Inofia Gel Topper Review

In our Inofia gel topper review, we put under the magnifying glass the Inofia 8-cm bed topper infused with gel beads. This bed overlay is guaranteed to renew and revitalise your sleep, all thanks to the new element of comfort, support, and pressure relief that it will provide. The medium-firm firmness level and pressure relief it provides will undoubtedly make for a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

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What’s the Inofia topper made from?

Washable ultra purple softcover. The cover is a removable and made from knitted materials. It’s incredibly soft and pleasant to the skin. While people usually place a sheet on top, the silky surface will penetrate the sheets for a soft and silky feel. This will make it a comfortable and skin-friendly surface to fall asleep on. 

With the cover, you can simply wash in cold water, dry it in a hot setting, and enjoy a cleaner and more hygienic sleep environment. It’s also breathable, which works in unison with the cooling gel-infused memory foam layer underneath for coolness and air passage facilitation. 

2cm Gelex memory foam. The Gelex top layer infused with gel grains. This innovative material choice ensures that it will not overheat and that you are kept cool and fresh throughout the night. Inofia uses the same type of memory foam in its top-selling gel-infused memory foam mattress. 

Not only does this material prevent heat from collecting in your mattress assembly, but it also produces an effect that contours and hugs your body. This will conform to your body depending on your position, which will give more individualised support for your limbs. However, you won’t feel too stuffy, thanks to the infused gel beads. 

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Inofia Gel Memory Foam Topper

6cm laxender relief foam. The remaining, thicker layer of memory foam underneath is called the “laxender relief” foam and is dedicated to providing relief, support, and comfort to your limbs. Like the top Gelex layer, it produces a sinking feeling that will hug and contour your body. This foam layer will help redistribute the weight throughout the bed so that you won’t have to wake up with sore limbs. 

Moreover, as this layer is highly responsive, it produces a significant amount of sinkage. This will help in giving the right amount of support to your body wherever you need it. This will also take away any tension and pressure that is collecting in any of your joints. 

The combination of these two memory foam types creates a sleep surface that is comfortable and revitalising. You can quickly sink into this bed at night and then wake up in the morning feeling brand new. Not to mention the generous depth that you get from this layer in particular. 

Anti-slip bottom base layer. To make this feel secure and not move around in the night, it has an anti-slip bottom. Also, security straps are sewn on every corner for your convenience and peace of mind. 

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Inofia topper unboxing

What’s it like to sleep on?

There is no better way to describe how the Inofia topper feels but that it can renew and revitalise any mattress out there. It will make it feel like you have a new bed when you place this on top. This is all thanks to the generous construction that provides the right temperature, right firmness level, the right amount of support and comfort, and body contouring and pressure relief. So that not only is your bed the one revitalised, but you will also feel brand new. 

It has all things you want from a topper and more. Thanks to the breathable cover and gel-infused top layer memory foam, you can rest easy knowing that your sleep environment is just the right temperature for you. The combination of the two foam layers makes for an 8-cm thick topper that is reflexive and just the right firmness level at a 6.5 in the firmness scale. 

The reflexiveness makes sleep enjoyable for you, as the foam can conform to your movement, regardless of your position, and redistribute your weight throughout the bed. This helps in removing any pressure from your joints so you won’t wake up sore. Also, since it’s from memory foam, it does sink and has a superior capability to prevent motion transfer. 

Weight and thickness

It is available in 7 sizes, four standard UK sizes and 2 EU ones. The chart below details the dimensions and weight for each size available. It is constant at 8 cm thick, no matter the size.

Single 90 x 190 cm 6.64 kg
Small Double 120 x 190 cm 9.32 kg
Double 135 x 190 cm 9.6 kg 
King 150 x 200 cm 12.1 kg 
Super King180 x 200 cm 12.6 kg
EU Single 90 x 200 cm 7.04 kg
EU Double140 x 200 cm 11.1 kg

How much does it cost?

The chart below contains the price of the Inofia gel mattress topper, according to size. The prices are from the Amazon listing since it’s sold out on Inofia at the time of writing. Because this is more than just a topper, but more like a small mattress, it is well worth its price. 

Single £119.99
Small Double £129.99
Double £179.99
King £189.99
Super King£219.99
EU Single £119.99
EU Double£219.99
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Is the Inofia topper right for you?

Like mattresses themselves, mattress toppers aren’t a one-size-fits-all and should be chosen according to your sleeping needs and habits. That being said, after looking at multiple reviews on this Inofia sleep product, we’ve concluded that the Inofia bed overlay is best for sleepers who need back support and pressure relief. It is also perfect for sleepers whose current beds need an extensional upgrade. 

It’s a medium-firm in firmness and is best suited for back sleepers who need proper back and neck support. More importantly, as the gel memory foam top layer and the laxender relief layer are highly reflexive, they can contour and respond to the body’s weight, redistribute it, and remove any tension during the process. This ensures that you will wake up pain-free in the morning. 

As it can be considered a small, roll-up mattress in itself, placing it on top of your current mattress will upgrade your sleep experience. Not only will it make the surface more comfortable, but you’re also bound to feel a renewed bed. This will translate to an improved quality of sleep. 

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