Ikea Mattress Review

In our Ikea mattress review, we’ll extensively look into each bed offered by the famous Swedish home essentials company. Known for being cheap but practical, these beds are worth looking into if you are looking for available but economical options. Moreover, with the perks of a 90-day trial, and a 365-day return period, the risk certainly balances itself. Lastly, with a wide range of options to choose from, you will surely be able to find a bed that is to your sleeping preferences and needs. 

What are Ikea mattresses made from?

Ikea is a household name in terms of furniture. Known worldwide for their practical and affordable furniture in all sizes, styles, and design, they are a notorious brand for home essentials and home improvement products. The same can be said regarding their collection of mattresses. As Ikea offers a wide range of different styles, I’ll break them down by material to explain what each bed is made from comprehensively. 

Foam and latex

Ikea’s foam mattresses fall into two categories: foam and memory foam. These can easily be grouped as they give the same benefits and have minor differences. Foam beds provide simple comfort and are especially good for back sleepers suffering from back pain. Because of their relatively firm density, foam mattresses are great at distributing the body’s weight, removing any discomfort collected at specific joints. 

However, memory foam is more coveted between the two. Memory foam is structured to be responsive to body weight, contouring to your every limb and movement. This makes sleeping with a memory foam mattress a much more pleasant and comfortable experience. It is also the right type of material that aids well in the recovery process of any injuries, especially relating to the joints or the back. Memory foam is excellent for side sleepers as it effectively takes off any discomfort from their side. 

Moreover, foam is excellent at absorbing force. An Ikea foam mattress would have been beneficial when my son was younger, and he was continually twisting and turning in his sleep. What more, Ikea also offers children’s cushions made of foam. Generally, foam is recommended for stomach sleepers as they need something firmer with more support. 

Latex mattresses can also be grouped into the same category as foam mattresses, as latex also provides the same level of comfort and overall feel. However, latex is superior in terms of longevity. Latex is also an excellent material that prevents any partner disturbances, as it is useful in isolating any movements. 

However, these three materials’ drawback is that they are generally notorious for being hot and stuffy. They aren’t the ideal beds to sleep in if you live in the UK’s hotter parts without sufficient air conditioning. If packed poorly or shipped roughly, your foam or latex beds may arrive dented to you. As Ikea recommends, these dents generally go away by merely airing out the mattress for up to 72 hours. 

There are four beds in this group:

Morgedal (made of memory foam)

Malfors(made of foam)

MYRBACKA (made of foam)

Moshult (made of foam)

 Memory foam Morgedal has a core made of the said foam and is divided into comfort zones for a more precise and personalised sleeping experience. The other Morgedal style has the same make, except it’s made with a high-resilience foam layer. Malfors is a foam bed with polyester wadding and a lining of non-woven polypropylene. Lastly, Moshult is made from a resilient foam material that will last a long time. 

Pocket sprung and spring

If you’re sceptical of getting a foam bed as the stuffiness doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, a spring mattress is a great alternative. Because spring cushions are made so that they are not as dense as foam, with slats that allow air passage, they are a more breathable and comfortable option. 

Moreover, another great benefit that you will get from a spring bed is individualised support. The springs all function independently, which means they exert a different amount of support to different weights and other body parts. Springs are good for stability. However, they aren’t the best for pressure-relief.  

Springs are also an excellent material for weight distribution and proper support. This is why traditional spring beds are recommended for back sleepers. As they work independently, the bed works effectively in supporting your weight while at the same time providing enough firmness. 

Additionally, because pocket springs act independently, they are great at motion isolation. This is perfect for those with sleeping partners who are restless. It’s important for sleep to remain undisturbed for maximum pleasure. In this case, these three benefits of pocket spring mattresses are similar to memory foam. 

Diving into the differences between spring mattresses from foam ones, these have a lot more bounce. Bounce is a preferential thing, and this might appeal to you or not. Another great benefit you’ll get from a spring bed is that it offers more edge to edge support. Edge to edge support is ideal if you’re a bit on the heavier side or sleeping with multiple people (including children and pets). Edge to edge support also prevents the bed from sagging quickly. 

