Best Air Mattress In The UK

Air mattresses can be some of the most convenient investments around the house, especially if you’re low on space or frequently have guests sleeping over.

Are you scouring for the best air mattress in the UK? Look no further. Read on to find out the best ones you can get your hands on in the UK, plus some FAQs like:

  • How do you pump an air mattress?
  • What is the best air mattress pump?
  • How can I make my air mattress more comfortable?
  • Is it healthy to sleep on an air mattress every night?

And many more! Now, let’s get reading.

Our Top Pick

The Premium King Size Air Bed from Active Era tops our selection in the best air mattresses category for several reasons. 

First off, Active Era uses ultra-high quality material that is highly resistant to punctures. Plus, it has an in-built electric pump that can automatically inflate the bed to an optimum firmness level in just three minutes. 

Whether you’re planning to use it for your guests or an overnight camping trip, it is bound to offer maximum comfort and the soundest sleep. 

Let’s take a peek at some of its significant features.

  • 15-gauge puncture-resistant PVC with 35 enhanced coil support columns. 
  • 48 cm height that can support a weight of 250 kg.
  • Dual waterproof material.
  • In-built electric pump and a manual air valve 
  • Integrated 8 cm pillow for head and neck support.

It is spacious and comes in an ergonomic design. The bed is quick to deflate, and you can have it neatly tucked away in the storage bag. 

Talk of convenience and versatility, and this bed has the best of both. It is ideal for both small and medium families that love to go out on fun camping trips.

Its compact design makes it highly portable and easy to store even in tiny closets or trunks of small cars. But its whole dimension of 152 x 203 x 50 cm makes it possible for small homeowners to enjoy the luxury of a king-sized premium bed. 

Available since 2016, this item weighing 6.7 kilograms has been among the top-rated air beds to date. 

Consumers love it for its design, durability, high-end features, as well as its convenience. This air mattress is our ultimate recommendation if you want to pamper yourself, the kids, or your guests.

How do you pump an air mattress?

Air mattresses come with various types of pumps. First, the modern ones can have electric pumps which can easily be connected to a power source. 

On switching on the power button, it will begin to inflate in seconds. Some air mattresses have an in-built one-way valve through which you can blow in the air using a hand or foot pump, and others have holes at their sides.

To pump air into your mattress, locate the hole or valve and fit the pump’s nozzle over it. See that the pump is tightly fitted around the valve to prevent any leak. 

You may use your hand pump or a foot pump to force air into the mattress. Once it is firm enough, you may close the cap and grab your sheets and pillows for a comfy snug.

Can’t find your manual pump? You can also use a hairdryer, a vacuum cleaner, or even a garbage bag to force air into the mattress. 

What is the best air mattress pump?

If a piece of equipment needs no brainstorming for an intelligent investment, it’s an air pump. And what’s great is that they’re effortless to choose. 

Go for an electric air pump if you don’t plan on camping out frequently or want to go easy on your pocket. For versatility and portability, a rechargeable pump will be more suitable. That said, both types work just as efficiently. 

While picking up an air pump, you might want to take one with different sizes of nozzle attachments. It will increase the pump’s functionality since you can use it on your other inflatable furniture too. 

You may also find the 2-in-one electric pump that inflates as well as deflates your air mattress quite handy. 

The most versatile of all air pumps are the rechargeable ones that come with a car adapter. But any air pump from a decent company will do its job well. 

How much does an air mattress cost?

Air mattresses come in various shapes, sizes, and qualities and can vary significantly in price. 

The lower-end models can range anywhere from $45 to $70, while higher-end models may cost $300. But you can get a decent one for $100 if you’re like most shoppers who want a comfortable temporary bed for occasional use. 

If you’re one to splurge, you’ll seriously love the premium models with high-quality materials and have excellent in-built features like electric pumps, pillows, neck-support, etc. 

Prices also vary depending on the platforms where you buy them. You may find some retailers cheaper than the others for the same models. Online commerce sites like Home Depot, Amazon, and Wayfair offer a vast selection of air mattresses for excellent prices, and you could occasionally grab huge discounts too.  

What do I look for in an air mattress?

There are several things you should consider when buying an inflatable bed. But the most crucial factor you might want to consider is the product’s quality. Then there is your budget, your family size or the bed’s purpose, built-in features, thickness, and warranty. 

Reading reviews by users will help you narrow down your choice. 

Is there an air bed that doesn’t deflate?

Generally speaking, all mattresses will lose some air at night, which is because of several reasons we have discussed in other sections of this article. However, every mattress is constructed differently, and how much air it loses will vary according to quality, build, and how you use it. 

