Silentnight Mattress Round-up Reviews

In our Silentnight mattress review, we’ll take a closer look at this well-known UK mattress brand and the wide variety of beds it offers for everyone. This company’s charm is that it has everything for everyone–from soft to firm beds, from small to king-sized, and pocket springs to natural materials. The beds come with a 60-night comfort exchange period, as well as a 3 to the 5-year warranty period. While the range of beds has been met with mixed reviews, considering the personalisation and craftsmanship found in the beds and the bonuses that come with it, it is well worth the risk since the beds are relatively reasonably-priced.

What’s the Silentnight mattress made from?

To match the designed shopping experience, I tackled the materials employed for all the beds according to the filters on their website. This way, you can check out the beds using a specific material that seems to work well with your preferences. Similarly, you can also work backwards by picking a particular mattress, and you can refer to this section to check the benefits and demerits of its materials. 

The first three materials are used for the support system. 

Pocket sprung/Mirapocket. Pocket springs provide more support compared to open coils. These beds usually have individually wrapped pocket springs that independently respond to your movement instead of the open cells that work together in larger areas. Like open coils, they are also for recovering from injuries, albeit pocket springs are more useful to a greater degree. This is because they are great at contouring to the body effectively, providing ample support. 

Geltex Miracoil. This is a unique support system that gives the bed a unique bounce. It is a reactionary material that responds to every movement while you are asleep. Open coils are divided into zones that are great for recovering from any back pain, injuries, or sore limbs because of their therapeutic effect. Another upside is the breathability and cooling technology that this is innovated to provide. 

Foam. Foam is an excellent material for conforming to the body, keeping you snug and warm throughout your sleep. On the other hand, foam’s structure may also be its disadvantage as it can get hot and stuffy. This is especially the case if you don’t have airconditioning in your room and live in the southern UK’s hotter parts. It offers the golden mean of support for most sleepers, as well as superior motion isolation. 

The remaining five materials are the ones used as comfort filling. 

Geltex. This is a unique comfort filling that is innovated by Silentnight. It is gel-based, ensuring a cool and refreshing sleep. Moreover, the gel assists in advanced pressure relief, preventing any pressure from collecting in the joints, stopping sore limbs when you wake up. A gel-based filling is also perfect for a flexible sleep, allowing better contour and support for the body, which is great for a more comfortable and snug sleep. 

Memory foam. Memory foam is an overall great material for beds. It provides an ample amount of sinking and body contouring, ensuring that your whole body is well-supported. While a similar effect is achieved with regular foam, memory foam achieves this better because it is denser and “remembers” the body. Moreover, it also has good pressure-relief and promotes a lighter sleeping experience. 

Eco-comfort. This filling is made of fully recyclable and breathable materials, ensuring that you are not sleeping on any chemicals that may be harmful to you or the environment. Moreover, these materials are innovated such that your sleep is refreshed and refreshing for a lovely morning after. The fibres are also constructed vertically, offering additional support to the body. 

Natural latex. Latex is a material that works similarly to memory foam. It provides the same flexibility, body contouring, and pain-relieving effect. However, when it comes to durability, it is far superior. Silentnight employs natural latex, which avoids the unwanted side effects of nasty chemicals. 

Natural fillings. These fillings blend naturally sourced silk, wool, and cashmere, which are excellent materials for a comfortable and snug sleep. However, another advantage to these materials is that they are compatible with any season, ensuring the consistent performance of the bed for a perfect night’s sleep all year long. 

How does the Silentnight mattress feel to sleep on?

There is no one exact way to describe how Silentnight cushions feel because as mentioned, there is a variety of choices for everyone. It is a very comprehensive collection of beds and does an excellent job catering to most sleepers’ sleeping needs and preferences. As is what has been emphasised on this website countless times, mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all. 

With that being said, I’ll be focusing on three beds representing the broad spectrum that Silentnight offers. This way, you can gauge a general sense of what the collection offers. You can use the three beds as starting points in your quest of finding the perfect mattress for you. 

The Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 Mattress in medium-soft is an advanced bed from their collection of soft/medium-soft beds. The filling is a combination of Geltex and Ultraflex that contribute to the relaxed, sinking sleeping experience and advanced pressure relief. While it may not be the best in partner disturbance, it makes use of 2000 individually wrapped pocket springs, which makes for a subtle, bouncy, and reinforced sleep. The softness of the fillings helps remove any pressure build-up, while at the same time, providing utmost comfort with the coolness and snugness that this bed offers. 

The middle of the firmness spectrum is the medium/medium-firm beds—these work best for back and combination sleepers. The Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Pocket 2000 Mattress in medium-firm offers a soft tufted sleeping surface, which adds to the bed’s breathability and flexibility. It doesn’t sink much in terms of sinkage, but it offers a significant amount of support. Aside from being medium-firm, it also has 2000 individually wrapped pocket springs that further support the back and aligns the spine. This bed could have been useful when I was an office clerk sitting in front of my computer for most of the day. 

Firmer beds are best for those who are on the heavier side or sleep with multiple people (or dogs!) on the same bed. The Silent Night Natural Pocket 1400 Mattress infirm is a well-loved because of the ample amount of individualised support, thanks to the 1400 pocket springs. The bed offers better edge-to-edge support since it is intended for heavy sleepers. As it is a firmer bed, it doesn’t sink much. However, it’s worth mentioning that the materials used for this bed are well-suited for any season, preventing overheating or expansion, affecting the quality of your sleep and the bed’s performance in the long run. 

Silentnight mattress weight and thickness

Silentnight cushions are available in 6 UK sizes. This is a pretty comprehensive range that matches different bed frames here in the UK. The dimensions and specifications of each size are already provided below for your convenience. 

Mattress sizeDimensions
Cot 60 cm x 120 cm 
Single90 cm x 190cm 
Small double120 cm x 190 cm 
Double135 cm x 190 cm 
King150 cm x 200 cm 
Super king180 cm x 200 cm 

How much does the Silentnight mattress cost?

The most expensive Silentnight bed sells for £1019, which is pretty reasonable considering the advanced technology and rare materials used for the rest of the mattress line. Below is a chart detailing the lowest prices for each cushion size. Prices are bound to change due to a variety of reasons. Because of this, we strongly recommend shopping on the actual website for a real-time and more comprehensive overview of the prices. 

Mattress Price
Silentnight Safe Nights Essentials (cot size)£79.00
Imagine Sprung Bunk (single size)£139.00
Silentnight Essentials Values (small double size)£159.00
Silentnight Essentials Values (double size)£179.00
Silentnight Essentials Values king size)£199.00
Silentnight Comfort Miracoils Essentials (super king size)£369.00

Silentnight mattress bonus

  • Free no-contact delivery anywhere in the UK
  • The 60-night comfort exchange period
  • 3-5 year guarantee period 

Is the Silentnight mattress right for you?

Beds aren’t universal. There is no one perfect bed for every sleeper in the world. That being said, if you are a sleeper who is big on preferences and needs, this cushion brand is well recommended as it offers a wide range of options in terms of size, materials, and firmness level. However, based on the reviews on the website and other outside sources, the best beds from this range are the medium/medium-firm mattresses. Therefore, if you are a back sleeper or suffer from back pains, you will indeed find the medium/medium-firm beds from this line to be comfortable and enjoyable for you. 

Final verdict

Any sleeper is guaranteed to find a well-suited bed for his needs or preferences from the Silentnight mattress. However, to be specific, this line is perfect for back sleepers who need sufficient support and comfort as the medium/medium-firm beds from this line perform the best.