In terms of durability, however, springs tend to wear down much easier than foam. That’s why foam beds have a longer lifespan than spring beds, as the springs give way easily. While spring beds last for around 5-10 years, their foam counterparts can last from 7 to 10 years.

Another downside to spring mattresses is that they aren’t very ideal for pressure relief. While they’re excellent at providing support, the material is a little stiff, which isn’t good for absorbing pressure from the joints.

There are eight styles under this group:

  • Hövag
  • Hyllestad
  • Hafslo
  • Hamarvik
  • Hokkȧsen
  • Vatneström
  • Vadsö
  • Husvika

Hövag is 24 cm with independently wrapped pocket springs that respond to your every movement. Moreover, it also has a generous layer of soft fillings for maximum luxury and comfort. 

Hyllestad is 27 cm in depth with a bottom layer of individually wrapped pocket springs and a top layer of latex to supplement the overall bed’s comfort and body-contouring effect. Hafslo is made of Bonell high-quality but soft steel springs with a blend of cotton and polyester as ticking.

Hamarvik is also made of Bonnel steel springs but matched with 100% cotton as material for ticking. Hokkȧsen is on the thicker side, with a 31-cm depth. Like Hyllestad, it has a latex layer for better comfort and pressure relief that the layer of individually wrapped pocket springs lacks. 

Vatneström has a combination of natural materials that make the bed’s surface comfortable, pleasant, and refreshing to the skin. These natural materials are from a wide range of coconut fibre, natural latex, cotton, and wool, making for a sustainable sleeping experience. 

Vadsö is simple and straightforward, with the Bonnel springs layer covered in a layer of wadding and foam that acts as a transition layer between your body and the firm steel springs underneath. And lastly, the Husvika bed is also made of steel Bonnel springs with a blend of polyester, modacrylic, and cotton as ticking. 

What are they like to sleep on?

As there is a wide range of styles under Ikea, I’ll be grouping the beds into their different qualities. I’ll look into the firmness level, edge to edge support, sinking effect, partner disturbance, and the overall sleeping experience that each bed offers. This information is useful in narrowing down your choices based on your sleeping preferences and needs.  

Generally speaking, while Ikea mattresses are cheap, they are not known for having the best quality. In light of this, we highly suggest doing in-depth research in the reviews section of the actual website and other complementary reviews by other outside reviewers to gain a comprehensive understanding of what each mattress offers and how each performs. This way, you’ll be able to understand the risk that comes with each bed. 

Like how each mattress style is available in multiple sizes, some are also available in different firmness levels. For the Ikea beds, there are two available firmness levels: firm and medium firm. I’ll mention what firmness level each style comes with for a more extensive and comprehensive overview of each mattress. 

Hövag, Hyllestad, Hafslo, Hokkȧsen, Vatneström, Harmarvik, Morgedal, and Malfors mattresses are available in both firm and medium firm. Whereas Vadsö, Husvika, and Moshult come only in a firm. For the most part, most of the Ikea beds are available in firm and medium-firm, with only three styles unavailable for the medium-firm option. 

This makes the collection much more flexible and more universal as it caters to all possibilities and preferences. Generally speaking, you are recommended to get a medium-firm bed. The firmness level is the golden mean of being firm enough to provide sufficient support and stability to your weight. Still, it’s also not too firm to the point that the bed gets hard or uncomfortable. 

However, there are still people out there that prefer beds that are a little on the firmer side. In which case, there is still a wide range of options to choose from. When choosing the firmness of your desired bed, keep in mind the benefits that your body needs. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’d want something that’s a little more firm to avoid putting a strain on your neck or other sensitive body parts. If you’re a back sleeper, a medium-firm bed is much desired. 

In terms of edge support, the spring mattresses have a better edge to edge support than the foam ones as they are more reinforced. While there are no claims to edge support anywhere on the website, some reviews mention good edge reinforcement from the spring mattresses. However, beware that buyer reports of their spring styles sagging and sinking just after two months of use. 

