Is It Bad to Sleep On Two Pillows

So many bedroom images with two pillows look enticing and the epitome of comfort, and yet so many of us follow this trend. Are two pillows really better than one?

Comfort is synonymous with soft, sumptuous cushions or pillows, and surely they are inviting to look at. 

When sitting then the two pillows can be an ideal formula for softness and support, so what are the issues when we are sleeping?

It’s worth saying that all pillows are not made equal, budget pillows lack the support of a more expensive pillow and regardless of how many you purchase you are unlikely to get the support and comfort you want and need.

It’s also worth pointing out that some bedroom settings are dressed, some folks are just house proud and want every room looking like a set from a photoshoot. Aesthetics do not always equate to actual comfort.

Two Pillows Vs One Pillow

In some respects this comes to personal choice and comfort is somewhat personal also, what’s a good fit for the guy next door is not necessarily the best comfort option for you.

If we talk strictly about sleeping with two pillows and not reading or watching film in the bedroom this should give a different perspective on the opinions.

It’s all about posture, specifically your posture when you sleep. Many of us find that one pillow is just too low to give us a good posture to sleep the night through.

The curve in the angle of the neck can be too acute for you to get a truly good night’s sleep. However, this assumes you are a side sleeper when just one pillow may not be sufficient and result in muscle pain when you wake.

For back sleepers and stomach sleepers, one pillow may be the ideal height and position to offer sufficient neck and shoulder support while two pillows would again increase the curve of the neck and cause pain.

It also sounds complicated and just too difficult to contemplate resolving. After all, you want to sleep peacefully and not enter into a PhD about orthopaedics.

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If we go back to the top and revisit where I said all pillows are not made the same, its a true statement.

We can all go and buy a generic pillow that looks good, even looks the same as the one that is double and triple the cost. But they are not the same.

Budget pillows do not offer enough support and comfort for the average weight adult user, they use cheaper fillers that just don’t cut the mustard. After a couple of nights of use, you get buyers remorse and worse, a stiff neck.

This goes for one or two pillows, the problems may remain with budget pillows.

Finding the Right Pillow

What’s right for me may not be right for you, we are all different body sizes and shapes. Some of us have large structures to support while others may be more petite. 

Your pillow is very personal to you. Have you ever seen interviews on tv when a celebrity says they take their pillow on tour with them? It’s for a very good reason.

Thankfully, there are solutions out there that provide exactly what you are looking for and this is the key to finding the support and comfort you need.

There are pillows specifically for you in mind, whatever your sleeping preference there is a pillow for you that will provide support to the cervical spine and muscles supporting the neck.

So many of us spend time and energy finding the correct mattress which is also important but we fall short when it comes to investing in the best pillow

That’s right, your pillow is an investment and when you have invested in the pillow you will wonder how you ever managed to get a decent night’s sleep without it.

Sleeping Positions

We all sleep differently and some of us don’t have one sleeping position. However, there will be a design especially for you also.

Stomach sleepers tend to present some interesting problems when sleeping that makes supporting the neck a little more difficult.

Often stomach sleepers will discard the pillow completely and may even use their arm as support!

Stomach sleepers need a harder firm pillow to support the neck in this position. Soft and sumptuous pillows are a big no for the stomach sleeper.

Side sleepers are more general slippers and often start sleeping on the back and then move into the preferred position. Side sleepers need support but also a firm inner core to the pillow, Too soft and its neck and muscle pain the next day.

Back sleepers can afford to have more cushion on the outer of the pillow while the inner needs to be slightly firm offering support to the contours of the head and the neck.

The Science of Pillows

Pillows have been around for centuries starting with the Japanese who would use wooden pillows. This was followed by the Romans who were a little more sensitive and chose to stuff fabric cases with feathers to give a softer, more comfortable approach to sleep.

Sleep technology and science have come a long way since the Romans and we can now all have a pillow that fits the contours of our neck while also providing comfort for our sleeping experience.

Choosing What’s Right For You

If you find choosing the right pillow for you a daunting task there are specialised companies who can provide you with the very best information to assist you in your choice.

Finding reviews online is a great way to start when looking for a company that provides the ultimate in sleep technology incorporated into pillows.

As a purchaser, you will be surprised at the in-depth knowledge that is available to provide you with the precise mattress and pillow for you to have years of peaceful and restful nights.

You will also find a pillow option at an affordable price.