Dunelm Mattress Reviews

Dunelm is one of the UK’s leading companies when it comes to home improvement. They were founded in 1979 and have since then expanded to provide furniture to mattress accessories. 

Currently, they have over 150+ retail stores all over the UK, which makes their products accessible to the average Brit. 

Their mattresses range from different brands and different materials. There are coil and spring mattresses to foam beds and even hybrid ones. 

With a large selection, they also offer firmness levels that are suitable to all kinds of sleepers. When it comes to prices, they also have a competitive price range that caters to different budgets. 

Unfortunately, Dunelm doesn’t offer free delivery, but there are various delivery options, and the lowest fee starts at £9.95 for mattresses.

If you live a sustainable lifestyle, this company might also work best with your values as they commit to sustainable company choices by implementing services such as recycling, collection, and care and repair. 


sareer review dunelm

Currently, the most significant chunk of Dunelm beds comes from Sareer, with over 108 different models and designs. They offer different kinds from memory foam, gel, latex to spring mattresses. 

The brand has over 30 years of expertise and experience under its belt, producing high-quality and well-researched beds. 

The typical construction of their products is the tufted surface that prevents premature sagging and keeps the layers together. They have a substantive number of springs for their coil beds. 

They have hybrid mattresses that combine memory foam and springs. Their gel mattresses are also incredibly cooling. 


forgarty review

Fogarty specialises in pocket spring or coil mattresses. This material is usually partnered up with other materials to maximise the benefit or provide a specific mattress specific to a particular type of sleeper. 

For example, orthopedic beds are constructed from pocket springs and padded sleeping surfaces with orthopedic support. There are beds with anti-allergy treatment, as well as cooling features. 

Their springs are good in quality and can provide reactive support as they are individually wrapped. They give a contouring effect that redistributes the weight so that tension doesn’t build up on your joints, preventing aches in the morning. 

Keep in mind, however, that Fogarty has been received differently by different people. They have mixed reviews when it comes to the comfort of their beds. 


silent night review dunelm

Silentnight is a brand that is also found at other retail companies. Similar to Fogarty, they are also well-known for their coil and pocket sprung mattresses. 

In fact, they’ve developed Miracoil, which is a spring technology that features open-cell coils within an integrated spring system. 

This facilitates the passage of air throughout the bed’s layers and provides comfort and support that is constantly conforming to your movements throughout the night. 

Their beds are of good quality and well-loved in the UK. Moreover, they are reasonably priced and cater to those who are buying on a budget. 


bedmaster mattress review dunelm

Bedmaster products come in various memory foam, latex, pocket springs, open coil, memory foam, and orthopedic beds that provide therapeutic support. 

It is committed to ensuring that every mattress that leaves its warehouse and arrives at your doorstep is made of high quality. 

You are guaranteed a satisfying sleeping experience as well as a purchase that is a good investment. 

Craftmasters are trained in-house, and the fabrics and materials they use are hand-picked by their designers. This reflects in the high number of good reviews they have received on various platforms. 


Jay-Be review dunelm

Jay-Be beds are mostly open coil or hybrid. All these beds have a medium firmness level, which is the golden mean in the firmness spectrum that caters to all kinds of sleepers. However, back sleepers appreciate it the most. 

Jay-Be also has a pretty wide range of toddler and kid beds. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for good-quality mattresses for your child, Jay-Be might be worth looking into. They also offer some of the best folding beds in the market. 

The consensus from past customers is that Jay-Be beds’ feel and quality are reasonable for the price you pay. 

Rest Assured 

Rest Assured review dunelm

Rest Assured beds are mostly open coil and hybrid ones, combined with the benefits of memory foam. They mostly fall on the medium to firm areas in the firmness spectrum. 

All surfaces are tufted and treated with Purotex technology which makes it anti-bacterial. 

If you are someone who has sensitivities, this might be an excellent brand to consider. 

They also provide superior spinal support that is integral for a good night’s sleep. 

However, there have been some complaints about dipping and the bed being too firm. 

Eve Sleep 

eve sleep mattress review dunelm

Dunelm also offers Eve beds, coming from Eve Sleep, a leading sleep company in the UK that is well-known for its bed accessories. In our Eve mattress reviews we have looked at the pure foam, hybrid to natural ones. 

The best thing about them is that they offer superior sinkage and body contouring for a rejuvenated and pain-free morning. 

They are mostly medium in firmness, with a significant amount of sinkage and little to no motion transfer. 

All these make for a sleep that is well-enjoyed without any interruptions caused by turning partners.

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Birlea review dunelm

Birlea is a company that provides mattresses both for the bedroom and the sofa. 

Their beds come in a wide range, from ones made of reflexive foam, open coil, memory foam, pocket springs, to cool sprung. 

This wide variety can cater to different kinds of sleepers with different preferences and sleeping habits. 

Their SleepSoul line has hand-tufted sleeping surfaces with thick and substantive beds. 

They have plush pillow tops that provide a comfortable and cushioned sleeping surface so that you don’t wake up with a sore back in the morning. 

Underneath is a layer of pocket springs that provide reflexive support and effectively redistribute your weight so that tension doesn’t build up on specific areas. 

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