Flaxby Mattress Review

In our Flaxby mattress review, we’ll bring the spotlight to this bed collection innovated by Harrison Spinks. Flaxby beds are made from premium-quality rare materials and are handcrafted with revolutionary pocket springs technology.

These beds are especially great for back sleepers suffering from back pain because of their body-contouring and pressure-relieving effect.

Despite the high price for these cushions, considering that each bed provides the utmost comfort and longevity, alongside the extra 5-year guarantee and free delivery, it is a strong contender for a long-time investment. 

What’s the Flaxby mattress made from?

Pure and natural fillings. Flaxby beds are filled with a special filling that is a unique blend of pure and natural materials. These include pure Egyptian cotton, wool, mohair, and hemp. The Egyptian cotton is refined into long and fine strands to facilitate a luxurious and smooth feel better.

The wool is grown in Yorkshire and is double-purpose—it has anti-bacterial properties to keep the cushion clean and fresher for longer, and it also adds extra springiness to the bed. 

Lastly, the hemp is absorbent, preventing any sweat from sticking to your body and resistant to mildew.

The Yorkshire-grown wool works in synergy with the hemp (also Yorkshire-grown) to create a refreshed sleeping experience, while at the same time, keeping the cleanliness of the cushion. 

Cortec™, DNA, and, DNAir pocket springs. These pocket springs are another technology that is unique to Flaxby. Combining these three-pocket springs with different structures and functions contributes to the cushions’ overall comfort and pleasure.

Cortec™ is designed explicitly by Harrison Spinks, the mastermind behind this cushion collection, and the other top names and brands in the UK mattress industry. 

Each Cortec™ pocket spring unit is individually wrapped, allowing for independent reaction to the body, which provides a snug and tight sleep with advanced body-contouring features.

A disadvantage to pocket springs is that they are usually less durable than other cushion materials. To counter that, Cortec™ pocket springs are made with small and tight coils for extra resilience and more extended wear.

Each spring unit is also innovated to be lighter than regular springs to facilitate better airflow and a cooler temperature while sleeping. 

On the other hand, the DNA pocket springs are smaller in size than the other two. The mini size is functional for providing an additional body-contouring effect and promoting better body weight distribution during your sleep.

I sure wish my bed had DNA pocket springs when I was suffering from nightly back pain. Weight distribution is not only good for those who have back problems, but it also helps take away any pressure from building up on the joints or the limbs. 

Lastly, the DNAir pocket springs are ergonomically designed to add to the bed’s overall air circulation.

This is made possible by the perforated side of each pocket spring unit, which helps direct cool air to the surface of the bed, which then transfers to regulate your body temperature. 

Flaxby alternatives

Below we have listed a few alternatives that you’ll love.  We recommend Nectar as our top alternative and have done a full review of it here, Nectar mattress review.

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What does it feel to sleep on?

Luxurious, bouncy, and refreshing are the three main words that best describe how the Flaxby mattresses feel. Each bed is made with unique and pure materials, with the utmost quality and care put into each one.

The generally good ratings reflect this that their bed collection receives. However, it is worth noting that they have received some complaints and negative reviews on specific beds from their line. 

Flaxby takes the quality of ‘luxurious comfort’ to another level. You can feel the luxury in the hand-tufted surfaces that provide a soft, sophisticated feel.

Moreover, the hand-tufting helps keep the fillings secure and aligned, ensuring that the bed doesn’t sag and that it will last longer than its worth. Aside from the hand-tufted sleeping surface, the chosen materials also add to the cushion’s overall comfort and pleasure. 

As mentioned, the fillings are made of quality and luxurious materials. These materials add to the comfort of the cushion, promote fair weight distribution and pressure relief, and ensure effective body contouring.

More than that, the specialised pocket spring technology adds to the comfortable sleeping experience. 

The pocket springs do not provide a significant amount of sinkage as there are other cushion materials best-suited for that (such as foam).

The trade-off for this is that the pocket springs provide bounce and resistance that other materials do not offer. The tufted surface also adds to this subtle bounce. 

Lastly, Flaxby mattresses are cool and refreshing. This is a quality that was primarily taken care of in each bed’s development in the collection.

It’s evident in the chosen fillings, specifically the Yorkshire hemp and wool with sweat absorbing and breathable properties. Moreover, the DNAir pocket springs are innovated to include air circulation as the top priority. This makes sleep comfortable and pleasurable. 

