How To Make Your Memory Foam Mattress Cooler

The truth is as many as 15 % of all purchasers at some time say that memory foam mattresses make them feel hot during the night.

While a small number of memory foam mattress users make this statement, there is usually an underlying cause for feeling hot when sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

It is, unfortunately, true that many purchases of memory foam mattresses are made on impulse decisions. Let me be clear, most make impulse purchasing decisions, and in the majority of cases, the purchase just works out perfectly with a happy customer.

However, with a bit of research into the best mattress for you, we could reduce the number of mistakes made by customers when purchasing a memory foam mattress.

So, let’s look at how to make the perfect purchase for memory foam mattresses.

Find a Mattress That is Best For Your Needs

There is always a solution to providing customers with the best mattress to suit their needs.

It is worth noting that all mattresses are not made the same, and defending your budget will dictate what mattress is appropriate for your needs.

 One of the first things you need to consider is what type of bed frame do you have? You may need help choosing your bed frame, and this critical step is vital to the performance of your new memory foam mattress.

There are many factors as to why you may feel hot when sleeping on a foam mattress.

  • If you are overweight and usually feel hot through the night, a memory foam mattress will not fix your condition. However, with the use of a fan and a well-ventilated room, you can enhance your sleep experience on a memory foam mattress.
  • Sleeping in one position may cause you to feel overheated. Try to move more frequently and lay on your side. This will reduce the surface area of the mattress being used and allow for better cooling.
  • The base structure your mattress is placed upon needs to be ventilated to feel the full benefits of a memory foam mattress. If your base support has a solid base and not the more traditional slats, this could be the problem. Memory foam mattresses need to breathe to release the hot air and introduce cooler air for the best performance. It may be nothing to do with your mattress why you are feeling hot through the night.

Take Control of Your Sleep Environment

There is an optimal temperature for a good night’s rest. This could be the problem, including that optimal temperature may vary from person to person. Hence sometimes, the discord between partners and spouses sleeping together.

However, taking control of your sleeping environment is often the easiest way to mitigate overheating situations when sleeping.

Let me explain further.

Something as simple as sleeping with an open window can be enough to regulate the room’s temperature, or the addition of a fan in the bedroom is a great idea to keep air circulation.

The above measures will change your experience sleeping on a memory foam mattress if you suffer from overheating through the nighttime hours.

Let us not discount there are some medical reasons for overheating through the night, including high blood pressure and, particularly for females in their 40’s to mid 50’s menopausal symptoms. Not everything can be attributed to the memory foam mattress.

Steps to take to Mitigate Overheating When Sleeping On a Memory foam Mattress.

You know one of the best ways to mitigate overheating combined with controlling the environment is to choose the correct bedding. Sheets and pillowcases can have an enormous effect on the more excellent feel of any mattress and work efficiently on a memory foam mattress.

Quality cotton sheets and pillowcases can make a real difference to how you sleep through the night. I would say quality bedding is an essential factor in making you feel cool and relaxed.

We all wake in the middle of the night with damp pillows due to sweat, and this is not due to a faulty mattress but to the use of old pillows that have long outlived their usefulness. Old compacted pillows will not enhance your sleep. They will have the opposite effect,

Some fantastic pillow choices will keep you cool through the night and provide the correct posture for your neck, enabling a restful night’s sleep.

Life of Your Mattress

If your memory foam mattress is getting on in years, it may be an excellent time to change the mattress. Memory foam does compress over time and loses some of its overall performance.

If you are not convinced to change your memory foam mattress, you may consider purchasing a new topper.

Not only will a new memory foam topper reinvigorate your base mattress you can feel the benefits of a new foam mattress. This includes better heat dispersion and an overall feel of the sumptuous comfort you have been looking for.

Feeling cool at night is recognised as being a critical factor in how well we can sleep. 

It is so easy to point the finger at the memory foam mattress as the source of the problem, but, as identified above, the memory foam mattress is rarely the sole contributor to the problem. There may be underlying issues at play; it is simple to resume enjoying the comfort and luxury a memory foam mattress offers.

Concluding Thoughts

Memory foam mattresses and memory foam toppers offer some of the very best comforts for restful sleep. The contour hugging nature of memory foam alleviates so many pressure-related joint complaints.

There must be an acceptance that memory foam does have a useful life span, and after you pass that point, there will be deterioration in the mattress’s performance.

Adding a memory foam topper will extend the performance and life of the overall mattress experience.

Following advice on quality bedding will help resolve your heat issue. Sleep well!