Vesgantti mattress review

In our Vesgantti mattress review, we inspected this luxury but affordable mattress company and their products. With high-quality layers that are CertiPUR-US certified, specifically developed to produce the best sleeping experience, Vesgantti beds are some of the most competitive in the UK market. Moreover, it comes with the best perks out there (free delivery, 10-year guarantee, 100-night free trial), there really is no risk with buying this bed—only good, pleasurable sleep. 

What’s the mattress made from?

They offer a wide range of mattress styles in their different series. For this review, we specifically chose the Vesgantti Pro Hybrid Mattress to focus on. It is one of their bestsellers, and in my opinion, it does a great job of showing its quality and capability. Most of these layers are unique to Vesgantti, being that they are the products of scientific experiments by the company. The design is well thought out, with many elements added to serve as amplifiers of the other elements’ results.

Vesgantti stretchy cooling cover. The whole mattress is covered with the special Vesgantti cover that is both stretchy and breathable. It feels very luxurious and comfortable to the skin, which flawlessly reflects the whole bed’s overall quality. Additionally, the stretchy and breathable aspect of the cover makes sleep feel fresh and cool. This is especially a benefit during hot and humid summers. 

Soft, breathable PP cotton. Underneath the cover is a thin layer of breathable PP cotton. This layer encourages airflow throughout the bed, working in perfect synergy with the cooling cover to create a refreshing sleep experience. 

Egg crate cooling foam. This layer is ergonomically designed to facilitate airflow for an overall pleasant sleep further. The egg-crate shape is purposeful to provide ridges and pockets that air can reach. Additionally, it is made of temperature-sensitive filling to prevent this layer from overheating, further adding to the whole mattress’s cooling feature. 

Enhanced pressure-relieves. The fourth layer is a thin blanket of a pressure-relieving layer. It’s scientifically engineered to appropriately react to your every movement, taking away any pressure that may be building upon any of your pressure points. This is especially great for sleepers who move multiple times throughout the night. 

Breathable non-woven fabric. Another thin mini-layer is added to assist with airflow further down the mattress. This is a common theme throughout the whole bed. Aside from being cooling, airflow layers also help keep the bed clean and free of any microorganisms, because there are air pockets that wick any mould from collecting. 

Comfortable hybrid transition. Placed in the middle of the bed, this transition layer adds an amount of support for the above layers while at the same time, keeping it soft and comfortable for you. 

Solid-quality cotton and blanket. Another mini-layer is used to supplement the coils layer underneath, especially added on top to allow the coils layer to work to its maximum potential. 

Icoils core support layer. This layer comprises a major part of the bed, as it is one of the thickest layers in the mattress. This icoils support layer has two main functions: pressure relief and isolated movement feedback. It does an excellent job of absorbing your body weight from you, evenly distributing it toward the bed, ensuring you are properly supported. Moreover, each coil is individualized, isolating any motion to a part of the bed. This is especially great if you don’t want your partner to get disturbed by your twisting and turning. 

Bottom cover polyester fabric. Underneath the icoils core layer is another layer of solid-quality cotton and blanket, effectively sandwiching the coils for support and protection. Below that last layer of cotton and blanket is another layer made of polyester fabric, meant to be the bed’s bottom cover before the supportive base. 

Vesgantti enhanced edge support base. The base is a hollow rectangular prism, with reinforced sides that enclose the upper layers to a neat perimeter. This foundation is responsible for the phenomenal edge-to-edge support feature of the Vesgantti mattress, which is great for those sleeping with partners. It also provides an additional aspect of support for your body. 


What’s the mattress like to sleep on?

Two main features highlight the sleeping experience you get from Vesgantti: well-supported and cool. This is an especially great combination that leads to an overall pleasant sleeping experience. For one, a well-supported mattress is ideal as it prevents any aches from sleeping on your body wrong. Moreover, cool sleep is needed to prevent any sleep interruptions from hot weather. I sure hate waking up in the middle of the night because I’m sweating so hard. 

Let’s look at how the Vesgantti mattress provides sufficient and different kinds of support. For one, the perimeter is reinforced by the strong foundation base that encloses all the core layers. This is especially good if you are slightly on the heavier side or sleeping with a loved one. A reinforced perimeter prevents any body parts from spilling off the bed, which may cause any pain in the morning. 

Additionally, other layers provide support. The first one is the pressure-relieving layer that is good for sleepers who suffer from pressure sores with their current mattresses and sleeping habits. Pressure tends to mount in specific parts of the body depending on your sleeping movements, sleeping positions, and bed. 

