Fogarty Pillows Review

Fogarty is a famous sleep brand in the UK with more than 100 years of experience. It was first established in 1872 and was later bought by the retailer Dunelm. Since then, it has been exclusively sold by the said retailer. 

It offers many sleep products — from mattresses, duvets to beddings and mattress and pillow protectors. However, it prides itself as a master crafter of pillows and quilt. 

When it comes to its pillows, Fogarty offers a reasonably substantial variety, utilising different materials and blends to produce different firmness levels that cater to different kinds of sleepers. 

They have anti-allergy ones for those who are extremely sensitive. They also use different materials, from natural to synthetic ones and fibres and foam. 

In terms of the price range, their products are more on the cheaper side. The cheapest is £6, and the most expensive one is £35. For the most part, these products perform well and are of high quality. However, certain pillows have received negative reviews for being manufactured with any proper standard. 

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Fogarty Bonus

  • Free returns and refunds → Dunelm offers this exceptional service for the peace of mind of their customers. This reduces the risk of buying any product from them. 
  • Click and collect → They also offer their click and collect service for some of the products. I especially appreciate this, especially during this pandemic when I want to feel the safest even when shopping for my essentials. 
  • Unfortunately, Dunelm only offers free delivery for purchases above £49, so if you’re buying the pillows on their own, you won’t be able to avail of their free delivery promo. You can check out our Dunelm review to find mattresses and other items. 

Fogarty Bamboo Memory Foam

Fogarty Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow_

There’s nothing like a bamboo pillow for sleeping. In addition to being naturally hypoallergenic, bamboo is also very soft to the touch and an excellent sleep material. 

A second great advantage of bamboo is that it is naturally temperature-regulating, so your head will remain at the right temperature during the night. The filling is made from memory foam has a support rating of ‘soft,’ so it’s perfect for all types of sleepers, such as back sleepers, side sleepers,  and stomach sleepers. 

A memory foam pillow provides a sufficient amount of neck support and pressure relief so that you won’t wake up sore in the morning. Pillows, such as this one, are sold individually and require little to no maintenance as they’re machine washable and iron-free. 

Fogarty Anti-Allergy Memory Foam 

Fogarty Anti Allergy Memory Foam Pillow_

This is a reasonably popular pillow on the Dunelm website, with over 130 reviews and an average rating of 4.7. It has been treated with anti-allergy protection that prevents allergens such as dust mites and pollen from building up on the pillow. 

If you’re prone to allergies, you’ll particularly enjoy this feature, so you can sleep without constantly sneezing. The filling is made from memory foam, which is highly supportive. It conforms to the imprint of your head and neck to provide a personalised level of support. 

Moreover, the loft will keep its shape and spring back to fluffiness after a while, so you can take advantage of it for a long time. This is also sold in a single pack with a support rating of the firm. Side sleepers will enjoy this pillow the best. 

Fogarty Duck Feather and Down Firm-Support 

Fogarty Duck Feather and Down Medium-Support Pillow

There are over 220 ratings and an average of 4.2 stars for this pillow on the Fogarty website. These pillows are filled with feathers and down, rather than synthetic fillings like those listed above. Materials like these provide a soft, supportive, yet breathable sleep surface. 

In addition, I can breathe easy knowing that these are all-natural products and not synthetics. Combining both the cotton and the fillings, 100% cotton covers ensure a soft, breathable product. 

A medium-strength support rating is assigned to the two pairs. Most of you back sleepers will appreciate this pillow as well. It can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low heat setting. 

Fogarty V-Shaped Orthopaedic Firm-Support 

Fogarty V-Shaped Orthopaedic Firm-Support Pillow

The Fogarty V-Shaped pillow is the most popular one on the website, with almost 800 reviews and an average of 4.7 stars. It is also incredibly cheap since it is only sold for £12. Despite its low price, this is an excellent, no-risk product that performs well. 

Sleepers who want to support their backs while sitting up in bed will find this the perfect solution. Plus, the orthopaedic product is beneficial for pregnant women and those recovering from injuries. 

The filling consists of a blend of polyester and cotton, two incredibly soft, breathable, and comfortable materials. Polyester is also a fairly durable material, so you can expect this product to last a long time. With a firmness rating of Firm, it’s ideal for back sleepers or people wanting support. It’s machine washable and is sold on a single pack. 

Fogarty Soft and Cosy Medium-Support Pair 

Fogarty Soft and Cosy pillow

By far, this is the cheapest and most affordable option for budget sleepers. There are 270+ reviews, and the average is 4.7, making it a great deal for only £6. 

It performs exceptionally well and is quite simple. It is filled with hollowfibre, a lightweight material that breathes well. Furthermore, it is also low maintenance while at the same time being durable. 

Additionally, this product has been sewn with overlocks and turned to the edges, so you get the most out of it. The cover is also made of pure polyester, a material known for its superior durability and lightweight properties. This is sold as a pair of two, so each pillow is only £3!