Hyde and Sleep Mattress Review

In this Hyde and Sleep review, we get into the nitty-gritty. Highlighting some great features of this UK made mattress. – Hyde and Sleep is a Dreams Limited subsidiary, and are at the forefront of the mattress-in-a-box revolution. This guide will answer all your questions as to why Hyde and Sleep mattresses don’t hide your sleep! Without further ado, let’s jump on it!

What other people say – 4.4/5 from 1,800 + reviews 

How We Review

At Best Boxed Mattress, we try and cover every detail to help you find the best mattress for you. To do this, we look at various references like customer reviews, independent reviews, and the companies website. Then we cut through the mattress marketing jargon to obtain the aspects that matter. By the finish, you will know if the beds are right for you.

“Great comfort and support. The best night’s sleep ever. So glad I bought this mattress. I would highly recommend this if you are not sleeping as well as you should.” Hyde & Sleep Review

Types of Mattresses offered by Hyde and Sleep

One of the primary goals of Hyde and Sleep is to create a mattress range that feels luxurious and adaptive to all kinds of sleepers while being budget-friendly. To accomplish this goal, you’ll find two types of mattresses: memory foam and hybrids, which also have pocket springs.

For this article, we shall be reviewing the Lemon memory foam mattress model of Hyde and Sleep mattresses. However, we will touch on some of the hybrid designs for sleepers who love a spring in their bed.

Memory Foam

Hyde & Sleep Lilac Memory Foam Mattress_

Comfort grade: Firm 
Model: Lilac

Hyde & Sleep Lemon Memory Foam Mattress_

Comfort grade: Very Firm 
Model: Lemon


Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress_

Comfort grade: Medium 
Model: Blueberry 

Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress_

Comfort grade: Firm 
Model: Raspberry 

hyde and sleep orange hybrid review

Comfort grade: Very Firm 
Model: Orange

What’s the mattress made from?

With a grip on the features of a Hyde and Sleep mattress, it’s time to find out what it’s made of? Hyde and Sleep mattresses are of the Next-Gen Memory foam with the highest quality foam materials that include next-generation memory foam, cooling foam, and high-density base foam. All these three layers combine to create a mattress that delivers excellent comfort, exceptional support, and it keeps you cool!

The following section comprises the description of every layer so that you are in the know when it comes to owning one of the best brands of mattresses in the market.

hyde-and-sleep-mattress-reviews-uk (1)
Inside the Hyde & Sleep factory based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Memory Foam – The first layer of the Hyde and Sleep memory foam mattress is memory foam. This layer ensures that the mattress is soft when you first lie on it. The memory foam contours to the body, and it is for this very reason Hyde and Sleep mattresses are known as huggers. This layer of the mattress also cools the mattress, as it is infused with a cooling balm that helps absorb body heat while keeping the mattress at a constant temperature.

The Middle Layer – Made with a combination of latex and memory foam, the second layer is the real deal. This layer of the mattress further contours to the body utilizing the memory foam. The latex provides a mattress with bounce, which makes it easier for a night of intimacy with your partner!

High-density foam – The final layer of the Hyde and Sleep foam mattress proves support and durability to the bed. The high-density foam consists of 7 channelled zones which provide support where needed and less support where it isn’t required. This layer is known to provide deep compression support and relieves the stress of the pressure points. Furthermore, the 7 zones design improves the airflow in the bed.

hyde and sleep pocket springs
Source: Dreams.co.uk

(Hybrid Only) Pocket Springs – The Raspberry, Blueberry and Orange Hyde & Sleep mattresses have a hybrid design. They include 1426 micro pocket springs, which individually adjust to the contours of your body while you sleep. The springs help to distribute body weight and reduce the build-up of pressure points.

Cover – The mattress is enveloped between polyester and elastane blend cover. This material is soft, yet elastic; when pulled upon, it bounces back to its original shape. The mattress is also highly breathable and improves overall airflow by itself.

Dimensions and thickness

One of the most critical features to factor in a while purchasing a mattress is its thickness. If a mattress is too thin, you won’t be able to sleep soundly. On the contrary, if it too thick, you have put in extra effort to get a good night’s sleep.

Thanks to the Hyde and Sleep Next-Gen memory foam mattress which comes in multiple dimensions and sizes. Unlike, other things a mattress is a product where one size doesn’t fit all, therefore, it’s highly recommended to purchase the size that suits you!

Here’s a list of the dimensions and sizes available in the memory foam mattresses of Hyde and Seek-

UK Single190 x 90 x 25cm
UK Double190 x 135 x 25cm
UK King200 x 150 x 25cm
Super King200 x 180 x 25cm

What’s it like to sleep on?

The only real mattress test is to rest your laurels on it for a night. Hyde and Sleep mattresses offer an excellent sleeping experience with suave comfort levels suited for all kinds of sleepers.

With Next-Gen Memory Foam mattresses by Hyde and Sleep, you will notice an extraordinary amount of support. The first layer of memory foam contours to the body, while the second and third layers adjust to your body weight.