In terms of sinking, memory foam and latex options are superior. As memory foam is made to sink, conform, and contour to your body, these provide a significant amount of sinkage. However, as mentioned, these mattresses aren’t too soft to the point that there is no more back support. It’s also worth looking into the semi-hybrid spring beds with a latex top such as Hyllestad and Hokkȧsen. 

As the only two groups of materials employed are foam and latex and pocket springs, partner disturbance is a quality that applies to most cushion styles. Both groups of materials are excellent in isolating movement and absorbing any force or impact. This is mostly a desirable quality found in all mattresses, as good sleep almost always equates to uninterrupted sleep.

Overall, Ikea mattresses offer sufficient support and are great at minimising partner disturbance to a lesser extent. Pressure relief is a feature found in foam beds and spring-latex hybrids. The spring beds are also great for a breathable, refreshing sleep experience. Since the collection of styles is also a wide range, there is an option for everyone. 

Weight and thickness

Aside from having a wide variety of styles to choose from, Ikea also offers their mattresses in a wide range of sizes. This is a relatively comprehensive range of measures that matches Ikea’s complete extensive collection of home improvement products. This also adds to the Ikea beds’ appeal as good, cheap, all-around cushions that can cater to anyone. 

The following chart details the available mattress sizes and the dimensions of each. The later four sizes are specifically IKEA/European. If you are looking for the specific sizes that a particular style comes in, we suggest heading straight to the Ikea website. As availability varies and various bed styles come in multiple sizes, it is best to look at the actual source before making your purchase.

Mattress sizeDimensions
Standard single90 x 190 cm
Standard double135 x 190 cm
Standard king150 x 200 cm
Super king180 x 200 cm
IKEA/European single90 x 200 cm 
IKEA/European double140 x 200 cm
IKEA/ European King160 x 200

How much do the Ikea mattresses cost?

The table below is a complete list of all mattress styles from Ikea and their respective prices. To make comparisons much more visible and more comfortable to spot, I chose the sizes such that they were the smallest available size. This way, the price differences are a lot more apparent and visible at first glance. 

However, keep in mind that each cushion style comes in different sizes at varying prices. If you are looking for a specific price for a particular bed, we highly suggest checking the actual Ikea website. Moreover, these prices are not fixed and will change depending on multiple factors such as sales, the season, etc. 

Mattress stylePriceSize
Vadsö£50Standard single
Hafslo£75Standard single
Hamarvik£99Standard single
Hövag£129Standard single
Husvika£11580 x 200 cm
Hyllestad£265Standard double
Hokkȧsen£379Standard double 
Vatneström£499Standard double
Morgedal (memory foam)£129Standard single
Malfors£85Standard single
Morgedal (foam)£129Standard single
Moshult£70 Standard single


  • 25-year guarantee
  • 90-day free trial
  • 365-day return period
  • Home delivery 
  • 0% APR interest payment method via PayPal

Is an Ikea mattress right for you?

After scouring the internet and conducting extensive research of everything there is to know about the Ikea 2020 mattresses, we’ve concluded that while these beds are a wide range for a wide variety of sleepers and sleeping preferences, back sleepers who sleep with partners will be the happiest.

As most Ikea beds provide sufficient support and stability, they are great at evenly distributing body weight, thereby preventing any sore spots from forming, especially in the back. Also, since these are either made up of foam or spring, motion isolation is an available feature that you will surely benefit from restless sleeping partners. 

It is also worth mentioning that the Ikea memory foam and spring-latex beds provide pressure relief and give a sinking feeling. Moreover, there are options between firm and medium-firm beds and beds that provide a bouncy effect. 

While Ikea mattresses aren’t the best of quality, they are relatively cheap. It is a hit or miss situation, so we highly suggest being careful and informed about making your purchase. They are generally a great way to be introduced to different styles and are ideal for temporary and urgent fixes rather than long-term investments. 

Final verdict

If you are a back sleeper who suffers from backaches and sleep with a partner, you will surely enjoy Ikea beds. Moreover, if you are looking for cheap, functional, and practical beds, these are the best options for you. With a wide range of varieties to choose from, in terms of styles, sizes, materials, and firmness levels, it’s impossible not to find the mattress that suits your fancy.