Do You Put Sheets on a Tempur-Pedic?

The Tempur mattress is supplied with a wonderfully soft mattress cover that in itself is a joy to sleep upon. However, there seems to be a question as to whether you can fit sheets on this mattress.

The answer is yes. You can fit good quality fitted sheets onto the mattress.  However, the question does arise due to the thickness of the mattress. There are sheets available; you just have to find the right supplier.

There is nothing more irritating than jumping into a nice clean bed only to find the sheet corners have lifted and the sheet is not taught. Crumpled sheets are not the best sleep experience.

You can find fitted sheets that perfectly fit the Tempur pedic mattress with a bit of online research. It may pay to find a sheet suspender type strap to clip into the corners of the mattress, keeping the sheet from slipping off the corners of the mattress.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Royal Tradition Queen White 650-Thread-Count Sheet Set, Cotton-Poly-Blend Wrinkle-Free Sheets.
  • The Niche Designs Sheet Straps, Wide, Black.
  • Split-King: Adjustable King Bed Sheets 5PC Solid Ivory 100% Cotton 600-Thread-Count, Deep Pocket.
  • Linenspa Ultra Soft Luxury 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set – King – Stone.

Besides the above, can you use regular sheets on a memory foam mattress? For a memory foam bed, percale sheets offer a cooler, crisper feel for sleeping than sheets labelled as sateen. 

But either sheet type works for a memory foam mattress since overall, choosing between these weaves is a matter of personal preference.

You may be able to find these sheets or similar on amazon at an affordable price.

It is worth noting that due to the limitations of the Tempur mattress, heat pads and electric blankets are a complete no go when it comes to Tempur mattresses.

If you must use a heating pad or electric blanket, it must be set on the lowest heat setting and used for no more than 30 minutes maximum.

Extended use of an external heat source will render the Tempur mattress out of specification, and the mattress will not conform to your body contours as the manufacturer intended.

Despite all the high tech manufacturing, this expensive high-end mattress does have some limitations, namely heat in extreme forms.

Electric blankets and heat pads could affect the overall performance of your Tempurpedic mattress and must be avoided at all times.

Equally extreme cold will affect a Tempur mattress

If you decide to sleep on the mattress cover supplied from the manufacturer, that is perfectly acceptable. The mattress cover is designed to be removed with ease and washed on a cool wash cycle.

It is recommended to air dry the mattress cover if possible and if possible, do not over-dry the mattress cover. Natural drying is best. Should you need to use a tumble dryer, use a low heat setting for the best results.

Refitting the mattress cover is as simple as removing and should be easy for the average person.