UK’s 10 Best Pillow Review

Pillows are as crucial as mattresses for a good night’s sleep. And like mattresses, they aren’t one-size-fits-all, either. You want to keep in mind to get a pillow that fits your needs and preferences to promote proper spine alignment and prevent any pains.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, a flatter, less-dense cushion works best to level your neck and head to your spine. On the other hand, thicker and denser pillows are recommended for side sleepers. Lastly, back sleepers will be the happiest with a firm but a comfortable pillow that will facilitate all three aspects of good sleep. 

Choosing one that fits all of these criteria can get quite daunting, but we’ve already done most of the work for you. After focusing on the top pillows offered by UK’s sleep specialists, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best pillows in the UK. We chose based on the highest-quality materials and products that have genuinely revolutionised sleep.

In a hurry? The chart below summarises all the pillows with the top specifications and price. This chart is useful when you’re comparing prices or features, or if you are looking for something specific.  

Top Pickpanda pillow review Panda
  • Visco memory foam
  • Antibacterial bamboo cover
  • £44.95
Best ValueNectar pillow Nectar
  • Memory foam core and filling
  • Adjustable filling
  • £70.00 (for a pair)
nanu pillow review Nanu 
  • Hollowfibre filling
  • Hypoallergenic
  • £25.00
Kally sleep body pillow review Kally Sleep
  • Hypoallergenic hollow fibre
  • Multipurpose shape 
  • £49.99
emma pillow review Emma 
  • Premium foam
  • Removable foam layers
  • £62.00
simba pillow uk Simba
  • Nanocubes (open-cell foam)
  • Adjustable height and firmness
  • £99.00
Rem fit pillow review uk Rem-fit
  • Memory foam
  • Cooling gel-infused 
  • £89.00
otty adjustable pillow review OTTY
  • Memory foam and microfibre
  • Adjustable height
  • £84.99
brooke and wilde pillow review Brook + Wilde
  • Memory foam
  • Cooling gel-infused 
  • £89.00
eve microfibre pillow review Eve
  • Polyester microfibre
  • Ideal if you’re prone to allergies
  • £39

1. Panda Pillow

Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

One of the Brits’ most-loved favourites, the Panda pillow has a perfect five stars on the Panda website with over 3000 reviews from While it is a bit pricey, the quality, performance, and bonuses are all worth the price. 


It offers a three-layer construction, with the softer outer layers that sandwich, the firmer core. This innovative construction makes for a slow-sinking feel without sacrificing support as the denser and firmer core provides enough foundation for the head and neck. Moreover, it uses sustainable and comfortable components such as the hypoallergenic bamboo cover and the protective mesh layer that make for a pleasant sleep. 

Is the Panda Pillow right for me?

This head pillow is excellent for all kinds of sleepers, all thanks to its cutting-edge construction. The soft and less dense outer layers work well for stomach sleepers, but the firmer core with sufficient support is perfect for back and side sleepers. Moreover, the pleasant bamboo surface is antibacterial and is environmentally sustainable.

2. Nectar Pillow 

Nectar pillow

This pillow comes from one of the UK’s most popular mattress-in-a-box companies. It is rated with an excellent 4.5-star average rating on Trustpilot and offers removable fillings for a customisable sleeping experience. 


As mentioned, the best feature is that you can remove some of the fillings to adjust to your preferred firmness level. There is a firm memory foam core in the middle so that your head will not sink all the way. This makes it perfect for all kinds of sleepers alike. Moreover, it is breathable because of the mesh perimeter that facilitates airflow and is incredibly comfortable with the hand-tufted surface. 

Is the Nectar pillow right for me?

Like the Emma pillow with a customisable feature, the Nectar pillow is perfect for all kinds of sleepers. However, if you’re looking for something lofty that provides sufficient support, it’s ideal because of the soft filling and firm memory foam core. It is also breathable, which is perfect for a warmer climate. 

3. Nanu Pillow

Nanu Pillow

The Nanu classic cushion is timeless and essential, making it one of Brits’ top choices. Plus it’s one of the cheapest pillows on this list, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. 


There are two words to describe the Nanu pillow: comfortable and fluffy. It’s filled with soft and lofty polyester hollow fibre fabric, which makes for a fluffy pillow. Similarly, the cover is also incredibly soft as it’s 100% cotton. In terms of durability, the construction is reinforced with a hollow fibre fabric lining, to prevent the cover’s seams from ripping apart quickly. 

Is the Nanu pillow right for me?

If you’re someone who loves a lofty pillow that is comfortable and soft, go for the Nanu classic. Moreover, since it is made of hypoallergenic materials, that’s inclusive for everyone, including specific sensitivities. 

4. Kally Sleep Body Pillow

kally sleep body pillow

The Kally Sleep Body Cushion is one of the best body pillows in the UK market. With a 4.6-star average rating on feefo with over 1000 reviews, it’s a great indicator of the competitive pricing and revolutionary experience from past customers. Expect to enjoy the same experience. 


The design makes you feel weightless and comfortable, which is best for orthopaedic purposes for those suffering from back pains or in need of extra support during pregnancy. The primary material is hypoallergenic hollow fibre, which is incredibly soft and light. Its shape and flexibility make it easy to be used for multiple purposes — you can use it on the neck, on the stomach, on the back, etc. 

Is the Kally Body Sleep cushion right for me?