According to, if your bed deflates at least 10% to 20% overnight, a slow leak is the most likely culprit. However, a slight loss of air can be expected from all air mattresses.

How can I make my air mattress more comfortable?  

Air mattresses aren’t exactly known to be comfortable. But employing a few tricks can double up the comfort level and help you get a well-deserved sleep. 

Placing your air mattress on a soft mat or rug will drown out any noise and help the vinyl bottom layer of the bed augur well on the surface. 

Covering the mattress with a bed sheet will prevent any discomfort from temperature alterations as air mattresses tend to get heated or cool off according to the weather. 

Adding a topper is also a great way to increase comfort and enhance the quality of your sleep. However, the most crucial factor determining the comfort level is the amount of air you pump into the bed. 

Push too much air, and the bed will be too firm, while less air will mean a saggy bed that will not support you adequately. Make sure that you make the necessary adjustments before you sleep in.                          

What is the most durable air mattress?

Air mattresses are of different types. The more affordable ones are usually inflated externally via a pump, hand, or mouth and are used for lighter purposes such as play toys. 

Self-inflatable mattresses are made of more resilient materials and are designed for long-term use. Constructed of several layers of materials, these beds are adjustable and provide optimum comfort. 

The narrower varieties are the sleeping pads which are warm, cosy and easily portable.

If you are looking for durability, look for the material of air mattresses. Vulcanised rubber and PVC air mattresses are the most durable materials and resistant to tears and air leaks. 

The tough fabric can also withstand friction from an uneven and rough surface, making it prone to wear and tear. The most durable ones will have internal air coils and superior construction.

Is it healthy to sleep on an air mattress every night?

Air mattresses have a notorious reputation for being uncomfortable and unhealthy. However, that’s not entirely true. 

Inflatable mattresses of lower quality may fail to provide the proper support that your body needs and may prove unhealthy. Long term use of such beds could result in poor sleep, back pain, and stiffness. 

But that said, if you’re using a firm, high-quality air mattress, it should not hamper your health in any way. 

Air mattresses offer many advantages over traditional ones, and with proper precautions, they can be a healthy choice. 

Invest in a high-quality mattress with a good foam layer and constantly adjust the firmness level before sleeping. Maintain a steady room temperature to avoid the air in the mattress from getting heated or cooled, and you’re suitable for the night. 

Studies have concluded that air mattresses don’t sufficiently affect your sleep quality adversely. 

What is the ideal height of an air mattress?

Simple sleep pads can be a few inches thick, while the modern versions measure as high as 22 inches. However, a height of 18 inches is good enough to ensure a comfortable sleep through the night. 

Our selections in this post range in dimensions of 22 cm to 48 cm.

How long do air mattresses last?

The longevity of your air mattress will depend on its quality and how you use it. A well-maintained, high-quality mattress may last up to fifteen years if guests occasionally use it. 

If you are using it permanently daily, it may last anywhere from six to ten years. If your air mattress is constructed of lower quality materials, it will be subject to wear and tear sooner. 

Air mattresses can begin to deflate in three to five years, especially if they are dragged around often on rough surfaces and used frequently. 

To put it more simply, how long your mattress lasts depends on the stress of use, storage conditions, and the quality of materials used. 

What is the best way to store an air mattress?

Storage significantly impacts the durability of an air mattress. The ideal condition to store is a place where you can protect it from excessive heat or cold, humidity, and sharp objects that could cause a puncture or tear. 

Check that the air bed is clean and free from any dirt, dust, or mildews. If it has come in contact with water or your child has had an accident, ensure that it is totally dry before rolling it up. 

Inspect your mattress for any holes or distress in places and patch it up in time to prevent further damage. 

If everything’s alright, deflate it on a flat surface, roll or fold it properly, and place it in a plastic container. 

Using sturdy plastic will not only keep your mattress in excellent condition but also protect it from getting chewed by pests in your warehouse.

How do I keep my air mattress from deflating?

Air mattresses deflate for many reasons. The air inside the bed can leak from a loose valve or a hole. If you are using a manual pump, you’ll be losing some air while disconnecting it. 

Plus, the materials of air mattresses can stretch and rupture over time, causing more air loss. If your room temperature drops through the night, the air will condense, and you will wake up on a deflated bed. 

Knowing the causes of air loss can help you fix your deflated bed. Handle your air bed with care. Taking precautions while folding will help avoid exacerbating any existing tears or holes. 

Check the temperature while blowing up the bed and try to maintain that temperature throughout the night. 

The way you lay on the bed could also increase the probability of stretches and tears. For instance, sitting on ends will exert your entire body pressure on a specific place and increase the chances of wear and tear. 

