Simba Mattress Topper Review

In this Simba mattress topper review, we put under the microscope the hybrid bed overlay from Simba, made with the same technology as the company’s hi-tech beds that incorporate space innovation. 

It is one of the few bed toppers in the market that combines the advantages of both foam and springs as sleep materials. While it is expensive, when you factor into your purchase the quality, cunning technology, benefit (1-year guarantee period and free delivery), and better sleep that you will enjoy, the price seems minuscule compared. 

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What’s the Simba topper made from?

Simbatex layer. The top layer of this hybrid mattress shell is a unique technology that Simba innovates. Its primary purpose is to provide an ultra-soft sleeping surface that is both breathable and comfortable. It is a unique cooling foam layer that is constructed with wide,  open cells for air passage. 

Moreover, the foam itself is embedded with graphite particles. Graphite has been researched to filter heat away, bringing your calm sleep to a whole another level. This top-level is exceptionally soft, ensuring you are sleeping on a smooth and comfortable sleeping surface that will lull you to sleep fast and easy. 

Cooling comfort layer. Underneath the top layer is a layer dedicated to coolness and comfort. This, along with the breathable cover above and the pocket springs layer underneath, works in unison to properly facilitate airflow throughout the whole topper. The wrong material for a bed overlay can cause sleep to become stuffy and hot, but with this cooling comfort layer, you can rest easy that you will be comfortable and fresh while you sleep. 

Micro springs layer. The second layer comprises 2,500 mini pocket springs, which is particularly unique to this mattress shell. This is one of the few hybrid bed overlays that combines the benefits of both springs and foam. More importantly, Simba makes use of unique, patented springs that are conical in shape. 

These springs work by pivoting and turning to support your body, quite different from the regular vertical direction than regular springs function in. One of the benefits of these micro springs is that they can adequately conform to your body and provide an ample amount of support. This prevents you from working up sore with pressure built up on your joints.

These are pressure-relieving springs that will take off any tension collecting at your joints and limbs so that you wake up feeling brand new in the morning. Not to mention, when these springs are stimulated, they act as air bellows that will push air throughout the mattress. It’s awe-inspiring technology that translates to a good night’s sleep. 

Non-slip base foam layer. The bottommost layer of this bed overlay is a non-slip base layer made of foam. It is made with extra staying power to ensure that the overlay doesn’t wiggle and slip against the mattress when moving during your sleep. The base foam layer is high in density, which enables it to perform its purpose of supporting the whole overlay itself. 

What’s it like to sleep on?

The sleep experience you will enjoy using this mattress overlay can be best assessed through 3 categories: coolness, support, and comfort. One of the main selling points of Simba products is the out-of-this-world space technology that they employ for a relaxed and refreshed sleep. All components and layers of this bed overlay work in synergy to facilitate airflow and wick any heat away. 

The design is breathtakingly creative, as even the micro springs layer is multi-purposed to provide support and help facilitate the passage of air throughout the whole product. The Simbatex top layer is cool and breathable to the skin, which also helps induce a relaxed sleep. Moreover, the superior cooling “buffer” layer adds another extra element of breathability. 

The second aspect to look at is the support that this bed overlay can provide. The 2,500 micro springs layer can give personalised support that provides a conforming sinkage. This makes the topper conform to our body and limbs’ contours for an even more fantastic sleep experience. 

Lastly, let’s look at how this bed husk particularly feels comfortable. The best thing about this mattress overlay is that it is the best of both worlds. While the top surface is soft and smooth to the touch, the next levels underneath provide an ample amount of support. 

Weight and thickness

The Simba bed overlay comes in 5 standard UK mattress sizes. The table below details the dimensions of each one. The depth of each topper is constant at 7 cm, regardless of size. 

UK single90 x 190 cm
Small double120 x 190 cm 
UK double135 x 190 cm 
UK king150 x 200 cm 
Super king180 x 200 cm 

How much does the Simba topper cost?

Relatively the mattress overlay is expensive. However, this is a premium product with micro pocket springs and not a uncomfortable budget topper. The chart below summarises the price for its corresponding sizes. The prices aren’t fixed and are bound to change regularly due to sales, markdowns, etc. It’s best to click the link below and see the latest price.

UK single£199
Small double£299
UK double£299
UK king£349
Super king£449
Up to 55% off
Simba Discount Coupon Code
August Sale: Up to 55% off | T&Cs apply.
August Sale: Up to 55% off | T&Cs apply. Show Less


  • 1-year guarantee period
  • Free standard delivery

Is the Simba topper right for you?

If your bed needs a little oomph, and you want that oomph to be a refreshing, comfortable, and well-supported sleep, the topper is a must-buy. This technology is ideal for people who sleep hot as it ensures a fresh and breathable sleep without any sweaty interruptions. Simbatex’s surface layer and cleverly designed pocket springs are responsible for this.

In addition, it’s also highly recommended for those who require extra support when sleeping. Pocket springs pivot and conform easily, allowing for substantial pressure relief, sinkage, and body contouring. All of these factors contribute to a highly enjoyable and comfortable sleep experience. 

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Final verdict

This is premium pad is like a mini mattress and is perfect for those wanting comfort with making the bed uncomfortably warm. The 2,500 micro springs layer puts most mattresses to shame never mind other toppers, they conforms to your bodyweight. It’s also extremely comfortable, as the surface is made to be smooth and soft to the touch.