Hypnos Mattress Review

Hypnos is a British mattress brand available in most major retail stores like John Lewis, Bensons for Beds, and Dreams. With over a hundred-year experience in crafting the most high-quality beds, you are guaranteed a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep from a high-quality and highly durable mattress. 

Hypnos Mattress Features 

  • High-quality and luxurious materials 

The Hypnos signature is crafting beds from premium quality and luxurious materials like camel hair, cashmere, and mohair. These materials are matched with craftsmanship that has landed these beds to yachts, cruises, and the most extravagant of hotels. 

All beds are handcrafted to ensure durability and quality when they arrive at your home.

  • Royal Warrant holders 

As a long-time family-run business that has been providing the UK with high-quality beds since 1904, Hypnos has received a Royal Warrant, which is a royal recognition for HM Queen Elizabeth II under the category of ‘Beddings and upholstery services.’ 

This is the 1st ‘Keen’ Royal Warrant given by George V in 1929 that recognises the company’s excellence in quality, service, and innovation. 

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly materials 

All Hypnos beds are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials and design. 

This is a commitment that the company takes very seriously. They’ve implemented significant policies within the creation of their mattresses to ensure that they are made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials and constructed in order of the carbon footprint of every bed that goes on sale. 

They’ve attained numerous awards and certifications that recognise sustainable construction, such as the FSC and PEPC forestry certification.

As someone who tries to lead a sustainable lifestyle, I sincerely appreciate it because it provides me with more eco-friendly alternatives than other brands. 

  • Unique Pocket Spring Technology 

One of the features of Hypnos beds component-wise is the unique pocket springs that it incorporates into every mattress. 

Hypnos pocket springs are designed to react in real-time, recognising your body’s imprint after every turn and movement and then providing support precisely according to how your body needs it. 

This technology allows for highly personalised support that augments the effects of sinking, pressure relief, and contouring. This guarantees that your mornings will be rejuvenating, pain-free, and brand new. 

Hypnos finer details

Free delivery

The retailer John Lewis offers free standard delivery for any mattress purchase above £50. There is also the free 10-hour standard delivery slot for oversized items such as mattresses that you can avail of at John Lewis anytime. 

Their van fleet covers the majority of areas in mainland UK. If you’re someone outside of mainland UK and ordering a Hypnos mattress from John Lewis, you may need to coordinate with them accordingly. 

10-year guarantee period

All Hypnos beds are covered with their 10-year guarantee period, which will provide you with enough peace of mind that your purchase will perform well in the long run. 

This guarantee period will provide you with a replacement if your purchased bed has defects caused by faulty manufacturing or craftsmanship. 

You can avail of this guarantee anytime within 10 years since the day of purchase, subject to certain conditions acceptance. 

Top Hypnos Mattresses 

Hypnos Superb Pillow Top Pocket Spring Mattress 

Hypnos Superb Pillow Top Pocket Spring Mattress

This is a bed with a pillow top surface that is exclusively available at John Lewis. It has a ‘firm’ firmness rating. 

The surface is an integrated pillow top that ensures you are sleeping on an extra soft and comfortable surface. 

The pillow top is covered with a delicate viscose fabric with a coolness effect on top of being lovely to the touch and cloud-like. 

It is a hybrid mattress that sports a layer of 1600 pocket springs for the king-size version, which provides a sufficient amount of support that immediately responds to every twist and turn. 

It is handcrafted with high-profile layers of materials such as British lambswool, cashmere, and mohair. It also features special Solotex patented cushioning for an extra oomph feel. 

The sides are reinforced with a two-row side stitching which gives additional edge-to-edge support that prevents spillage or rolling off to the side. 

Hypnos Elite Pocket Spring Mattress 

Hypnos Elite Pocket Spring Mattress

This pocket spring mattress has a generous layer made up of 2800 individual pocket springs. The Super King sized version works with the ReActive pocket spring system for high response and personalised support during your sleep. 

The firmness rating of this product is medium. The top layer is tufted and covered with a cooling and fine viscose fabric. 

This high number of pocket springs contributes to a sleep that will wake you up from feeling rejuvenated and pain-free in your joints and pressure points. 

The other layers are composed of luxurious and premium quality materials of British lambswool and camel wool. 

A unique technology, Solotex, is also used to cushion the beds, providing the suitable surface that will support and relax your tired arms and legs. 

Like the signature Hypnos construction, it also has two rows of hand stitching on the perimeters to reinforce the edge in providing support. 

It is 31 cm in depth and weighs 58.1 kg for the Super King sized version.

Hypnos Deluxe Pocket Spring Mattress

Hypnos Deluxe Pocket Spring Mattress

This mattress requires no turning and has a layer of 1800m pocket springs for a truly responsive and highly supported sleep. The firmness rating is medium.

When it comes to the surface, it has felt tufts covered in a fine viscose material with a soft and cooling effect. The fillings and layers are abundant and sustainable materials such as British lambswool, cashmere, and bamboo, a highly sustainable but breathable material. 

A unique component of this mattress is that it also contains Talalay latex and flax, which work with the materials to create a filling and cushioning that is available to rejuvenate an exhausted body. 

It is 29 cm in depth with a weight of 28.2 kg for the single version.