Emma Motion Mattress Review

This Emma Motion mattress review takes a closer look at Emma Sleep’s cutting-edge smart bed. Since its founding in 2013, the company has continuously been involved in helping people worldwide improve their quality of sleep. 

This mattress is designed by experts in different fields of neuroscience, data science, engineering, technology, chemical technology, and foam science. The collaboration with the Emma R&D team as well as German specialists. The materials have also been sourced from Germany for quality assurance. 

Materials & Construction 

The Emma Motion bed is an innovative mattress constructed with advanced technological features for a revolutionised sleep. 

  • Infinite AI technology in the form of 360-degree motion sensors is integrated to recognise your every movement and analyse them. These are then transmitted to the Silent Move IQ technology to adjust the bed appropriately to your needs. 
  • The Silent Move IQ technology receives and interprets the data from the motion sensors and then sends the instructions to the Motion Fields. All of these happens without a sound and in a matter of a few seconds. 
  • Two Motion Fields are there to adjust the bed to your every movement. This adjustment is compressing or decompressing the foam around the area to provide pressure relief. 
  • Millions of graphite particles are embedded into the top surface. These serve two functions: moisture-wicking and heat-regulating for the right temperature that induces sleep fast. 


The cover of the Emma Motion mattress is made from a mix of polyester and polypropylene. 

Polyester is an excellent, highly durable material that can provide the most amount of protection for your smart bed. 

It is resistant to wrinkles as well as abrasions. Thus, it can guard the bed against any scratches or regular wear and tears. This is important to keep the bed’s technological features properly functioning for an extended time.  

Moreover, despite being a synthetic and robust fibre, polyester is lightweight and gives breathability similar to cotton. Unfortunately, the Emma motion mattress does not come with any handles for easier turning. 

Comfort & Support 

The Emma Motion innovative mattress is a game-changing product that can improve sleep of all types. The highly technical design has enabled it to have advanced technological features and enough data to detect and analyse your movements accurately. 

The 360-degree motion sensors recognise movement and the information with each movement, such as the pressure, weight distribution, shape, position, etc. 

Those who sleep on their side will experience no sore shoulders because the spine is aligned. Those who sleep on their backs will avoid back pains because their backs are misaligned. 

It is designed to conform to the body, ensuring snugness and body-hugging without putting force on joints since the foam redistributes weight. When sleeping on its side, comfort is assured as the foam conforms to the body. 

The comfort level is enhanced by a super cool top layer of graphite embedded foam that keeps the user cool. This keeps the sleeper cool to the touch. 

Service & Delivery 

While this is not yet launched in the UK, it is assumed that the same services will be provided for it as all other products from Emma Sleep UK. 

Emma offers free, contactless delivery with all of its products. This is to any address in the UK. 

They make sure that your order is dispatched within 3-7 working days. 

Moreover, Emma is also well-known for providing excellent customer service that is top-notch in the sleep market. 

There is also the 0% financing option if you wish to pay for your bed in instalments through Klarna and DivideBuy. 

Weight and Thickness

The table below is a summary of the available sizes and the dimensions of each. These prices are according to the Dutch website. 

EU Small Single80 x 200 cm 
EU Small 90 x 200 cm 
EU King160 x 200 cm 
EU Super King180 x 200 cm 

What’s the cost?

Below are the corresponding prices for each available size. These are according to the Dutch website, so we’ve decided to include estimates in pounds as well. Remember that there may be variations in the prices when they’ve already been released in the UK. 

EU Small Single€2499 ≈ £2210
EU Small €2499 ≈ £2210
EU King€3799 ≈ £3360
EU Super King€3899 ≈ £3450

Trial Period & Guarantee

  • The Dutch website states that this mattress comes with a 100-day trial period. This is different from the regular, 200-day trial period for every Emma UK mattress but still standard. 
  • It also states that it comes with a 10-year warranty, which is the standard warranty period that covers any manufacturing defects. 


Although smart beds have long been in the industry, Emma Motion’s unique design is the first of its kind to include all-around features for a holistically improved sleep. 

This bed can provide customised support that is as accurate as it can be. But most importantly, it can provide a sleep experience that is like no other with faster-induced sleep, cool temperatures, and pressure relief. 

This mattress is worth looking into if you’re looking to transform your sleep in a new way. Then try the Emma Motion mattress.