Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

It is no secret that mattresses are not the cheapest products out there. These bedroom essentials can sometimes leave a burning hole in people’s wallets. Have you ever stopped to question why they are so expensive in the first place? If you are wondering why mattresses are pricey, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn:

  • Why are mattresses expensive?
  • Which mattresses cost the most?
  • Should you get an expensive mattress?

A mattress can require saving up for months in advance. A good mattress will last for several years. They are expensive primarily due to manufacturing, shipping, and durability. Additionally, marketing tricks and techniques can drive mattress prices upward. 

Why are mattresses expensive?

If you ever visited a mattress store in person or simply looked online for some nice, comfortable, and relaxing mattress, chances are you were taken aback by the prices. When you see the price tag on some mattresses, you just have to walk away. Good quality mattresses, in particular, are always on the higher end, and not everyone can afford them. 

Several reasons determine the high prices of mattresses. Modern mattresses, the ones that are very common these days, are not cheap. So, why are they expensive? 

High-quality materials

One of the main reasons mattresses are so expensive is that most mattresses use high-quality materials in their construction. Nowadays, most mattresses use anti-allergen and anti-bacterial materials, cooling systems, good-quality foam, latex, and even organic cotton in mattresses. 

There are also hybrid mattresses these days. They generally have more layers and even materials, making them expensive. Reaching for mattresses that use high-quality materials will increase the overall cost. 

Marketing techniques

The cost of mattresses also depends on where you’re buying them from. If you’re shopping for mattresses from a physical retailer, you’re likely going to encounter high prices. However, even online, prices are not much different, but cheaper than buying from a store. 

When mattresses reach the stores from the factories, retailers mark up their prices by about fifty percent. This is so that they can gain profits and even cover the costs they spent. Retailers need to cover tons of costs. This is why mattresses bought from a store will generally cost you much more. 

Practicality and durability

When it comes to why mattresses are costly, the answer lies in the fact that these essential everyday items can last for more than ten years if taken care of properly. Mattresses have a long lifespan, especially the ones that cost more. 

Mattresses companies are fully aware that these are items that people do not buy every other day. Mattresses are rather more of an investment, and people buy them only when the need arises. This is a prime reason why they tend to be expensive since people don’t buy them often. 

Mattresses are high in demand

We all know for a fact that the more demand a product has, the higher its price will be. This is especially true in the case of mattresses. Everybody needs mattresses to sleep on. People cannot do without it. This means that people are constantly searching for mattresses, and companies take advantage of the people’s needs. 

Since people have to buy mattresses, companies to make profits will surely increase the price. The fact that there is no second-hand market for mattresses makes the prices even higher. As the demand for mattresses grows, so do the prices. 

Which mattresses cost the most? 

Were you ever shopping for a mattress and came across features like coil, foam, latex, or natural fibre? These are the different materials that different mattresses use. Which type you choose can significantly determine how much you will end up paying. Particular mattresses are more expensive than others. 

Depending on the materials used, there are different types of mattresses. Each type has specific functions and benefits. Some offer more and better benefits, and those are the mattresses that can have you thinking twice about purchasing them. Knowing the different types of mattresses can help put the prices into better perspective. 

Memory Foam, Latex, And Spring

Three of the most common mattresses out there in today’s day and age are memory foam, latex, and spring mattresses. Each of these mattresses comes at different prices. Memory foam, spring, and latex are the primary supporting materials used to make mattresses these days. Some people prefer one over the others. 

When choosing the type of mattresses, always make sure to have a clear idea. You should know why you want a specific kind. Latex mattresses are good, breathable and hypoallergenic. Foam mattresses provide excellent support and relieve pressure, while spring mattresses allow better ventilation and a bounce. 

Depending on which kind you choose, you’re going to have to pay either more or less. Among the three, if you choose a Latex mattress, you’ll have to shell out about an average of £580. Memory foam comes next, costing around £456, with spring mattresses costing the cheapest. 

Should you get an expensive mattress?

Now, the question boils down to: should you get an expensive mattress? Is it going to be worth it in the long run? To answer this question, you first need to ask yourself whether you have the budget or not. You also need to figure out whether you need it or not. If you have no immediate or urgent need for improved technologies, looking for a cheaper alternative is better. 

People’s main complaint with mattresses is that they are costly. But here’s a tip- the cost is worth it. Mattresses, especially the good ones like foam and latex mattresses, which are expensive, will last you for several years. This means it’s a one-time purchase, and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years. Moreover, splurging on a mattress in a box means you’ll save and get a night of better sleep!