Bedsure Weighted Blanket Review

Have you ever used a Bedsure Weighted Blanket to make you sleep well? Here’s a complete product review for those unaware of the Bedsure Weighted Blanket.

Bedsure Weighted Blanket is a special blanket used by adults with autism and other stress disorders while sleeping. It helps reduce chronic stress and high levels of anxiety.

Its stimulating deep-pressure touch relieves the nervous system in regulating your mood and helps you calm down, relax faster, and sleep deeper.

Let’s find out the uses of the Bedsure Weighted Blanket below.

  • What is Bedsure Weighted Blanket used for?
  • Who can use the Bedsure Weighted Blanket?
  • How many versions of Bedsure Weighted Blankets are there?
  •  What are the features of the Bedsure Weighted Blanket?

What Is Bedsure Weighted Blanket Used For?

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket is used to help people with different disorders sleep comfortably without any uneasiness. Its stimulating, deep-touch feature relieves a person’s nervous system, helping them sleep peacefully.

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket is filled with smaller glass beads, making the blanket weigh heavier than the standard ones. The weight of the blanket helps people to sleep and soothe stress. The pressure from the blanket’s weight can increase serotonin, helping a person feel calm and happy.

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket has much smaller beads that are non-toxic, odourless, BPA, and Lead-free, unlike other heavy-weighing blankets. These beads are incorporated into the blanket to make it heavier. The beads in the Bedsure Weighted Blanket do not collect only on one side but are spread evenly.

The best thing about the plastic pellets is that they are entirely silent, which is excellent for those sensitive to sound while sleeping. Other companies use plastic pellets in their blankets, creating noise when you move the blanket around.

However, the Bedsure Weighted Blanket is good for helping you get a silent sleep, but it also helps in other ways for different disorders. The blanket also helps people with anxiety and stress disorders, like autism, ADHD, etc.

The features that come with the Bedsure Weighted Blanket act like remedies for people suffering from sleeping problems. We will be talking about more of that in the following topic.

Who Can Use The Bedsure Weighted Blanket?

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket can be used by adults struggling with sleeping problems, stress, autism, etc. The blanket uses the deep-touch feature to help stimulate the production of serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone. This feature is also known to reduce the production of stress hormones and increase your melatonin levels, the hormone which helps you sleep.

The deep-touch feature in this blanket is possible due to the tiny glass beads triggering the release of hormones that calm the nerves and lead to a more sound sleep.

Weighted blankets can be used by people suffering from various disorders to help them get a sound sleep. Let us look at some of those disorders.

It can be used by Autistic people

People with autism find it hard to socialise since they react slowly to things compared to most people. The implication of such a disorder leads them to deal with anxiety and stress. This is when they need the utmost care and love as much as possible.

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket can be used to calm down a person suffering from symptoms of autism. The pressure released from the blanket can alleviate stress for such people and increase their ability to concentrate on their tasks.

Sensory stimulations like touch and even the tiniest noise can trigger an autistic person’s anxiety levels. When the impact from such stimulations gets too intense, they need to be comforted. The pressure from the Bedsure Weighted Blanket can help prevent over-stimulation and make them feel relaxed.

Help people cope with anxiety

Being anxious about things in life is normal for everyone. Still, if a person is always nervous and worried about everything, it can be a case of anxiety disorder. Your heart rate increases, and you feel like you will be unable to face certain situations before even trying them.

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket can help people suffering from anxiety by applying pressure on their automatic nervous system into resting mode. 

The pressure will help to reduce specific anxiety symptoms like your breathing and heart rate when the heart rate and breathing are controlled.

Experiencing anxiousness is common for everyone, so there is no need to panic when you feel nervous in certain situations. However, if the symptoms appear more frequently, you can get yourself a Bedsure Weighted Blanket to help you sleep peacefully.

People with anxiety tend to sleep less because they worry about upcoming situations. Sleep is necessary to keep your body and mind healthy. Sleeping with a Bedsure weighted Blanket will ensure you get sound sleep.

Can help reduce insomnia

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket is a safe and effective treatment option for people who have insomnia. Most people have insomnia because of excess stress, being physically unhealthy, or bad sleeping habits.

If you cannot get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep in a day, your body will not function well. For people suffering from insomnia, it can get more difficult to function normally in their daily lives.

To help you get as much sleep as possible, use the Bedsure Weighted Blanket while going to bed. It will help you reduce the severity of insomnia and improve your sleep. When you get more sleep, you will feel more energetic the next day and less sleepy during the day.

This is why people who have insomnia should use the Bedsure Weighted Blanket.

How Many Versions Of Bedsure Weighted Blankets Are There?

There are two versions of the Bedsure Weighted Blanket you can find in the United Kingdom. One weighs 6.8 kilograms, and the other weighs 8 kilograms.

The only difference between these two versions is the weight of the blankets. The rest of the features in both blankets are the same.

The 8-kilo Bedsure Weighted Blanket is perfectly suitable for people who weigh above 75 kilograms. They will find it easier to move the blanket, and the dimensions will also fit them perfectly in bed.

One is heavier than the other because more glass beads are added to the blanket. The 8 kg blanket is not very heavy, but it is crucial to ensure that children do not use the Bedsure Weighted Blankets.

Children cannot move the blankets around, which might cause breathing problems.

What Are The Features In The Bedsure Weighted Blanket?

Several features, like the deep touch pressure therapy, 7-layer composition, etc., make the Bedsure Weighted Blanket super comfortable and perfect for people who find it hard to get sound sleep.

The way the blanket is designed and the materials used contribute to its comfort factor. To understand the workings of the Bedsure Weighted Blanket, let us look at the features that make it unique.

The cover is made of pure cotton

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket’s cover is comfortable because it is made of pure cotton. It gives you great comfort because of the material’s ability to maintain the perfect temperature while sleeping.

If you are concerned about the heat the blanket might generate, its pure cotton surface is breathable and soft. That prevents your body from sweating in the middle of the night, waking you up.

The cotton material looks like it is dyed in black, but it is dark grey, which makes it aesthetically sound for most bedrooms.

Deep Pressure Touch Feature

The Deep Pressure Touch feature in the Bedsure Weighted Blanket helps people with sleep and anxiety disorders. You can use it to reduce the production of hormones and anxiety by reinforcing sensory modulation.

This feature helps trigger a sense of calm in your body when you are filled with anxiety and stress. The weighted blankets are perfectly suitable for people struggling with anxiety, stress, ADHD, autism, insomnia, etc.

The Deep Pressure Touch effect is possible because of the tiny glass beads filled inside the blanket. These glass beads increase the weight of the blanket, which adds some pressure as it pushes down on your body.

The beads spread evenly across the entire blanket, helping to maintain a suitable temperature. This is how the blanket covers your whole body and ensures that your body is relaxed, giving you sound sleep.

The beads are also completely silent and do not make noise when you move around in bed. This is because of the extra layers of material used to construct the blanket. The silent feature of the Bedsure Weighted Blanket’s beads makes it the best remedy for people who have autism or struggle with anxiety and stress.

Professional composition of layers

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket consists of unique 7-layer construction, making you experience the complete softness and the pressure added by the tiny glass beads.

These 7 layers in the blanket do not make you feel the beads. They prevent the beads from bulging out of the blanket. Though there are glass beads in the blanket, the 7 layers help prevent the beads from creating noise.

The Bedsure Weighted Blanket does not cure your sleep or anxiety disorders, but it will help reduce their effects. Therefore, it is essential to remember this point before making a purchase.

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