Simba Mattress Protector Review

In our Simba mattress protector review, we take a closer look at this mattress accessory offered by one of the leading companies in the sleep industry for cooling and breathable products. This protector effectively keeps dirt, dust, stains, and any fluids off your bed. Moreover, it also offers a comfortable and breathable sleep surface — two qualities that produce a great sleep experience. You can enjoy the wonders of this bed shield and free delivery at a pretty low price. 

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What’s the Simba protector made from?

Polyurethane protective layer. The Simba bed protector has a waterproof protective outer coating of polyurethane. This safety layer ensures that no dust mites, dirt, moisture, or any fluids seep into your beloved bed. It is a pretty heavy-duty coating that protects from scratches and other abrasions as well, on top of keeping elements out for easy cleaning. 

The great thing about polyurethane is that it is light, soft, and breathable despite being so durable. This adds to the element of comfort that is essential for you to enjoy sleep deeply. In fact, it’s the most sophisticated waterproof wear. 

Simba protector review
Credit: Simba

100% Tencel fabric. The primary material used for the sheet is pure Tencel, also known as Lyocell. Which is referred to as the “breathable fabric of the future”. Tencel is wood pulp, a naturally occurring raw material that produces fibres and moisture-absorbent fibres. 

The bonus is that it’s far superior to cotton in durability and breathability, making it the perfect material that is both effective and comfortable. Moreover, Tencel, as a naturally synthesised product, doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. This pairs up nicely with the rest of the components as it is OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that you are not breathing in any harmful chemicals while you sleep. 

100% polyester skirts. The skirts are made of pure polyester, a fabric known for being rustle-free, crease-resistant, and has superior quality to stay and keep its shape. Because of its stiff characteristics, it is the perfect material for skirts. This allows the mattress protector to stay in place properly and prevents it from slipping around or sliding while you sleep. 

simba mattress protector_
Credit: Simba

simba bed protector
Credit: Simba

How does it feel to sleep on?

There are three words that best summarises how this feels like breathable, comfortable, and secure. As a sleep company, Simba first gained traction due to the top-notch technology that introduced a new level of cooling and breathability to sleep products like the Simba topper and the mattress protector is no different. 

Tencel and polyurethane complement each other and leave you with a waterproof protector that is comfortable to sleep on. Polyurethane is pretty hard against dirt, bacteria, and moisture. It’s pretty delicate and soft to the skin, which is a bonus if you don’t have a sheet to go over it. 

The skirts are quite stiff and stay pretty effectively. The security design is also pretty simple, without any unnecessary straps or loops that can get annoying. 

Will it fit my mattress?

The Simba mattress protector is available in 5 UK standard sizes. The chart below details the available sizes and dimensions for each. The protector complements the Simba hybrid mattress. However, it’s pretty flexible and will fit other beds. 

UK single90 x 190 cm 
UK double 135 x 190 cm 
UK King150 x 200 cm 
Super king180 x 200 cm

What’s the cost?

The table below summarises the prices for the available size. However, these prices aren’t fixed and are bound to change due to sales, seasons, etc. We highly recommend checking the actual Simba website for real-time and accurate information on the prices. 

UK single£45
UK double £55
UK King£65
Super king£75
Up to 55% off
Simba Discount Coupon Code
August Sale: Up to 55% off | T&Cs apply.
August Sale: Up to 55% off | T&Cs apply. Show Less


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Is the Simba protector right for you?

After understanding the Simba bed protectors ins and outs, we concluded that it is best for people who want a simple, secure, and breathable protector. The polyurethane waterproofing coating is top-notch, and it is also gatekeeper for dirt, dust, and bacteria. This ensures that your bed stays clean and its lifespan is extended for a long time. 

It’s also highly comfortable. The coating itself is soft and pleasant to the skin. Moreover, the main fabric used for the cover is smooth and silky to the touch as well. Not to mention the fact that the primary material that is used is nature-derived and chemical-free, which will ensure that there will be no harmful irritants that may harm your skin. 

Overall, we recommend for most mattresses use this protector, and it fits perfectly for their own mattresses. We have an article for two of them if your interested the Simba hybrid review and the Simba pro review.