Is It Safe to Put Two Mattresses in a Crib?

There are a lot of myths out there about what is safe and what isn’t when it comes to your baby’s sleeping environment. So, we did some research and found the answer.

The short answer: It is safe to put two mattresses in a crib, but only if they’re both fitted securely into the crib with no gaps between them or hanging over the sides.

Putting two mattresses into the crib will only be a problem if they are not secured correctly.

As mentioned if there is a gap then the babies can get stuck and suffocate or fall out of the crib.

The second danger is the mattresses going over the guard. This is dangerous in case the babies climb out or if the two mattresses are high enough, roll out.

There is one caveat to this advice: If you have a crib with slats that are less than 23 and ½ inches apart, it will be difficult for the mattress to fit snugly against all sides of the crib.

If your baby’s headboard/footboard sticks up more than two inches above the mattress, it can create a gap for your baby’s head/neck to get stuck in.

How long can you use a crib mattress? 

A crib mattress can last as long as the crib itself. As children transition to a toddler bed, creative parents will reuse the mattress after flipping it over. If not abused and treated gently, a crib mattress can last about 3 years.

Can you stack crib mattresses?

In addition, stacked cribs may cause a health hazard when liquids leak from an upper crib to a lower one. Mattresses for cribs should be firm, adequately padded, fit snugly, and be made specifically for the crib in which they are placed. As previously mentioned, The mattress should not be separated from the sides of the crib by gaps.

Is it OK to use a used crib?

Don’t buy a used crib. After June 28, 2011, the crib regulations went into effect, and all cribs sold before then became obsolete and, technically speaking, unsafe. As a result, drop-side cribs were deemed to pose particular dangers.