How to Use a Mattress Topper Correctly

You may be wondering what a mattress topper is and why you should use one. A mattress topper is a mattress accessory that goes on top of your current mattress, providing extra comfort, warmth, or support. It can also help prevent allergies by reducing the number of dust mites living in your mattress; it’s like adding an additional layer between you and the mattress that traps allergens.

There are many types of mattress toppers available for purchase depending on what type of sleepers you are (side sleeper vs back sleeper) and how firm you prefer your bed (firmness). If this sounds like something that interests you, then keep reading!

Common use cases for mattress toppers

  • If you have a mattress that is too firm or too soft for your liking, then adding an additional mattress topper will help provide extra comfort.
  • For side sleepers who tend to sink into their mattress when they’re sleeping, adding a foam mattress pad helps provides support and reduces pressure points on the hips/shoulders while sleeping.
  • If your mattress is old and uncomfortable, adding a mattress topper can make it feel like new again!

Where to place a mattress topper

It is recommended that mattress toppers are placed on top of your mattress. Some people have tried placing the mattress topper under their mattress sheets, but this can cause it to shift around while you sleep and create lumps in certain areas, defeating the purpose of having a mattress topper.

Also, the topper goes above a mattress protector if you use one. You can try placing it under your sheets, and if it’s comfortable, go with it!

How do I know which mattress topper is right for me?

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a the best mattress topper, including what kind of sleeper you are (back vs side), the type of mattress you have (innerspring/memory foam mattress vs mattress topper), and how firm you like your mattress (soft, medium, or hard).

Let’s take a look at each of these factors in more detail:

Side sleepers: side sleepers tend to sink into their mattress when they’re sleeping, creating pressure points on the hips/shoulders. If this sounds like you, then a memory foam mattress topper can be your solution.

Back sleepers: back sleepers tend to prefer firmer mattresses that provide good support and keep their spine in alignment while they’re sleeping. If this sounds like you, we recommend purchasing a latex or a firm memory foam topper.

Different Kinds of Mattress Toppers

Foam: these types of mattress toppers are a great solution for side sleepers who tend to sink into their mattress when they’re sleeping.

Memory Foam: memory foam is known for its pressure relieving properties, reducing the number of dust mites in your mattress. This makes it an ideal mattress topper for side sleepers who want extra comfort.

Latex: this is another mattress topper that provides pressure relief and reduces the volume of dust mites in your mattress. It also helps reduce snoring, which makes it an excellent option for back or side sleeper.

Cotton flannel: this mattress topper is a great option for those looking for warmth and extra comfort. This mattress pad provides more support than other mattress pads that we’ve mentioned before, making it suitable for back sleepers or people with an old mattress.

Down-alternative: this mattress topper provides the same feel as a mattress topper made from down feathers. They’re also hypoallergenic, which means they don’t cause allergies and can be used by various sleepers, including back, side, or stomach sleepers.

Feather: this type of mattress topper is very similar in feel to a topper that’s filled with down. It’s also hypoallergenic and can be used by back, side, or stomach sleepers because it provides good support while you’re sleeping.

Fibre: these mattress toppers are great for providing warmth, making them ideal mattress toppers for winter months when the weather is colder. They provide more support than cotton mattress toppers which makes them ideal mattress pads for back sleepers.

How do I take care of my mattress topper?

Once you receive your mattress topper, it’s best if you let it sit out in the open for a few hours before placing it on top of your mattress. This will allow any odours that were trapped inside the mattress pad to dissipate.

After placing your mattress topper on top of your mattress, it’s best if you use a mattress protector over the mattress pad to prevent any liquids from seeping into the memory foam or latex inside. This will help extend the life of your mattress pad/topper and keep it smelling fresh for years to come.

Remember, they can wear out over time and need to be replaced, which is why we recommend checking the warranty before buying one for yourself or a loved one. Shifting around too much while you sleep may cause your topper to rip, which means it’s no longer waterproof and needs to be replaced immediately. If this happens, refer to the warranty information if you need a replacement mattress pad/topper.