While a body pillow is excellent for everyone, the Kally Body Sleep pillow is best made for those suffering from back pains or need extra softness and support, such as for our pregnant ladies. It is made to specifically take away any tension from the back, which is why it is recommended to be used for orthopaedic purposes. 

5. Emma Pillow

Emma pillow

This pillow from one of the UK’s best mattress companies has a 4.4-star average rating and offers all-around comfort and support for all kinds of sleepers. While it is on the pricier side in this list, the 200-night free trial period, 10-year warranty, and excellent performance are all worth the investment. 


The unique thing about the Emma pillow is that it is customisable. It will arrive with three premium foam layers at your doorstep, and all of these layers are removable so you can tailor it to your preferred firmness and comfort. Also, the breathable materials will have you sleeping refreshed like other Emma sleep products. 

Is the Emma pillow right for me?

Considering the unique feature which allows you to customise the firmness level, it is safe to say that it is well-suited for all kinds of sleepers. Moreover, it’s breathable and durable — two universal qualities that anyone will want in their pillow. 

6. Simba Pillow

Simba hybrid pillow

The Simba pillow will genuinely give you a sleep out of this world, incorporating space technology for an advanced cooling effect and an adjustable height and firmness level. It has a 4.6-star average rating from 6000+ previous customers. Expect to have the same enjoyment. 


The outer (top) layers have active temperature regulation and heat dissipation fabric and fibres, which provide superior cooling for a refreshed head. The main filling is hypoallergenic microfibre, which is soft and gentle for a comfortable sleep. Lastly, the Simba cushion will come overstuffed with Nanocubes that you can remove to customise the pillow’s height and firmness according to your desire. 

Is the Simba pillow right for me?

Because the Simba pillow offers a customisable option for the pillow’s height and firmness, it works well for everyone. More importantly, it is best for those that don’t like the build-up of heat because of its strong emphasis on cooling and breathability. 

7. Rem-fit Pillow

rem fit hybrid pillow

The Rem-fit has an excellent 4.5-star average rating on Trustpilot. It features superior cooling technology that promotes the best conditions for a well-enjoyed and deep sleep. 


This pillows primary material is a cooling gel memory foam, which is fantastic for proper spine alignment and tension relief. It also conforms to the body with your every move for a well-supported sleep. As mentioned, it features superior cooling technology with the cooling gel infused into the memory foam. This is a pillow that is constructed for utmost coolness and sufficient memory foam support. 

Is the Rem-fit pillow best for me?

Because memory foam is such a golden mean material for all sleepers, this pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions. However, since it is medium in firmness, back sleepers will enjoy it the most. Moreover, because of the added cooling gel, sleepers will appreciate not getting a sweaty head. 

8. OTTY Adjustable Pillow

OTTY Pillow

The OTTY adjustable pillow is another customisable head support for all kinds of sleepers. While it is a bit on the pricier side, you can rest well, knowing that it will be a good investment. It incorporates premium quality and sustainable materials with awesome perks like a 1-year guarantee period and finance service option. 


This adjustable pillow is primarily made of memory foam and microfiber, which are excellent materials that provide balanced comfort and support levels. More importantly, it is adjustable in height, making it an all-around head cushion for everyone. It offers a medium-level (5.5/10) firmness that is ideal for sufficient proper support. As the size is adjustable, you can calibrate it to the right height for appropriate spine alignment. 

Is the OTTY pillow right for me?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper — you will enjoy this head pillow. You can easily adjust the height for proper head support and spine alignment. Moreover, this cushion is made to be breathable and sustainable, which makes it even more suitable. 

9. Brook + Wilde Pillow

Brook + wilde pillow

The Brook + Wilde cooling pillow is one of the more unique products within this list, as it offers thermoregulating technology for a just-right temperature during sleep. The cooling technology is excellent and made for everyone, especially those living in the UK’s already colder parts. This pillow offers the right temperature in all weathers. 


It’s filled with 100% Egyptian cotton, which is incredibly soft and pleasant to the skin. The Thermofill plus filling is responsible for the thermoregulating feature, which will keep you cool when you need it and warm when it’s too cold. Polyester fibre pockets are also incorporated to work in synergy with the Thermofill filling for a just-right body temperature that is the perfect condition to fall asleep. 

Is it right for you?

It has a medium firmness level, which is ideal for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers won’t probably enjoy it as much because it’s firmer than what you need. It is also incredibly comfortable because of its softness, which is always appreciated by everyone. Moreover, the thermoregulating feature works well for those living in areas with rapidly changing climates. 

10. Eve Pillow

eve pillow

The Eve pillow is competitively priced and designed. With the 4.5-star average rating on Trustpilot, you can fall asleep knowing that your pillow will support you for an extended period and not cave after prolonged use.


Microfiber is around the outer layer for a soft sleeping surface and a more rigid supportive core. Microfiber is extremely pleasant and lofty, on top of being hygienic to prevent allergies from acting up. It has a unique shape that makes it suited for both back and side sleepers. The construction also incorporates mesh panels to prevent bugs and dust mites from burying into your cushion. 

Is the Eve pillow right for me?

The Eve pillow has a unique shape that makes it great for back and side sleepers. You can flip it around so that the form best suits your sleeping needs. It’s relatively thick and firm, which is excellent for side sleepers, not so much for stomach sleepers. Moreover, since the construction takes extra measures for utter cleanliness, it is best for those who are extra sensitive with keeping their sleeping space clean due to allergies or sensitivities.