On the other hand, lying flat will distribute your body weight evenly across the bed and cause less pressure. 

Can I recycle my air mattress?

If your air mattress is PVC free, chances are you can get them recycled. However, most manufacturers use PVC and vulcanised rubber for constructing air mattresses that are not recyclable. 

But some recycling centres accept these materials, so if you’re lucky, you might find one of those near you. 

In case you’re left with a defunct air mattress that is unacceptable at the recycling centres, there are still some ideas you can employ. 

You can use the good parts of these outstanding fabrics to create awesome DIYs for your home. Cut them up and turn them into handbags, liners for shoe racks, small equipment covers, and so on. 

There are several sites on the internet that offer creative ideas for DIY projects from old things. So go ahead. Google and get your leaky mattress put to good use. 

Budget Pick: Airbed Quick Inflation Outdoor Camping Mattress

This item by Pavillo couldn’t escape our eyes. The attractive design caught our eyes even as its features stood out among the best budget buys. 

The airbed is available in four different sizes: single, double, queen, and king. 

This makes it easy for you to choose one that suits your family’s needs. Now let’s look over its features.

  • The material is a sturdy pre-tested vinyl with a comfy flocked surface for optimum comfort.
  • The coil beam construction, along with indents, allows you a long uninterrupted sleep by reducing any chances of rolling off the bed.
  • Includes a quick inflation and deflation screw that can be connected to an electrical pump. 
  • Heavy-duty repair patch.

This item is the real deal for every smart buyer that gives you your money’s worth and more. It is lightweight with great functionality. 

Get an electrical pump, or just use a bin bag or a hairdryer to blow up your bed before tucking in for the night. Its portability makes it an excellent choice for group hiking, beach trips, or laying down to relax on a picnic. 

Airbed Maxi Comfort Bed Raised King

Do you need extra space for your family or guests to crash? Coleman’s Airbed Maxi Comfort is a versatile addition to your home. Made of premium PVC, this model is one of the most durable in the market that will offer utmost convenience and lasting use. 

It is easy to fold and fits snugly into the carry bag that is easy to store and carry as you travel. 

Some of its key features are:

  • Double lock system that tightly seals in air, so you sleep soundly without the discomfort of deflation overnight. 
  • Sturdy coil construction for durability and back support. 
  • Durable PVC cover with 35 internal coils and 47 cm height.
  • Double seat capacity§ that can hold up to 295 kg weight.

Coleman airbed is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. It is lightweight, easy to inflate, deflate, roll, and carry around. If you’re planning on an outdoor trip, you know a comfortable sleep is going to matter a lot. 

The next time you go out camping with your loved one, sleeping on this ultra-comfy bed might make your trip an exceptional one. 

Bestway Fortech Airway Air Bed-King Size

An airbed that looks good and feels good, the Bestway Fortech airbed is easily a favourite among thousands on the market. The product offers excellent design and functionality within an affordable price range and is also quite durable. 

It stands out on almost all aspects that one would consider in an airbed. It ranks high in size, quality, durability, portability, design, price, or convenience. 

What are its features?

  • Built-in 220-240V electric pump for easy inflation. 
  • It is easy to set up and inflates in 5 minutes, making it super-convenient to use. If you’re busy or tired, this product is easy on you. 
  • Fortech Technology creates the material by a fusion of sturdy PVC and dense polyester fabric.
  • 6-month guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • Storage bag.

Whether you’re having friends crash over for the night, receiving overnight guests or camping, this air mattress is a perfect solution. 

Measuring 46 cm high, 203 cm long and 152 cm wide, it can efficiently cater to your need for a temporary bed. 

Place it in the living room for the kids to relax and play or pull it out for a relaxing session outdoors. You won’t be disappointed whichever way you put it to use. 

Millstone Camping Air Bed

This airbed is another excellent option from a leading manufacturer Millstone Camping. Available in a single or double sized bed, Millstone’s airbed is one of a kind. 

The product is a big steal for such an affordable price, and it looks pretty stylish and comfy. If you’re big on camping, this is a must buy.

Let’s see its features.

  • Viny and waterproof with a flocked top. 
  • Stays dry and resistant to mildew.
  • Built-in safety valve to ensure it inflates in one minute. 
  • A vinyl coil beam ensures longevity and proper support to your body.
  • It is easy to fold, store and transport, making it versatile. 

While on camping trips and extended family meetings, this airbed can be a real saviour during emergencies. It’s perfect for a good night in for a single adult as well as a kid who might run into a night accident. 

It won’t smell or grow mouldy. Just clean it properly and tuck it away after each use, and it will be good to go for a long time.