The Best Cooling Pillows In The UK

Cooling pillows are the perfect purchase to keep you comfortable during hot and humid nights. If you are looking for one, this guide will provide you with all the information you need. 

What are cooling pillows? 

Cooling pillows provide a cooling sensation, whether by dissipating heat, wicking away moisture, facilitating airflow, or a combination of any of these features. 

They use advanced cooling technology in many forms, transforming the pillow into one with vents, mesh sides, or cooling cores that aren’t found in regular pillows. 

What to look for when buying cooling pillows?


Check the maintenance process and care that is required for these cooling items. The other cooling items are self-contained and do not require any manual assistance from you for them to function correctly. 

Some products need external assistance, such as water refilling or placing in the refrigerator. Make sure to double-check the maintenance as part of enjoying the product. 

Check also for the care instructions as some pillows cannot be machine-washed, making their cleaning extremely difficult. 

Support and comfort

It is not only a cooling item, but it is also a pillow. Therefore, make sure the firmness, softness, and comfort of these items correspond to your personal sleep preferences.

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Our Best Cooling Pillows Review

Simba Hybrid Pillow

Simba hybrid pillow

Designed to provide you with a cool, well-supported night’s sleep, this hybrid pillow has multiple layers. 

In terms of coolness, the Stratos Active temperature regulation cover is made from soft cotton that is combined with astronaut technology. Moisture is absorbed, stored, and wicked away from your skin. 

Nanocube technology, consisting of hundreds of open-cell nanocubes that provide firmness and support, is at the core of this product. You can adjust the firmness and loft of the nanocubes to your preference. 

These open-cell cubes promote air circulation, in combination with the cotton layers inside and outside of the product, these ensure a very breathable sleep. 

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Bamboo Cooling

snuggle pedic ultra bamboo cooling

All kinds of sleep products are produced by Snuggle-Pedic. They are best known, however, for their mastery of incorporating bamboo into their items. 

With their unique Kool-Flow technology, it is composed of 43% bamboo viscose, 56.4% polyester, and 0.6% lycra. This provides an extremely advanced cooling system throughout the product. 

As well as incorporating a cooling technology, this also comes with support and long-term durability. As opposed to other types of filling materials, this product uses shredded memory foam that is soft, fluffy, and still adjusts to your weight and position as you sleep. 

Its self-adjusting material makes it perfect for people who sleep on their backs, sides, and in their fronts. In contrast to other materials, shredded foam never loses its shape and does not go flat. Furthermore, these materials are hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite for extra cleanliness. 

Kally Cooling 

Kally Cooling

KellySleep is a well-known pillow brand in the UK that provides a variety of pillows for various purposes and sleepers. It has a cooling foam core that keeps you at a temperature that is about 2-3 degrees lower than your body and brain. 

This is accomplished by the inner air vent, in conjunction with the hollowfibre cooling layer that surrounds the core. In addition to this internal construction, the pure cotton cover promotes breathability and moisture-wicking, so that you remain cool from head to toe. 

As for support, the internal core is malleable, so it can easily conform and hug your head and provide the right amount of support where it’s needed. 

WOOLROOM Natural British Wool 

Woolroom Natural British wool

Wool Room is a company that produces products for your sleep environment using the right kind and quality of wool for maximum experience. The products they offer are the result of years of expertise in the textile and sleep industries. 

The product is filled with British Wool Balls, which provide a similar feeling of coolness to goose down. It can also reach a centre point of up to 15 cm. In addition to being cool, this product dissipates heat so that it doesn’t remain trapped inside, and it wicks away excess moisture so that you don’t wake up sweating. 

In keeping with this design, the outer cover is made from breathable cotton percale, which facilitates airflow and wicks away sweat.

JML Chillmax Cooling Gel Inlay

JML ChillMax Cooling gel inlay

JML is a brand that specializes in innovative and technologically advanced home essentials. They provide everything for beauty, the kitchen, and your bed. 

Gel inlays like this utilize Chillmax inner gel technology that listens to your body temperature and absorbs heat away from your skin. You can add it to your pillow or seat to make it cooler and more comfortable. 

The cooling sensation provided by this is perfect for hot and humid nights. For extra freshness, you can also place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Gel inlays are low maintenance and almost self-sufficient. You do not need to fill or refill it with water. 

As it is light, foldable, and easy to stow away, you can take it wherever you go.