It is also worth mentioning that Flaxby materials are pure and natural, warranting that each material is free of any unwanted chemicals that may pose hazards to your head when placed in your room. This is another nice touch that makes sleeping in Flaxby beds even more pleasant. 

Because the pocket springs are individually wrapped, Flaxby beds help ensure minimal partner disturbance using sleep. This is certainly great for those who sleep with restless partners to avoid waking up in the middle of the night due to being interrupted by your partner’s movements. 

In terms of firmness, Flaxby beds come in a wide range, from split soft to firm. Each bed style comes at least two firmness levels, from which you can choose your desired firmness. 

Flaxby mattress weight and thickness

There are eight UK sizes to choose from, with two sizes reserved for non-adults. This is a pretty comprehensive range when compared with other brands and could fit with most bed frames. The chart below details the dimensions of each available size. 

Mattress sizeDimensions
Cot 60 cm x 120 cm 
Toddler70 cm x 140 cm 
Small single75 cm x 190 cm 
Single90 cm x 190 cm 
Small double120 cm x 190 cm 
Double 135 cm x 190 cm 
King 150 cm x 200 cm 
Super King 180 cm x 200 cm 

The table below is a summary of the height and weight of each bed style. The thickness of each bed depends on the type, whereas the weight is dependent on the size of the bed. For this table, the consequences listed for each style is correspondent to the small single size. 

Mattress styleHeightWeight
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 5900 Pillow Top30 cm 24 kg
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 9900 Dual Season33 cm29 kgs
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 8400 Dual Season23 cm24 kgs
Flaxby Nature’s Creation All Seasons20 cm19 kgs
Flaxby Nature’s Haven All Seasons 20 cm19 kgs
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 15400 Pillow Top34 cm32 kgs
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 13400 Dual Season25 cm30 kgs

How much does the Flaxby mattress cost?

The Flaxby mattresses are a bit on the pricier side, with the cheapest bed being sold at £799 and the priciest one at £1999. However, when you consider the rare and high-quality materials and the cutting-edge technology utilised in the development of each product in the collection, it is a pretty reasonable price. 

These prices are always bound to change due to a variety of factors (sales, inflation, news updates, etc.). I highly encourage you to head over to Flaxby’s official website to have an accurate and real-time understanding of the prices to make an informed decision. 

Mattress stylePrice
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 5900 Pillow Top£999
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 9900 Dual Season£1499
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 8400 Dual Season£1299
Flaxby Nature’s Creation All Seasons£999
Flaxby Nature’s Haven All Seasons £799
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 15400 Pillow Top£1999
Flaxby Nature’s Finest 13400 Dual Season£1799

Flaxby mattress bonus 

  • 5-year guarantee
  • Free delivery 
  • Environmentally friendly bed recycling service

Is the Flaxby mattress right for you? 

Not every bed is perfect for everyone’s sleeping preferences and needs. With that being said, after scouring and analysing this cushion collection and its reviews, we came up with the conclusion that it is best for back sleepers who suffer from back pain and are looking for a bed that will support them in the long-term.

Additionally, it’s also best for those living in the hotter parts of the UK as it is a collection made to work well in hotter climates. 

For one, the innovative pocket springs’ cutting-edge technology helps align the spine and provide sufficient firmness.

Despite being firm, comfort is not sacrificed as the fillings give a softness to the rest of the bed, providing a comfortable, pleasant but well-supported sleeping experience. On top of that, the beds have superior body-contouring capabilities, further adding to the collection’s enjoyable aspect.

Despite being quite pricey, these have been proven to last and are warrantied by a 5-year guarantee period. The employed materials were the best of the best, functioning at top performance without sacrificing the product’s durability. Each stitch has been carefully placed to prevent the cushion from prematurely sagging. 

Lastly, the fillings’ materials can wick away sweat, facilitate airflow, and promote better breathability.

This is what makes the collection attractive to hotter areas and hotter seasons. The springs are also made to match this advanced air facilitation, providing a relaxed sleeping experience that will leave you energised in the morning. 

Final verdict

This bed is best for back sleepers, especially those recovering from back problems because of the advanced technology pocket springs that provide a sufficient amount of support, effective weight distribution, and ample pressure-relief.