Then, there’s the icoils support core layer that flexes accordingly to your every movement, while at the same time, isolating the movement on that specific area of the bed. This is what makes sleeping on the mattress, peaceful and undisturbed. 

Next, we’ll look at the cooling aspect of the mattress. The refreshing theme runs throughout the whole mattress, starting from the cover itself. The cover is engineered to be breathable, to work perfectly with the airflow foam layers underneath. The top layer is designed to facilitate airflow and works with the egg crate cooling layer in providing enough air chambers for air to pass unobstructed. 

There are multiple breathable mini-layers sandwiched between the bed’s major layers to encourage the bed’s breathability further. All this design will make your sleep cool and less stuffy like you’re sleeping on a cloud. This, coupled with the supportive aspect, provides a pleasurable sleep that’s uninterrupted and thoroughly enjoyable. 

When it comes to the Vesgantti Pro Hybrid mattress’s firmness, it lands on the golden mean of the firmness scale. It’s somewhere on the 5.5-6 point, which is the perfect point for a mattress that isn’t too hard or too soft. It’s the perfect level of comfort and support. This medium level of firmness makes the bed perfect for all sleepers—from the back sleeper, the stomach sleeper, to the side sleeper. 


Weight and thickness

The Vesgantti Pro Hybrid mattress is 26 cm in thickness. It comes in 12 size variations. We’ve detailed the dimensions for each size in the table below. For the recommended weight limit, Vesgantti gives the 90-180 kg range. The first 6 are the regular sizes, while the remaining 6 are the available EU sizes. 

Size Price
2FT6 Small Single 75 x 190 cm 
3FT Single 90 x 190 cm
4FT Small Double 120 x 190 cm
4FT6 Double 135 x 190 cm 
5FT UK King 150 x 200 cm 
6FT Super King 180 x 200 cm 
EU Size 1  90 x 200 cm
EU Size 2  120 x 200 cm 
EU Size 3  140 x 200 cm 
EU Size 4  160 x 200 cm
EU Size 5  100 x 200 cm
EU Size 6 80 x 200 cm


How much does the Vesgantti mattress cost?

The Vesgantti Pro Hybrid mattress comes in 12 size variations. We’ve detailed the prices for each of these variations on the chart below. At the time of writing, the Pro Hybrid bed is at a 23% discount. Of course, this discount is time-limited, so we suggest heading straight to their website at the time of reading for updated and real-time prices. 

When comparing the Vesgantti Pro Hybrid mattress prices to other hybrid beds in the market, these prices are definitely so much lower than others. This is because Vesgantti is a manufacturing company, not a mattress store. This way, they cut any profits going to go-betweens by selling directly to the consumers. 

Size Price
2FT6 Small Single £106.99
3FT Single £129.99
4FT Small Double £166.99
4FT6 Double £189.99
5FT UK King £236.99
6FT Super King £243.99
EU 90 x 200 x 26 cm  £129.99
EU 120 x 200 x 26 cm £168.99
EU 140 x 200 x 26 cm £206.99
EU 160 x 200 x 26 cm  £246.99
EU 100 x 200 x 26 cm £153.99
EU 80 x 200 x 26 cm £127.99


Mattress bonus

  • Free, no-contact delivery 
  • 100-night risk-free trial 
  • 10-year guarantee period


Is the Vesgantti mattress right for you?

While the Vesgantti Pro Hybrid mattress will certainly be pleasurable for everyone, those who need a well-supported and pleasant sleeping experience with their sleeping partners will enjoy it the best. It’s especially great for those who live in the UK’s hotter parts like the south of England because of its cooling capability. 

It provides ample support and pressure relief, making for a pleasurable sleep that will leave you feeling new every morning. Because the Vesgantti mattress is a medium feel (5.5-6/10), it also doesn’t differentiate between sleepers as it’s perfect for every kind of sleeper, no matter your sleeping position. 

Because this mattress is made to be the best, sold at an extremely affordable price, with great perks like free delivery and a 10-year guarantee period, there’s really nothing stopping you from buying this mattress right now. It’s highly recommended by both their customers and other mattress websites. 

Final verdict

The mattress is an all-around bed that provides phenomenal sleep to its users. Those who sleep with partners in hotter areas of the UK will enjoy it the best because of the isolated movement and cooling features. The prices are low as the company cuts off any middleman from the process, making their beds one of your best choices in the market. 

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