In layman terms, a heavier part of the body will receive greater support, while the lighter part will receive lesser support. This feature of Hyde and Sleep mattresses helps relieve pressure on the joints no matter the position you are in, you will always wake up refreshed, pain-free, and well-rested.

The feature that personally impressed me the most was minimal motion transfer on the memory foam lemon mattress. The other range of beds also offers minimal motion transfer. However, they are hybrid mattress so have a bit more bounce.

Hot while you sleep, especially during the summers? Hyde and sleep readily take care of the heating problem using its revolutionary cooling foam. The top layer of every Hyde and Sleep mattress is infused with a cooling balm to ensure the consistent temperature is maintained throughout the night. There won’t be a single night where you will wake up hot!

All this adds up to a mattress that offers high levels of comfort. All you need to do is decide which style of mattress suits you? Do you want memory foam or hybrid? A firmer or softer feel?

How much do Hyde and Sleep cost?

An award-winning mattress that suits your sleep cycle is bound to be expensive. The answer is NO; there aren’t many mattresses that tick all the boxes and are budget-friendly; however, Hyde and Sleep mattresses are just that one exception! With a mattress that ticks all boxes and is budget-friendly, Hyde and Sleep should be on the top of every mattress buyer’s list.

With 0% finance available, here are the prices of Next-Gen memory foam mattress by Hyde and Sleep –

UK Single£499£799
UK Double£599£899
UK King£699£999
Super King£799£1,099

*prices and availability may be subject to change  

Fantastic mattress!! as a sufferer of arthritis/ back issues I wanted a decent mattress that would support yet be firm and comfortable . It’s been perfect.” Hyde & Sleep Review

Hyde and Sleep alternatives

Still not sold? We have some great alternatives to the Hyde and Sleep mattress. One of our favourite mattresses is by Nectar, you can check out this article on the Nectar mattress review.

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Mattress bonus Points (Additional Features)

Although, there are numerous reasons to buy a Next-Gen memory foam mattress from Hyde and Sleep, however, here’s some more-

  • Warranty

Hyde and Sleep offer 12 months of comprehensive warranty on all its products! A mattress on which you can rest your laurels in terms of financial security. 

  • Comfort

The mattresses on offer by Hyde and Sleep are incredibly comfortable. The initial reception of your body once you rest on it, is that of softness due to the cover. The Next-Gen memory foam contours to the shape of your body, allowing you to sink into the mattress at the right level so that you don’t feel like you are being swallowed. The minimal motion transfer also adds to the overall comfort provided by the mattress. The foam layers absorb all motion that is created to ensure that your partner won’t be disturbed and both of you can enjoy a blissful night of sleep.

  • Risk-Free Trial Period

All Hyde and Sleep mattresses offer a risk-free 40 nights guarantee! If for some reason you aren’t content with a mattress from Hyde and Sleep, then you can return it within 40 nights for a full refund. A great offer that’s risk-free and no questions are asked on return. 

  • Free Delivery

From Store to Door! That sums up the logistics of Hyde and Sleep. Check out the official company video to learn the ease of unboxing a mattress at the bottom of the page. A mattress rolled neatly in-a-box that can be easily unpacked on a bed of your choice. They even offer to roll the mattress to a room of your choice; in case you are hesitant to move the mattress yourself due to space constraints! 

Is Hyde and Sleep for me?

With countless features and variations, one thing is sure; there’s a mattress for everyone! But the dilemma stands, is Hyde and Sleep for you? The answer varies from person to person and is based on numerous points. The best I can do is give you my opinion hoping that you will find it helpful. The Hyde and Sleep mattress is most suitable for those that are looking for:

  • Foam or hybrid mattress with a comfort grade of 7 on the fairness scale.
  • Bounce of a spring mattress.
  • An all-rounder that’s ideal for all types of sleepers.
  • A locally UK made mattress with luxury quality materials at a reasonable price point.

If this is all you are after, then a Hyde and Sleep Mattress should rivet at the top of your mattress shopping list. A very well-built mattress, with an excellent delivery service and a 40 nights risk-free trial period. Hyde and Sleep mattress is a calculated risk worth taking!

Concluding Thoughts

I have had to give in a while- the most straightforward answer – Buying a mattress from Hyde and Sleep is a no brainer! Like me, if you too are after a good night’s sleep and want a mattress that’s the UK made, then I would recommend it.

If you are out doing some mattress shopping, keep a copy of this review handy. Compiled by mattress connoisseurs, this guide lists the best features of a Next-Gen Memory Foam mattress by Hyde and Sleep. There shouldn’t be any more reasons for you to Hide your Sleep! 

Hyde & Sleep mattress videos

Hyde and Sleep review best boxed mattress
Hyde and Sleep Mattress Review
Mattress-in-a-box pioneer Hyde and Sleep is a subsidiary of Dreams Limited. It has a support layer including cooling memory foam. 25cms deep and covered with a comfortable and breathable cover. Specifications: 1426 pocket springs, Premium quality memory foam, Made in the UK, 1-year guarantee.
User rating
Trial length
Meta rating
Winner of the Best Modern Living Innovation Award
A Trust-Pilot rating of 4.7
Made in the UK
Only a 40-night trial
Only a 12 month warranty