What To Do If The Spring Is Sticking Out Of The Mattress?

Do you comb against your mattress just because you don’t feel comfortable? If the springs are sticking out of the mattress, you should read this article. You will also get a few guidelines on relevant questions such as:

  • What causes the spring to stick out of the mattress?
  • How do you handle a spring that sticks out of the mattress?
  • What happens when you sleep on a bad mattress?

An old and worn-out mattress is the main reason why springs stick out. You should put the coil back into the mattress first if the spring is sticking out. You should replace a mattress that does not support your body or can cause harm while sleeping.

Why does a spring stick out of a mattress?

Let’s first acknowledge what a spring mattress is to understand the question above better. The support layer of a spring mattress, also called an innerspring mattress, is provided by dozens of metal springs.

In addition, it contains several layers of soft material for added comfort. Spring mattresses help to hold the shape of your body and are breathable, especially during the summer.

Because of springs in the mattress, it is normal for the springs to pop out, especially when the mattress ages. As you put more pressure on the area where you sleep, the pressure distribution fails to spread evenly, resulting in springs sticking out.

What can you do if the spring sticks out of the mattress?

The simple remedy would be getting a new mattress, especially a memory foam mattress, which avoids the spring sticking out. With the mattress industry booming, it has introduced a series of hybrid mattresses to ensure you are not poked by a spring while sleeping. 

So if you hate compromising, this is the time to find a new hybrid mattress. But if your mattress is still useable or you don’t have the budget to get a new one, here are some tricks you can follow:

  1. Bend the spring.

Take the help of a plier and try to bend the particular spring inward. Don’t try to uproot or remove the protruding spring, as these pocket springs are generally placed in the centre and will create discomfort if taken out.

  1. Switch your sleeping position.

Changing your sleeping position by not sleeping on the same side of the mattress where the spring sticks out will keep you away from the protruding springs. Although it is a very temporary solution, at least you won’t be poked in your sleep.

  1. Get a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers provide an additional layer of comfort, but they are one of the best and most accessible options to use when a spring protrudes. Why? When a mattress topper is placed on a mattress, it creates an extra layer between your body and the mattress using memory foam or cool gel technology.

Another concern is that the mattress toppers will wear out because of the inconsistency created by the springs. In that case, you may have a few months to find another concrete replacement.

  1. Use a duvet.

If you don’t have access to a mattress topper, you can use an extra duvet and place it under your sheets and above your mattress. It will not only prevent the jagging springs from bothering your sleep but also add comfort. You have to be mindful about adjusting the duvet time and again as they are not designed to have a good grip on the mattress.  

  1. Flip your mattress.

Another interesting trick is to even out your mattress by flipping the mattress. Most mattresses are two-sided, so the pressure is evenly distributed when you flip, keeping your mattress more durable and long-lasting. 

For those who don’t own a two-sided mattress, you can also rotate your mattress. It means you can shift the foot area of the mattress to the head. That way, you can put equal pressure on all sides of the mattress. 

  1. Choose the right bed frame.

It is essential to get a bed frame according to the size of your mattress if you don’t want to place your mattress on the floor. Why? For example, if you choose a more petite bed frame, your mattress will become compressed, causing the springs to pop. The mattress won’t be damaged if you get an accurate frame, and the springs won’t pop or make noise.  

What happens when you sleep on a bad mattress? 

Apart from getting an uncomfortable rest and being cut, you may face health issues triggered by a bad mattress (spring sticking outfalls into the category). Let’s quickly look into some health side effects caused due to a bad mattress: 

  • You might suffer from back pain as you have to sleep in uncomfortable positions.
  • The fragile immune system is caused by low-quality sleep. 
  • If you don’t receive enough sleep, you will run low on energy and overcome that. You may overeat, leading to obesity.
  • Failure to get good sleep increases a 48% higher risk of developing heart diseases.


As per records, 16 million adults in the UK suffer from lack of sleep. Of these, 67% of UK adults face disrupted sleep, while 23% get only five hours of sleep. With such statistics, it has become an ambition to give the country a good rest. 

And the start begins with getting the right mattress. As the saying goes, ‘A good sleep makes a happy person.’ so if you get springs popping out, it’s a possible sign of sleepless nights. Therefore, do yourself a favour and get rid of the mattress or use the above hacks to ensure you get the sound sleep you deserve.