A Guide To The Layers Of Your Bed

The layers of your bed come with a lot of questions: “What does each layer do?” and “Which goes where?”. This article will help you answer those curiosities by providing detailed information on each layer’s overall feel or look. There are also some great tips about maintaining hygiene between these different components, so read ahead!

The bed layers are as follows: the bed (frame) is the foundation and base—a mattress that sits in the frame. Mattress protector, mattress topper, then sheets that go on top with pillows and blankets, and a duvet for winter months sleep mode!

What are the layers of your bed?

Getting good sleep is a sign of a healthy practice but being mindful of the elements that help give you comfortable sleep is also essential. When we look at a bed, we tend to ignore all the minute details, which allows us to enjoy the experience of an actual comfortable bed. So in no particular order, let’s look at the layers which make your bed, the bed.

  1. Bed frame 

Bed frames are also known as bedsteads made from leather, wood, metal, and fabric. It helps in supporting, provides base and foundation to a mattress which also helps in increasing the lifespan of a mattress. How? If you place a mattress on the floor, it accumulates dust, dirt, and mould due to a lack of air circulation. Moreover, if your mattress gets old and starts sagging, it still holds it together. So what to look for in a bed frame?

  • Proper measurements which compliment the mattress
  • Strong base 
  • Material preference 
  1. Mattress 

A mattress is a crucial element and requires thorough research before you make a purchase. With advanced technology, there are various types of mattresses in the market, such as:  

  • Innerspring mattresses 
  • Hybrid mattresses 
  • Memory Foam mattresses 
  • Foam mattresses 
  • Air mattresses 
  • Box in a mattress 

All the mattresses have their specifications and are designed based on comfort, support, bounce proof, and more. But transporting a mattress can be challenging. Hence, a box in a mattress is one of the latest editions introduced to make transportation convenient and money-saving. Also, remember few things while getting a mattress:

  • Look for comfort 
  • Choose the right size you require 
  • If you have medical issues, get a mattress accordingly
  • Fix a budget 
  • Check for warranty
  1. Mattress topper

Mattress toppers come in memory foam, wool, fibre, feather, and latex. They provide comfort, firmness and elevate the mattress. Few are hypoallergenic and protect you and your mattress from dust or dirt. Few things to consider while purchasing a mattress topper:

  • Material
  • Thickness 
  • If it fits your mattress
  • Proper support
  • Quality and price
  1. Mattress Protector 

A mattress protector also called a mattress cover, is simply a shield to protect your mattress from dust, spill, stain, or wear and tear. You can save extra money by placing a mattress protector above a mattress topper and mattress. Keep these pointers in mind while protector shopping:

  • Check the size according to your mattress
  • Breathability 
  • Firmness in holding the mattress 
  • Material 
  • Finishing 
  1. Sheets 

There are two popular sheets- flat and fitted sheets. Fitted or bottom sheets have stretchable elastic bands on four corners to help secure the mattress and directly lie on it. Flat or top sheets are placed above the fitted sheets to protect and avoid regular washing of duvet and blankets. What you need to look out for:

  • For both sheets, choose 100% Egyptian cotton as they are soft and breathable 
  • Look for good colours to blend your bed setting
  • Choose easy to wash fabrics 
  1. Duvet 

A duvet or Continental quilt has become a popular bedding element in the UK after it was introduced in the 1970s. A duvet is designed as a large bag stuffed with down and soft fillings. Duvets are made from different materials, but recently, bamboo duvets have become the talk. In general, they are warm, light, and easily washable. Look out for:

  • Material
  • Size 
  • String count 
  • Fill power

Other bed layer elements like a bedspread, bed runner, and bed skirt are optional elements depending on an individual’s taste. But they protect the different layers from dust or dirt but are mainly for a decorative touch. Also, the pillows provide support and can be bought based on requirements like a base or focal pillows.

What goes over a mattress?

As we have discussed the layers, it is now easier to break them down individually. Here’s a list of essential elements which go over a mattress:

  • Bed skirts are handy for concealing storage under the bed. Get a three-sided elastic skirt but iron them.
  • After placing the mattress on the bed frame, next is the mattress topper. They are pocket-friendly and add extra inches of comfort. Always get a viscoelastic bottom topper to avoid slipping.
  • Followed by a mattress protector, which keeps the bed clean and long-lasting. It also prevents stains or spills and brings positive change to the feel of the bed.
  • Next comes the fitted sheets, which cover the actress and form a base layer. It requires equal orientation while placing due to its elastic bands.
  • The flat sheets, which acts as the protector for all the layers below. It also prevents transferring dirt, dust, or oil to the top layer. Although in Uk, people prefer using a duvet over a flat sheet.
  • Then in line is the duvet which consists of a cover and an insert. A duvet is easy to wash, comfortable, and light compared to a comforter. 
  • Next is the pillow, which not only beautifies but adds support and comfort. Usually, two euro, two standard, and one accent pillows are placed on the bed in the UK.
  • Lastly, throw blankets or weighted blankets are optional but great for snuggles due to their soft material and pleasing décor.


Overall, while purchasing elements for your bed, ensure that every product compliments the other. Moreover, don’t be in a hurry but be patient with your research so that you can gain full advantage of the whole bed with no complaints.