Casper Mattress Review

Welcome to our in-depth Casper mattress review, if your looking for a new bed chances are you’ve heard of Casper before. Casper originally pioneered the bed in a box industry in USA and dominated the market, Casper has since then expanded to the UK to replicate their success. Casper has thousands of reviews with the best scores in reviews on Amazon, Trustpilot, and Which. The Casper design is made up of 4 layer of foam giving the bed a medium firmness (6.5/10).


What other people say – 4.5/5 from 5,603 + reviews (these reviews are from UK sites – Caspers has over 55k reviews in total)

How We Review

At BestBoxedMattress, we give unbiased reviews for each mattress, not just the Casper mattress review. What we do is look at multiple sources like customer reviews, independent reviews, as well as the brands website to cut through the mattress marketing jargon to find the details that matter. By the conclusion of this review, you will know if the Casper mattress is right for you.

Early days yet but so far we are very happy with our Casper mattresses and can’t see any reason why that would change. Great communications and helpful staff.” Verified Buyer

What’s the Casper mattress made from?

The Casper mattress contains a total of 4 layers of foam that contours with some pushback, this gives an excellent cradle for your body. Casper mattresses are designed to sleep cool with their R&D running tests like thermal imaging and sweat tests. The beds top comfort layer is breathable to offset the memory foam layered beneath it. This construction helps keep things beautiful and breezy and outrageously comfortable. Let’s break the layers down in more detail, starting from the top.

Open-Cell Foam – The open-cell polyurethane foam draws heat away from your body with the increased airflow and breathability of the open- cell technology. Poly-foam is known for being responsive, so it gives bounce to the bed and quickly adapts when you move around.

casper top layer

Responsive Memory Foam – This layer works hand in hand with the top layer, the memory foam draws the heat through convection from the open-cell foam and uses the heat to mould to your body giving you the supporting memory foam feeling.

casper layer 2

Adaptive Transition Foam – This layer is polyfoam layer that transitions from the softer comfort layers above the denser below. This layer gives deeper pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

casper layer 3

Durable Support Foam – The base layer gives the mattress structure, durability, and firmness. This layer is made from high-density polyfoam with channels cut out for zoning. Zoning allows more airflow through the mattress, but the main benefit is the better pressure relief to your shoulder and hip areas.

casper base

casper mattress review of layers

Cover – The cover encasing the mattress is 99% polyester and 1% elastane. The elastane is highly elastic and durable, which goes great with the plush feeling of polyester. The cover now comes with 4 handles on the underside so you can move it around easier. Casper has made the cover removable and washable at 40 degrees to get any marks out.

Thickness and weight

Casper mattresses are lighter than a hybrid or traditional spring mattress because of the lack of springs. However, compared to other foam mattresses, it’s around the same weight. The Casper king-sized mattress weights 33 kg.

Style Dimensions Weight
UK Single 190 x 90 x 25cm 19 (kg)
EU Single 200 x 90 x 25cm 20 (kg)
Small Double 190 x 120 x 25cm 25 (kg)
UK Double 190 x 135 x 25cm 28 (kg)
EU Double 200 x 140 x 25cm 31 (kg)
UK King 200 x 150 x 25cm 33 (kg)
EU King 200 x 160 x 25cm 35 (kg)
Super King 200 x 180 x 25cm 45 (kg)


Delivery, Trial, Warranty, & Unboxing.

Delivery – Casper offers free delivery on their mattress,, which arrive in a box to your door.

Trail – The Casper mattress comes with a 100-night risk-free trial, so you have 100 nights to try the mattress out to see if it’s the right fit.

Warranty – When purchasing your Casper mattress, you can sleep easy knowing it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Unboxing – You new Casper mattress will come shipped to your door in a box. Inside is a compressed and vacuum-sealed mattress that will quickly inflate when you remove the packaging (which is always a fun process), so make sure your new bed is by your bedframe when opening the shrink wrap.

Leave for a few hours, and your mattress will have expanded to its original shape and size for a great nights sleep.

A few things to note: Casper is a petroleum-based foam mattress, so there will be some slight off-gassing, this will go after time but open your windows for a couple of hours, and the smell will go away.

What’s the Casper mattress like to sleep on?

The Casper Mattress has the characteristics of memory foam, like being cuddled to sleep, but because it’s not pure memory foam you don’t get the memory foam sweats or the sinking in too much feeling.

Edge support – Casper has average edge support and does sink when you sit on or sleep near the edge. However, you won’t roll out of bed if you get close to the edge.

Firmness – Because the bed is made up of four layers of foam, one layer consisting of memory foam and the rest polyfoam it’s slightly firmer than the usual three layers of memory foam mattresses. However, it’s still a medium firmness (6.5/10).

Casper mattress firmness

Partner disturbance – You will find the Casper to have great minimal partner disturbance, so you won’t get woken up in the night if your partner moves around a lot.

How much is the Casper mattress?

Our Eve original mattress review has found the pricing to be very competitive compared to similar mattress in a box brands. We have listed all the prices below. However, there are current deals on to get the bed cheaper to take advantage of these please click on the ‘Claim Deal’ button.

Casper Mattress Prices  
UK Single £400
EU Single £450
Small Double £550
UK Double £600
EU Double £650
UK King £700
EU King £750
Super King £800

*prices and availability may be subject to change  

“The mattresses both arrived very quickly and efficiently, the driver was kind and carried them to my door. Both of my children are extremely happy with them and I now can not get them out of bed? Thank you Casper , fabulous!” Verified Review

Is the Casper mattress right for you?

To conclude our Casper mattress review, the mattress is medium softness, with the added benefit of zoning to give pressure relief. The bed is very breathable to stop the mattress from getting too hot. So if you like a firm bed that’s hot the Casper is not ideal, but you will find the Casper to suit most sleepers out there and with the 100-night trail, it’s worth giving it ago.

I would recommend the Casper mattress to sleepers if:

Hate being hot but love memory foam – Memory foam adapts to your body providing pressure relief and giving you a hugging feeling, the drawback is that it gets hot. But with how the Casper has its layers, the bed stays cool and you still get the benefits.

Value – Casper mattress is competitively priced and even slightly cheaper than a lot of similar mattress in a box brands, which is strange for such a big named brand.

You like medium firmness – If you want a medium firmness mattress (6.5/10) Casper ticks the box.

UK made – Originally started in the USA, Casper gained popularity and decided to offer the UK a better nights sleep. Casper opened up shop here, so all of the mattress sold in the UK are made in the UK.

Does the Capser mattress solve for back pain? Generally, all-foam mattresses do a great job at relieving the pressure of the joints to stop aches and pains. Casper mattresses use zoning technology to further relieve hip, shoulder, and back pain. From the Trustpilot reviews, we looked at many people found Casper to help reduce pain.

To summarise, we think the Casper mattress is a great mattress for the price, it has great ratings and customer feedback (average of 4.3/5 on Amazon, 4.5/5 on TrustPilot). The beds tried and tested in America being one of the most popular mattresses there and the popularity seems to be catching on it the UK.

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casper mattress
Casper Mattress Review
It’s likely that you have heard of Casper if you are in the market for a new bed. Casper originally pioneered the box bed in the USA and dominated the market, they have since then expanded to the UK to replicate the success they have achieved. It has been rated highly on Amazon, Trustpilot, and Which. The Casper design consists of four layers of foam giving it a firmness rating of 6.5/10.
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