DreamCloud mattress review

In our DreamCloud mattress review, we stripped and studied every layer of this phenomenal state-of-the-art bed that provides a sleeping experience like that of a cloud.

It has amazing perks unmatched by no other company in the industry, such as a forever guarantee period, a 365-night trial program, and free delivery and returns. Topped with low prices, DreamCloud beds are certainly a strong option to consider. 

What’s the DreamCloud mattress made from?

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DreamCloud mattresses are innovated to be luxurious, soft, and breathable. The company employs uniquely developed technology in its beds to produce the best pleasurable sleeping experience.

Moreover, their layers are CertiPUR certified, which means that the layers are made to be environment-friendly, without chemicals that deplete the ozone on top of being bad for your health. 

The main advantage over other bed companies is the science put into the elements of their beds. For one, their ActivEdge innerspring coils are:

  • The best quality coils in the industry.
  • Lasting for a long time.
  • Keeping its shape far longer than your regular box springs.

Do keep in mind that the DreamCloud bed is plush. It’s a lot thicker compared to regular hybrid mattresses, sitting at a height of 28 cm. Be sure to get a bed frame that can hold this 28-cm mattress. The company recommends bed bases that are slatted or divan, as well as adjustable frames. 

Luxury quilted top cover. The top cover is characterised by an extremely soft and comfortable surface matched with advanced temperature-regulating technology that ensures you are bundled in the right temperature that your body needs during your sleep. Your body temperature actually drops while you sleep, and so, you need the right technology to swaddle you right. It is also quilted, which gives a subtle bounce with every movement. 

“Dream Plush” breathable, supportive memory foam layer.  The top layer underneath the cover is a deep layer of the “Dream Plush” memory foam that does an extreme job in conforming to your body weight. This body-hugging comfort from the top layer is great in taking pressure away from the body, especially from the back and the neck. 

The “Dream Plush” memory foam is the product of extensive research from DreamCloud. The company aimed to produce the best memory foam layer that is the perfect combination of softness, structure, and support. This layer, considered the core of the bed, is also responsible for the plush and bouncy feel. 

Credit: DreamCloud
Credit: DreamCloud

Supportive foam layer. Below the thick layer of memory foam that matches your body’s contours is another layer of foam meant to provide assistive support. This layer ensures that your body is well-supported. At the same time, you sleep, encouraging you to stay in a healthy sleeping position that is good for keeping your spine’s natural posture and preventing any injuries. 

Premium ActivEdge coils layer. To further add support to the whole bed, the 15-cm ActivEdge coils layer is utilised. This is special technology developed by DreamCloud, made to perform three functions: reinforce the upper layers, minimise motion transfer, and maximise the sleeping surface. 

It’s a tall layer that upholds the upper layers while providing supplementary support to your body. Because the ActivEdge coils work isolated, it keeps the movement contained, preventing it from travelling to the other side of the bed. Lastly, it helps maximise the sleeping surfaces as it reinforces the bed’s sides without any spillage. 

DreamCloud UK Review
Credit: DreamCloud

It’s cleverly made to provide enough support while at the same time, still facilitate airflow throughout the whole bed to make sleep a breathable experience. These special innerspring coils are also the most durable in the industry, ensuring that the bounce and support of your bed remain even with years of usage. 

Reinforced supported base. The base of the whole mattress is scientifically designed to be a strong foundation for the whole bed. It’s a substantial bottom that motions as a motion absorber layer. This is a great combination for a bed that’s well-supported that provides uninterrupted sleep. The motion absorber feature works in synergy with the motion-isolating coils layer in providing an overall pleasant sleep. 

How does the DreamCloud mattress feel to sleep on?

The whole idea behind the DreamCloud mattress is to “dream in a cloud.” With the advanced technology that promotes softness, support, and breathability of the bed, it certainly feels like sleeping on a cloud. The layers are scientifically produced and carefully chosen, maximising the performance of each other. We’ll tackle the mattress’s feel in three aspects: luxurious comfort, breathability, and sufficient support. 

This bed feels extremely luxurious, with the quilted top cover and the overall body of the bed. The body adds to the substance of the bed, making sleep feel cosy and plush. It is an extremely comfortable experience, as the thick memory foam layer helps conform to your body, no matter the movement. Because of this thick layer, the back is also properly aligned, allowing for a pleasant, pain-free morning. 

When it comes to support, DreamCloud doesn’t disappoint. The base layer and the innerspring coils form a solid foundation for the bed. This is especially great in withholding the upper layers while also providing assisting your limbs and body weight from you. This is especially helpful if you’re a moving sleeper who regularly has to deal with pressure sores. 

Lastly, it’s breathable. It doesn’t sleep hot but sleeps just like its name–cool like in a cloud. The coolness and breathability are encouraged by the layers made to be specifically breathable, allowing for air to pass through the bed to prevent sleep from getting stuffy or humid. I sure wish the bed in my Caribbean hotel had this feature, as it was a really humid season when I came there. 

As you can notice, breathability is an essential characteristic added to the main function of each layer. This ensures that all layers work together in unison to create a pleasant sleeping experience. Take the memory foam layer, for example. While it’s the main function is to be body-hugging, it’s also made to be breathable for a cool sleep. 

For the firmness of the bed, it falls at 6/10 on the firmness scale. This is the sweet spot of the scale, perfectly capturing the “sleeping in a cloud” experience. It’s not too soft that it sinks all the way, but it’s just hard enough that there is a sufficient amount of support for your limbs and joints. This is also the level of firmness that makes the bed perfect for all three kinds of sleepers. 

As an added point, there is minimal partner disturbance with this bed thanks to the innerspring ActivEdge coils layer. The coils independently react to each movement, doing a great job keeping the motion to one place. The bottommost foundation base also helps in absorbing motion, preventing any movement from travelling across the mattress. 

Weight and thickness

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is available in 4 sizes. We’ve summarised the size variations and the dimensions on the chart below. This thickness is 28 cm, which is pretty thick compared to other hybrid mattresses. When it comes to weight, it ranges from 21 kg (for the Single size) to 40 kg (Super King).

Single190 x 90 x 28 cm 
Double190 x 135 x 28 cm 
King200 x 150 x 28 cm
Super King200 x 280 x 28 cm

How much does it cost?

It’s well priced relatively speaking, especially when you take into account the deals DreamCloud has on. We wouldn’t say that the prices are revolutionary, but they’re on the slightly cheaper side. This is because DreamCloud sells directly to you, not in any mattress store. The prices detailed on the chart below, for real-time and accurate information on the prices, we strongly recommended checking out the current coupon. 

Size Price
Super King£899
57% Off
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Summer Sale Save Up To 57%* | T&Cs apply.
Summer Sale Save Up To 57%* | T&Cs apply. Show Less


  • Forever warranty 
  • 365-night home trial period
  • Free delivery and returns 
  • 0% APR financing

Is the DreamCloud mattress right for you?

Like clothes, mattresses can’t be one-size-fits-all. What works for another may not work for you. While it’s a pretty universal bed, we’ve concluded that those wanting a thicker mattress with the empathise on comfort would be happiest with this bed.

This is because the main highlights of the bed specifically provide solutions to these problems. The motion absorbing foundation and the individualised spring coils help keep movements boxed into one area, minimising partner disturbance significantly.

The breathable theme throughout the whole mattress helps in keeping sleep cool and refreshing. And the special technology used to make the memory foam layer helps ease off any pressure points so that you wake up like new every morning.