Soak&Sleep Pillow Review

If you’re looking into buying a pillow from Soak&Sleep, we got the thing just for you. In this guide we will cover the brand and cover is soak and sleep are any good, plus cover the best pillows from Soak&Sleep.

What is Soak&Sleep? 

Soak&Sleep was established in 2008, focusing on the sleep and bath industry in the UK. They provide a variety of high-quality products with premium-grade materials, sourced from all over the world. However, since they have affordable prices, most people can still afford their products. 

Soak and Sleep Pillow Review

90% Hungarian Goose Down Feather 

hungarian goose down feather

It is made of 90% Hungarian goose down, which is undoubtedly the world’s best goose-down material. 

Sustainability is used in the harvesting process, and it is properly processed to maximize its benefits. This down has been washed in 48° warm spring water, allowing it to open up more to its fill power for more loft. 

The product has also been designed to be perfect for allergy sufferers, which is not always the case with other down-filled products. Additionally, it is constructed with less chemicals and is encased in NoMite certified fabric, which keeps dust mites and other allergens at bay.

Duck Feather and Down Pillows 

duck feather and down pillows

The main selling point of this product is that it is a cheaper option without sacrificing comfort, softness, or support. 

The pillow is filled with 15% duck down and feathers, which are less expensive materials that have a lofty, soft feel and provide a good amount of support. Due to its generous filling of duck down and feather, this pillow is also malleable and can be easily plumped to the size, shape, and loft that you prefer.

Let’s say you are someone who is concerned with animal welfare. You can rest easy knowing that the materials used in this product were sourced ethically and responsibly, with the least amount of stress to the animals. 

Soft as Down Microfibre Pillows

soft as down microfibre pillows

Although it feels luxuriously soft and expensive in quality, it is a cheaper option from Soak&Sleep, as it is made of microfibre. Fibers like this are spooled from polyester, which is readily accessible and affordable. 

Due to its extremely soft and malleable nature, microfibre has often been used as a cheaper, animal-friendly substitute to goose down without sacrificing all the benefits. Also, this is what makes this product easy to re-plug. 

Microfibre, because of its tight weave that leaves no hollow spaces, is also ideal for winter as it provides warmth without being bulky. With a thread count of 233, the cover of the item is made of pure cotton, making it soft both inside and out. 

New Zealand Wool Pillows 

new zealand wool pillows

A unique feature of this product is that it is filled with 100% soft Mitchell Wool, which is sourced from New Zealand. Mitchell Wool from New Zealand is produced explicitly to the highest standards. In addition, these farms are dedicated to animal welfare, ensuring that no animals are harmed or endangered in any way during the process. 

Additionally, this premium-grade wool has also been scientifically proven to improve the REM cycle of your sleep by as much as 25%. You will have a better night’s sleep this way.

It has also been built to maintain a comfortable temperature during the night, allowing you to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night long. 

Full Body Pillow 

full body pillow

Soak&Sleep’s full body pillow is ideal for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or those recovering from an injury. With a length of 5 feet, this body pillow is easily portable and used for multiple positioning, not only to support the head but to provide all-around support for joints all over the body. 

You can either choose a natural filler or a synthetic. Natural filling is made from 100% high-quality Mitchell wool from New Zealand. The synthetic filling is a mixture of hollowfibre and microfibre. 

Generally speaking, there is no difference in the feel of these fillings since they are designed to provide the same loft, softness, and support. 

Pure Silk Pillows 

duck feather and down pillows

This pillow is recommended if you prefer a denser and cooler pillow when you sleep. The product is filled with 100% hand-stretched Tussah silk, which gives it the supportive feeling it has. Additionally, it promotes proper head, neck, and spine alignment. 

Silk filling ensures that the pillow is also breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping your head cool and fresh throughout the night. 

Material like silk is hypoallergenic, which is why I like it so much for allergies. This added feature ensures that perfect sleeping conditions are achieved as well as that possible interferences are prevented. 

100% Canadian Goose Down Pillows 

canadian goose down pillows

The main selling point of this product is that it is made with 100% Canadian goose down. In order to survive at -54°C, Canadian geese need to be thicker and have more fill power. Additionally, they are ethically and responsibly sourced, so you can sleep easy and guilt-free. 

This is also why the item is hot, insulating, and lofty without feeling heavy or humid. To match the quality of the filling, the outer casing is made from pure, moisture-wicking cotton. The cover has a 320 thread count, which is soft to the touch. 

This product is also ideal for sensitive sleepers who are easily triggered by allergens, contrary to popular belief. 

Memory Foam Standard Pillows

Memory foam is the core of this pillow, and it moulds around the shape of your body to provide the perfect amount of support. Aside from contouring the body, it also relieves pressure on the neck, preventing it from accumulating. 

A mix of polyester and jersey makes the casing soft and breathable, with a moisture-wicking cover. Unlike other pillows on this list, the cover of this pillow is removable and can be easily washed for regular freshness. 

Due to the memory foam, this pillow does not require plumping, which makes it low maintenance.