Best Mattresses for Slatted Bed Frames

Is selecting the right mattress for your slatted bed a concern for you? We will help you put your worries to rest today.

We will also answer a few other questions you might have, such as the following;

  • How to choose the right mattress.
  • What are the best beds available today?

Selecting the ideal mattress

Picking a mattress that suits you ideally is a long and tiresome process of trial and error. Different people have different requirements for their ideal mattress. People will consider the size, density, elasticity, budget, etc. But the first thing you have to consider is your slatted bed base.

Slatted beds come in two main types; flat slats and curved slats. Flat slatted beds give a firmer feel to the bed and provide a stable balance to people sleeping on them. In comparison, curved slats have more spring. Depending on your bed base, the effect of the mattress you select will differ.

Best mattresses

Now there are many memory foam mattresses on the market. And researching every one of them to find the right one is a tedious task. But we’ve got you covered. Here we have listed the top 3 products. We have taken the price, comfort, availability and overall value into consideration.

Of course, it’s best to take your time and research the three products yourself as well and see if it fits your requirements.


nectar mattress review - best boxed mattress

Based in the UK, our main Nectar review goes over the impressive consumer’s reviews. Nectar’s memory foam mattress is designed to provide extreme comfort and luxury at budget prices, and is worth every penny and more.

Each mattress consists of four main layers that regulate temperature, relieve pressure, provide sufficient support and isolate motion on the bed.

It provides excellent support for rest regardless of your sleeping position. This mattress also relieves your mind even when awake. Wait, how does it do that? It’s successfully done through its sheer focus on customer satisfaction and service.

In addition to free delivery and set-up, Nectar offers a 365 days trial period for their mattress. They provide one year for you to decide whether the product is to your liking or not. After the trial, Nectar will pick up the product free of cost and even refund you the total amount. And if that is not excellent customer service, then I don’t know what is.

It doesn’t stop there. While most companies provide a ten year warranty period, Nectar goes all in. Nectar guarantees a lifetime warranty period. As long as you own a Nectar product, they will take care to repair and replace any faulty mattresses.

Nectar mattresses come with zero carbon footprints, as officially verified by ClimatePartner. So, it is safe for you and the environment.

Simba Hybrid Mattress®

simba mattress review - best boxed mattress

Taking a close second place is the Simba Hybrid. It’s voted the Consumer Product of 2020. And having received multiple awards in the industry, the Simba Hybrid mattress has many feathers on its cap to claim to its trusted customers. It’s safe to say that it is an excellent product and an industry standard.

Simba Hybrid boasts of a product completely free of TCPP, Tris (2-Chloropropyl) Phosphate. TCPP is widely used as a fire retardant. And this is the reason why the mattress industry uses this chemical to protect the product from catching fire. However, what is safe for the mattress may not be safe for you. And this is certainly in the case of TCPP, as it becomes harmful when ingested or exposed for an extended period. And that is why you can trust the Simba Hybrid mattress.

While it doesn’t provide customer service as extensive as Nectar, it is still far ahead of most other products on the market. Simba offers a 200 days trial period for their item and a ten year warranty period for replacement and repairs. But they offer free delivery and convenient full refunds if the customer isn’t satisfied with their product.

A con of this product is the cover is non-removable and can’t be washed separately. So it becomes necessary to purchase a mattress protector to go with the mattress in case of accidental spills.

However, Simba hybrid mattresses are still top-rated for their standing brand value and reputation achieved over the years in the industry.

Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Dreamcloud mattress review

Modelled after the Nectar mattress and owned by the same parent company, the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid makes the list.

Manufactured right here in the UK, Dreamcloud provides excellent products at budget prices to residents. The Dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress comes with five layers – a luxury quilted top, ‘Dream plush’ breathable memory foam, supporting foam, ACTIVEDGE™ coils and a support foam base.

Like the Nectar mattresses, Dreamcloud also offers a 365 days trial period so the customer can use the bed through all four seasons to decide if it’s right for them. Dreamcloud also guarantees a lifetime warranty for their mattresses.

The mattresses are carbon-neutral products. Therefore, they’re environment-friendly as well. Furthermore, you’ll be surprised to learn that the old replaced products are not sent to landfills. They are sanitised and donated to the British Heart Foundation.

The Sleep Foundation highly recommends this product for people suffering from back pains. And it is also ideal for people who feel hot quickly because the mattress has an excellent cooling system.


While the benefits of good sleep are not mentioned enough for a healthy life, it is most assuredly vital. It’s also the reason why we work to help you pick suitable mattresses for yourself. While we may have sorted out the top 3 beds based on strict criteria, you should also research the products.