Best Mattresses Without Fiberglass

If you are thinking about purchasing a new mattress for yourself, or your kids, or even as a gift for someone else, then one material you might want to stay away from is fibreglass. 

This is not something you will want in any of your mattresses. A single tear or hole means your home will be filled and littered with this dangerous material. 

Buying a mattress is an expensive affair. Moreover, you don’t buy one every day, and they last around ten years. So, you want to make sure it doesn’t contain any fibreglass. It’s generally found in cheap imported mattresses, and it’s notorious for causing problems like skin irritation, breathing problems, and all sorts of allergies in children and adults alike. 

The good news is, there are tons of quality mattresses that come without fibreglass. In this article, we’ll introduce a few worth considering. 

1. Sweetnight Mattress 

If you hunt for a mattress without fibreglass, the Sweetnight mattress is a good candidate worth considering. This is a gel memory foam mattress. Not only does this mattress not have harmful substances, but it also promotes better sleep due to its motion isolating feature. Uninterrupted sleep is what you’ll get with this mattress. 

Individually wrapped springs and foam allow for minimum motion transfer while sleeping. It is also neither too soft nor too hard. It just contours the body the right amount. This means that your body weight will get evenly distributed when you sleep, meaning no joint or muscular pains as well. 

However, the best part about this 10-inch mattress is that there are no toxins or harmful substances that might cause skin allergies or respiratory problems. It is skin-friendly, breathable, comfortable, and contains no heavy metals or other substances like fibreglass.

2. BedStory Mattress

One of the best mattresses that will surely leave your skin as it is without causing any problems is the BedStory mattress. The reason why we love and recommend this particular mattress is because it is skin-friendly and breathable. This means that you will find no toxic or harmful materials like fibreglass in it.

Usually, mattresses that come with fibreglass will put your skin to the test. After sleeping in them for a few nights, you will notice rashes, especially if you have sensitive skin. But with the BedStory coil spring mattress, skin problems and breathing issues will be the least of your worries. 

This mattress features a robust support system due to the use of coils. The outer fabric is also soft and will leave your skin feeling good after every sleep. If you want a mattress that contains no fibreglass, give this mattress a try! You will love the simple design of this mattress as well as the benefits that it provides. 

3. Yaheetch Mattress

Among the list of dozens of good mattresses without fibreglass, the Yaheetch mattress is one of them. It has nine layers, and you will find no layer of fibreglass in it. This means you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without worrying about skin issues or irritants. Moreover, if your mattress tears, you do not have to worry about finding fibreglass all over your room. 

One of the main reasons this mattress is a must-have for people who want a fibreglass-free mattress is that this mattress is also hypoallergenic. People with sensitive skin will benefit from this. It is a spring mattress, and the firmness level is medium, which is suitable for adults. 

All nine layers of this mattress are non-toxic materials. The added benefits are better support, improved spine balance, and promotes better blood circulation. Due to the individual springs, there’s more airflow making it more breathable than other mattresses. 

4. LinkDream Mattress

Let’s face it. No one wants to find out that the mattress they bought contains fibreglass. This material is something that many people try to avoid. Searching for mattresses without fibreglass can be tricky because some manufacturers may lie about passing specific tests. But with the LinkDream mattress, you do not have to worry about fibreglass. 

This is a skin-friendly mattress. Most mattresses that are skin-friendly usually do not have fibreglass in them. This soft mattress uses three layers of gel memory foam for support, cooling, and pressure relief. One of the best features is that anyone can use this mattress, whether a kid or an adult. 

Breathable, medium in hardness, fresh, and minimum motion transfer are just some of the positives of this mattress. If you’re worried about fibreglass in your mattress, make sure to check this one out! 

How to spot a fibreglass mattress?

Most, if not every, the well-known mattress-in-a-box brand won’t contain fibreglass’s dangerous material. The problem only occurs when you go for the unbranded or imported mattress and sometimes in the cheaper known brands. 

So, identifying fibreglass in a mattress is something you want to know. The good news is, spotting them is not that hard if you know what to look for. 

As mentioned, start at a price. Cheap mattresses made using materials like poly-foam could contain fibreglass. Check the description and tags for any mention and see if they are skin-friendly.

Why is it used?

Companies use fibreglass as a cheap alternative to other materials and so that the mattress passes the fire tests.

Avoid fibreglass mattresses at all costs

If you own a fibreglass mattress right now, you might want to consider getting a new one without fibreglass. Fibreglass is a toxic and harmful substance that does not belong in homes, especially in a place where you sleep. Breathing the particles can damage the lungs and cause respiratory problems as well. 

Make sure your mattress does contain fibreglass. Never open up the mattress as the thin fibres of glass will get everywhere without you even knowing.