What Are The Risks Of Sleeping With A Mobile Under Your Pillow?

We owe it to ourselves to create an environment that is restful and conducive to sleep. Without proper rest and sleep, the impacts on our lives can be enormous, from underperforming at work, lack of interest in our social lives all because we lack the rest we need.

Do yourself a favour and enjoy this particular time of rejuvenation. It will pay dividends over the long term.

If you are like forty-five per cent of the population who just has to be close to their mobile phone constantly, then read on.

So many of us are utterly obsessed with our mobile phones and connected twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As if we are waiting for some fantastic news or impending tragedy.

Some of us are waiting for that callback or a humorous post on a social media platform, or we are just in fear of missing an update.

Or you may just use your phone to tire your eyes. You may need to look at finding more comfort to help you sleep.

Mobile phones are used as alarm clocks, so why not have your mobile under your pillow. You need to wake on time, right?

Although we all head off to bed with the very best intentions of getting that well needed nights rest, the simple truth is there are more dangers of us sleeping with mobile under our pillow than meets the eye.

Here Are Some Reasons Not To Sleep With Your Mobile Device Under Your Pillow.

Fire has to be a significant consideration. We all know how hot a mobile can become when we are on an extended call, but the truth is your tiny mobile device has enough power to create an inferno in your bedroom without it being covered!

Imagine the potential for your device to overheat when covered with a pillow. You are sleeping on a potential fire hazard.

There is enough coverage in the press and on social media to see that Lithium-ion batteries can explode with devastating consequences to the user.

Lithium-ion batteries fail spectacularly, generally with an explosion and scorching burn that could cause an uncontrollable blaze within seconds.

Lithium-ion batteries have thermal protection devices built in the circuitry. Sounds great? These circuits can become damaged, and that’s when there is a possibility of thermal runaway.

Thermal runaway causes the battery to overheat and reach the critical combustion stage, which happens in milliseconds without warning.

However, this mainly happens when batteries are replaced with a battery from a non-original equipment manufacturer. That is unless you own a phone from one of the worlds major manufacturers.

The unfortunate truth is that mobile phones and other mobile devices can spontaneously burst into flames, which can be devastating.

Did you know that there have been more than 40 recalls just this year? That’s colossal in any terms. Furthermore, the recalls have been from significant phone manufacturers that you would associate with the best phones on the market.

So, let’s tone down the fear factor if that’s possible.

Rejuvenating Sleep

Most medical doctors who study sleep patterns would agree on the consensus that most of us mere mortals need an average of eight hours of sleep every night to allow us to function at our best.

Some of us sleep less than eight hours and function considerably ideally.

It is proven that your phone emits blue light, blue light inhibits the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone produced by your body that triggers the signal to sleep.

The blue light emits wavelengths very similar to sunlight, which messes with your circadian rhythm, hence the total disruption of your sleep pattern.

The blue light not only affects the mobile user, but blue light fills the room and affects your partner’s ability to sleep.

Without the correct levels of Melatonin, it is harder for our body to adjust to the several sleep cycles we need each night.

Removing your mobile device from the bed and under your pillow will give the best possibility of you resting the whole night and waking revitalised and ready to go.


Although controversial and categorically unproven is the effects of the small amounts of radiation emitted by your phone. However, there is a constant emission of radiation from your phone that we know is indisputable. You are absorbing this radiation while sleeping with your phone under your pillow.

Although inconclusive studies continue to offer any definitive information about the effects of the radiation, it is worth pointing out that the emitted radiation is the same as you find from a microwave oven and an x-ray machine.

The world health organisation have released a study stating that radiation from mobile devices is a problem for children due to thinner skulls.

Better safe than sorry should be the procedure adopted, particularly if you have youngsters sleeping with mobile devices.

WI-FI Signals

Studies have been conducted on healthy folks who are close to a wi-fi signal for just 45 minutes and have a decreased cognitive ability!

They also experience a significant decrease in energy levels.


This is a more innocuous reason not to have your phone in bed with you, let alone under your pillow.

How often do you clean your phone?

Evidence shows that so many of us clean our phones regularly. Everything you have touched and picked up during the day is now on your phone.

Imagine all of the bacteria and detritus that your phone or mobile device is harbouring? The thought is just too gross even to contemplate. Combined with everything else, why the heck do we have these natural objects in our bedrooms?


The truth is mobile devices are addictive, and addictive for one reason. When we get that Like, we get a dopamine hit which makes us feel great, we want another and another. It’s the same hit as a gambler gets addicted to.

Some of us will do anything to be liked on social media, and the more friends we have, the better!

The problem is that dopamine is highly addictive, so so many of us take a mobile device to bed with us and take all of the risks that we already know about.

Dopamine is why you have your mobile device in bed with you. You have become addicted. Do not be under any illusion, and you are not invaluable to your job. If you do not receive every update and email before you eventually sleep, the world will keep turning.

Your likes on social media will be there when you wake in the morning.

Place Mobile Devices Outside the Bedroom

Leave your mobile devices outside of the bedroom. You can place them on charge, maybe on a timer if needed and not worry about the next update.

Closing thoughts

If you want a great night’s sleep and get back to the days where you were a higher performer in the office or classroom, ditch the electronic gadgets from the bedroom, turn them off, be free from them for eight hours while you sleep.

Your sleep patterns will return, you will feel revitalised and ready to face the days challenges with a clear mind.

Do not be tempted to bring the office or classroom into the bedroom. The contestant chirping of the phone from likes and messages and updates are all irritating distractions that can wait for the following day.

If you feel good with the amount of sleep, you get every night, then consider this.

Would you place your microwave oven next to your bed, switch it on and then sleep? The answer will be no. No, it will be for a good reason, and you think it is dangerous.

Well, you are right; it is potentially dangerous. The same as your phone is potentially dangerous. In fact, the microwave is considerably safer. Your phone is constantly emitting radiation.

The incoming call or text message elevates the radiation level, and your brain absorbs this radiation.

Remember what we said about wi-fi signals? Forty-five minutes is all it takes, and yet you decide to sleep on it literally.

Placing your mobile devices in another room will allow you to enjoy undisturbed rest for the whole night.

If you have children or adolescents in the home, set a time to turn off the wireless router and set a designated area where mobile devices will be stored overnight.

It’s not only you who need to rest, and your children need to have valuable rest and sleep to enhance their abilities to focus in the classroom to prevent them from falling back on their scheduled assignments.

If you are looking for better sleep patterns, make the bedroom a sanctuary to rest and sleep. There is no place in a sanctuary for electronic devices.

Your bedroom can be a place of comfort and relaxation, a cocoon of sumptuous bedding creating a haven of relaxation and restful sleep.