Airsprung Mattress Review

Are you looking for an Airsprung mattress? We did the legwork for you by researching the brand and listing a few of our top picks in this Airsprung mattress review. We also cover a bit of history about the company. 

What is Airsprung? 

Airsprung Beds is a Wiltshire-based company that manufactures beds and sleep essentials for over 140 years. Various options are available, including memory foam, open coil or Bonell springs, latex, pocket springs, hybrids, etc. 

As a result, they can cater to all types of sleepers with different sleeping habits. Besides mattresses, they also provide top-quality divans, beds, bed frames, and children’s beds. 

The company is a member of the National Bed Federation (NBF), an association for companies in the UK bed trade. By doing so, Airsprung adheres to ethical standards and is committed to promoting transparency to its clients. Additionally, Mattress Online UK sells a few limited models. 

The Best Airsprung Mattresses

Airsprung 1200 Pocket Mattress 

There are 1200 pocket springs in this bed. These springs move independently from one another, providing you with excellent support. As you move, these springs flex, ensuring customized support wherever you need it. You’ll be able to align your head, neck, and spine properly, preventing any discomfort or pain. 

The mattress has a firmness rating of medium-firm, which is slightly above average and recommended for those who need extra back support. Due to this, back sleepers will enjoy it the most. The pocket spring layer is filled with a blend of poly-cotton, wool, and silk fibres. These are breathable, comfortable, and luscious, ensuring that you sleep cool and comfortably. 

The bed is hypoallergenic, protecting against allergens such as dust and dust mites. If you are sensitive, this will give you peace of mind. 

The woven damask cover encloses all of these layers and extra features. Damask weaving is a traditional practice that originated in 17th-century Britain, where it was used to produce textiles that aristocrats prized. 

Airsprung Memory Classic Mattress 

Its main selling point is that it is made from plush and comfortable 2cm-thick memory foam. The benefits of memory foam include superior spinal alignment, excellent body contouring and pressure relief, and the ability to conform to your body using your body temperature. 

Memory foam is perfect for back sleepers in particular because of this. The common complaint against this material is that it can become too stuffy. This mattress compensates for that disadvantage by including a layer of Supercoil underneath. Open coil springs allow air to flow throughout the bed. 

The firmness rating is medium, which is the golden mean of firmness. As it is neither too soft nor too firm, it is suitable for all types of sleepers. All of this is wrapped in a soft, knitted cover that is extremely pleasant to the touch. 

Airsprung 800 Memory Pocket Memory Mattress 

This one offers a combination of memory foam and pocket springs for the best possible support as a hybrid mattress. The layer of memory foam is 4 cm thick, soothing any aches, pains, pressure builds up in joints and helping you fall asleep gently since the material conforms to your body. 

There is also a layer of 800 pocket springs underneath. Each spring is individually packed, so it moves independently of the rest, allowing it to flex by your movement and position. The medium rating makes it ideal for all types of sleepers. 

There is a soft knitted cover that is comfortable and soft. Sleeping on such a surface is comfortable. Micro-quilting ensures that the fillings and layers are all sewn together in pockets, preventing premature sagging of the bed and extending its useful life. You can expect it to last for a long time. 

Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic and low-maintenance since it does not need to be flipped because it is one-sided.

Airsprung 1200 Pocket Memory Mattress 

This high-performing, all-around mattress received a Which? Best Buy in December 2020. No matter your sleeping position or habits, this mattress will provide the right amount of support and comfort. 

Additionally, its durability and breathability have also been praised, making it a high-quality mattress that is perfect across several aspects. It was constructed without cutting corners. The mattress has a high 5cm memory foam that provides a great deal of comfort. 

Warming up and becoming malleable with your body temperature, this fabric is body-hugging, keeping you snug and completely comfortable while you sleep. 

The base of the mattress features 1200 individually wrapped pocket springs that offer total-body support. The more pocket springs there are, the better and more personalized the bed support will feel. 

It is hypoallergenic, low maintenance, and features a knitted cover with deep quilting to keep the layers in place.