Doze Mattress Review

In our Doze mattress review, we’ll be zooming into one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses in the market. It’s simple, practical, and provides a great night’s sleep of comfort and pressure relief. It’s on the softer side of the mattress spectrum, and if you’re someone who prefers softer mattresses, you’ll enjoy Doze beds.

What’s the Doze mattress made from?

This review focuses on the Doze Luca Pocket Sprung mattress, which is the most popular and best-selling mattress of Doze under the Dreams UK website. The main thing about Doze is that everything’s simple. From the mattress itself to the actual checkout and delivery process—everything’s simple and hassle-free. That’s beneficial for people who want a good, affordable mattress pronto. 

The Luca Sprung mattress, in particular, is 2-layered, like most Doze mattresses are. However, what sets it apart from the other beds is that it has its spring layer, which is its main selling point to buyers. 

Soft-touch knitted cover. All Doze mattresses share the same simple, soft-touch knotted cover. 

Pocket springs layer. It’s pocket springs layer adds to the bouncy feel, which is an enjoyable feature for most people who appreciate the subtle bounce of a bed. All the other sizes contain 759 pocket springs, except for the King-sized one that has 800 pocket springs. 

Pressure-relieving memory foam layer. The base layer is a memory foam layer. Its primary purpose is to provide pressure relief to the areas of the body that may receive pressure due to different sleeping positions. This is helpful to prevent any spots from getting sore when you sleep. 

Additionally, the great thing about memory foam is that it ‘remembers’ the imprint of your body weight, and conforms to it. This makes sleep all the more enjoyable and comfortable. A lot of reviews on the website share the same sentiments, as they have mentioned that this bed has helped them sleep better, and fixed their back and neck pain. 

I’ll also be discussing other notable layers found in other Doze mattresses from this point onwards. This information may come in handy, and I recommend to look into it and see the benefits associated with each layer. You never know, but it might be the benefit that you need to help you sleep better. 

Premium supportive foam filling layer. This is a particular layer unique to the Doze Aria and Doze Cora mattresses. It is a layer that adds to the firmness of the bed for additional support. 

Supportive Richguard Extra foam. This foam layer made of supportive Richguard is exclusive only to the Doza Cora memory mattress. Incidentally, the Doza Cora mattress is the only mattress style that has 3 layers. It’s meant to provide additional durability to the beds. 

All layers used by Doze are CertiPUR-US certified. What this means is that all layers have passed the international standards of CertiPUR-US for foams. All foams used by Doze are high-quality, well-performing, and do not emit any harmful chemicals that may make your bedroom mucky. 

Doze mattresses usually have a 3-inch deep top layer, either made of gel memory foam or pocket springs. The bottom, a 7-inch layer is what provides support and stability for the rest of the bed. 

Bear in mind that Doze products are relatively cheap, and so, they might deteriorate easier compared to other mattresses. However, when you factor into it the price and the benefits, it’s a good deal that will be worth it in the long-run. 

Some Doze mattresses are double-sided. That means you can flip them and enjoy the same sleeping experience. The Luca mattress does not have this feature. 

Doze alternatives

We have found a few alternatives to the Doze mattresses that you’ll love and listed them below.  Also, check out some relevant articles like the Noa mattress review, Emma mattress review, and the Nectar mattress review.

Here are the 3 top alternatives

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How does the Doze mattress feel to sleep on?

If I were to put a number for the firmness of the Doze mattress, it would be somewhere in the lower end of the spectrum. It’s a softer mattress with the fact that there is not much reinforcement for support and stability. 

Firmness is simply a matter of preference. If you prefer softer mattresses that would make you feel like sleeping on a cloud, Doze is a great and affordable option. However, on top of preference, bear in mind your sleeping needs according to your sleeping habits. 

Softer doesn’t always mean better when it comes to mattresses. If you’re someone who is on the heavier side or prefer to sleep on your stomach, you need more support. 

That being said, sleeping on the Doze mattress feels extra comfortable. This is also the testimonies of previous buyers who enjoy sleeping on their Doze beds. You will find yourself sleeping quickly, as the mattress contours to your body accordingly. 

Weight and thickness

The table below presents the dimensions that correspond to each mattress style. These are for the Doze Luca Pocket Sprung mattress, and as made evident by the table, the height and length remain the same, and only the width changes.  For the dimensions of the other mattresses, please refer to the Doze website. 

Mattress StyleHeightLengthWidth
3’0 Single9 in75 in36 in
4’0 Small double9 in75 in 47 in
4’6 Double9 in75 in54 in
5’0 King9 in 75 in 60 in

How much does the Doze mattress cost?

The prices indicated below are for the Doze Luca Pocket Sprung mattress. Please bear in mind that these figures are not infallible, as prices for these mattresses change regularly. These price changes are attributed to sales, upgrades, seasons, etc. It’s best to check the website for real-time prices, as well as for the costs of other Doze mattresses.

Doze mattress prices are some of the cheapest in the market for a bed in a box. These, in particular, are relatively competitive, considering that the Luca Sprung mattress isn’t a pure foam bed as it has a pocket springs layer. 

Mattress stylePrice
3’0 Single£299
4’0 Small double£349
4’6 Double£349
5’0 King£399

Doze mattress bonus

  • Free delivery anywhere in the UK
  • Mattress recycling service 
  • Offers same-day delivery (subjected to your postal code) 
  • 75-night trial period 
  • Choose the ‘Bedcover’ extended guarantee policy to receive a free mattress protector worth up to £40! 

Is the Doze mattress right for you?

Doze mattresses fall on the softer side of the spectrum. Considering that Doze mattresses are made of a layer of memory foam and a layer of pocket springs or extra foam fillings, there is not enough stability to provide firmness. These foam layers are also medium in density. I suggest keeping this in mind if you prefer firmer beds to sleep on. 

Since there’s not enough support, stomach sleepers may find this bed uncomfortable for them. When it comes to the back and side sleepers, on the other hand, this bed has been proven to work wonders for their pains. 

Let’s talk about Doze’s claim to simplicity. For one, the mattresses are simple and practical. Considering the fact that they offer same-day delivery, free delivery, and a 75-night free trial, I don’t think the buying process of a mattress gets any simpler than that. 

However, the simplicity sort of stops once the mattress arrives at your doorstep. There are quite a few things to remember to maintain the upkeep of each bed. For one, it is recommended that you air out the bed for 48 hours once it arrives at you. So even if it arrives the same day as you order it, you won’t be able to use it right away. 

Doze mattresses also require to be turned every week for the first three months and then monthly after that. It might be difficult to remember to keep turning your mattress once you’re already enjoying the use of it. 

Another maintenance point to remember is to pull back the covers daily to allow the mattress to air out. This is in response to drippings that are quite normal for these mattresses. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a bed to drip, but other mattresses do not have the same quirk. 

In conclusion, while Doze mattresses may be quick and easy to receive delivered in a box. However, the maintenance throughout their use does not share the same fast and easy, enjoyable feature compared to other mattresses. 

Despite all these, if you consider all of its benefits, simplicity, and price, it’s a fantastic deal that is worth a shot. This is exactly what my 20-something-year old self was looking for when I needed an affordable but comfortable mattress to help me sleep better after long shifts at work. 

Final verdict

If you’re looking for a mattress ASAP, that is both affordable and comfortable, and if you prefer softer mattresses over firmer ones, the Doze mattress is definitely for you. 

It’s quick, easy, practical, and soft. With all the perks and benefits of it (free delivery, 75-night trial, same-day delivery) and the affordable price that it comes with, it’s a mattress worth taking into consideration.