will be giving support to your body where you may have been missing support with your old mattress.

The best thing is to give the mattress and your body time to adjust, and both will be better for the experience.

Hybrid Mattress

This is an interesting situation because you have the very best of both worlds but, the truth is if the mattress has not been folded or compressed in any way, the mattress is ready for use.

It may be good to give the hybris mattress a little time to make sure the shape is correct. If other mattresses have been stacked for storage on your mattress, the memory foam element will need to expand.

In most situations, when storing a hybrid mattress, it’s not excessive to avoid damage to the mattress if they are stacked.

Again with the hybrid mattress and other mattresses, there is a breaking-in period. The breaking-in period is targeted more at the consumer than the mattress itself that has been manufactured to exacting standards.


Under normal circumstances, you can start to use your new mattress quickly. It’s only the memory foam mattress that takes a little extra time before use.

To answer how long it will take to be comfortable with your mattress is a guess at best, and it’s a guess because no one evaluated your old mattress before it was replaced.

If you replace your mattress with the manufacturer’s specified time, the adjustment period will be minimal.

If you are changing from an old spring mattress to a new high tech memory foam mattress, the adjustment period may be longer. The adjustment period will be overnight for most of you, and you can enjoy your new mattress for many years.